Year 2016, Standard VIII

One fine morning, my class teacher asked us what we all wanted to be in the future. After a series of changes, he was our third new class teacher. He was new to the school and happened to had topped Maharastra in 12 Boards as far as I could recollect now. Dark complexion, broad face and nothing above a 5.5ft height, according to me he was handsome.

Now coming back to the topic, I know it’s too young to decide careers but still, hear me out.

So, he got a chaotic response. Most answers were either doctors or engineers. So simplifying the process, even more, he simply asked how many of us wanted to be doctors.

Half of the class had their hands raised. He had this that’s nice kinda look on his face and move forward with the rest Then he asked how many wanted to an engineer. The other half raised their hands.

Now, lemme tell you that not everyone was covered in this screening test. Few like me never raised our hands. So, he asked what about the rest? I raised my hand. I said I wanted to be a lawyer. He was impressed a bit and further what domain?.

“Cooperate i guess” I said

“You know how much they earn?” He answered that himself after a second. “Starting with a package of 15 lacs per annum is pretty common”

To be honest I was on cloud nine. I started imagining what all i could do with that amount of money. Nice place to live in, buy DSLR and stuff. Though back then I knew its tough to get there but only now I realize that the 15lacs thing wasn’t a total truth. Anyways moving on without further ado.

Now it was for others to answer. Honestly, none stood up. They seemed blank or nervous or maybe confused.

Now let’s sum up.

At such a tender age, almost all chose engineering or doctoring among so many other options. They are supposed to be free birds but still, most of them subconsciously knew that they would have to take up science for the sake of becoming one just because of their parents.

Like they could have said anything they fantasised about even if they fail to pursue that in later lives.

Few kids at such small age were so afraid to live and we’re possibly confused and pressed under the pressure of this education system and society. That was sad. I mean they could have said anything. Pilots, artists, ANYTHING!

I ain’t focusing on a specific point of demeaning the engineers or stuff but just wanted to show how captivated we are. How oppressed we are. How negatively we think about courses like art, music, event managing etc.

PS- Took commerce for 10+2. Let’s hope for the best!

Special Credits to Artem Beliaikin for the tremendous picture

Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav is the owner of Forever Pieces. He is a published author and poet. He is a part-time freelance writer and maybe found strumming the guitar for gigs on festive weekends. Besides all these, he is also an exhibited artist and photographer.

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  1. It’s awesome man! Am becoming rather a fan of your penned downs!

    Lots of love!
    Good luck!
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