Lovers are the most versatile. We talk so much about the psychiatric nature of cold-blooded murders, alcoholics, narcotic maniacs but seldom do we talk about lovers. For me lovers are vivid. They may be the most versatile and unprecedented characters on earth. There are so many of them and each one of them has a totally unique character to speak. Some are so much captivated under the spell that they often fail to realize facts under the light, some forget when they contradict themselves. Some sound possessed and for some, it’s the most beautiful dream. Maybe for you, it’s a bliss and you out there it’s a nightmare. For that boy out here, it may be another way to fulfill his lust or for that girl, it may be like another fashion she ought to follow for maintaining her so-called ‘elegant class. Love is an emotion? I may not totally agree but it’s sure to be the mother of all emotions. No other thing holds the authority to trigger all emotions in their own way and hold the upper hand over each of them. All those endorphin, noradrenaline, serotonin fountains, who’s causing them? No matter what, it’s vivid and something with no definite definitions. Just a slight tilt of perspectives and boom! The story changes.

Let’s walk unto the Lover’s Road A book of poetry about heartbreaks, knitting love under the sky, far gone lover and the love for oneself. Let’s discover all those corners of Love, we all know but are still quite unfamiliar with.

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav is the owner of Forever Pieces. He is a published author and poet. He is a part-time freelance writer and maybe found strumming the guitar for gigs on festive weekends. Besides all these, he is also an exhibited artist and photographer.

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