Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last Decade: The last decade has provided us with lots of gems with respect to films and the horror genre was no exception. In fact, many of the best horror movies of all time belong to our last decade. It was a paramount time for filmmakers of the horror genre, it grew and touched many sub-genres like physiological thrillers, survival thrillers, etc. As of matter of fact, most of the best horror movies from the period 2010-2019 are mostly physiological horrors or, survival horrors. So, without further delay let’s get into our list of Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last Decade. Movies will be listed from 10 to 1, one being the best on the list.

Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last Decade

1. The Babadook (2014)

The movie is an absolute gem, not many know about this but it is one the best horror movies on the list. The story revolves around a widow who’s husband died in a car accident while taking her to the hospital during the time of their child’s birth. A baby boy was born that day who has certain behavioral issues. The story is now around a tired frustrated mother who is unable to cope with his hyperactive boy. A mother who is yet to move on from her’s husband’s death and living a life full of darkness. Until they get hold of a book, Mister Babadook. You may consider it a physiological horror movie or yet another monster film, it all depends on you as the story can be seen as your perspective suits.

The story is subtle yet impactful with lots of insights into the mind of a human going through low phases in life. It may tell you how our mind births a monster only to conquer it later.

2. The Conjuring (2013)

Filmmaker James Wan has already made a name for himself with the Saw and Insidious series but this was going to be something very epic so that later it will turn into a multi-million franchise of a series of horror movies co-related to one another. James Wan picked up the original stories of Ed & Lorren from the ’80s. The couple Ed and Lorraine Warren were quite popular in England with their adventures like Amityville, Union Cemetery, Cheyenne Johnson etc.

The story revolves around a family who recently moved into a house in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Soon enough they start to notice some weird things around the house which soon gets quite creepy. It was clear that there were spirits when the children were attacked.  Ed and Lorraine Warren were called in to investigate and soon the ghost was traced. Now the objective was to fight and sent back the mighty devil. The movie has lots of legit jumps scares, suspense and lots of thrill. Watch The Conjuring HERE

3. Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary was writer-director Ari Aster’s debut, and the first made him quite famous. Amazingly enough, he was still at American Film Institute at that time. The movie deals with a family who’s going through a never-ending cycle of grief and bad times. The movie is a modern-day horror about the really paranormal incidents occurring after the demise of the grandmother. Soon her grave was found to be desecrated and everything goes down thereafter. The movie a total of 80.2 million dollars worldwide to the 10 million dollars spent to make it.

4. Train to Busan (2016)

There is no better time to watch Train to Busan than now! Created by Yeon Sang-ho, the movie is a survival apocalyptic movie. The movie revolves around the always busy financial planner Gong Yoo who decided to drop her daughter at Busan to his wife with whom he is currently separated. Ite isn’t groundbreaking in terms of zombie movies but is quite good to watch considering the supporting characters, an emotional tone that might even make you cry, or that the movie has more of a narrowed down yet simple view of such an outbreak.

Train to Busan has left quite an impression on the minds of the audience so suggesting this was necessary. Otherwise, this will be the only zombie movie in our list of Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last Decade

5. Get Out (2017)

From the creators of the 2019 movie Us. Though Us was a very mediocre and insensitive film in terms of storyline but Get Out was a mind-twisting movie. Get Out deals with a white girl, who takes on a small road trip to introduce his black boyfriend to her family. But soon enough the boyfriend notices lots of things that are out of place. It can also be a physiological horror movie to some provided our characters are planted to narrate that there’s scarier than humans. The story does justice to its title in many ways but we don’t need to get into that for now.

The medium-paced film picks out lots of speed and thrill in the climax as the walls close in for Chris.


6. It Follows (2014)

Initially, the storyline may get a little cringy but trust me it’s not all of it. Writer-director David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows has a unique flavor of its own. It revolves around a college girl who understands it too late that her boyfriend didn’t only pass on an STD but an ill faith that drags her into the human chain of ‘It’. There’s are lots of questions, What is it? Where did It come from? and above all will, Jay will ever gain freedom from It?

It Follows ‘s wide-angle frames always kept me peeking into the dark background corners because we NEVER know!

7. You’re Next (2011)

Director Adam Wingard’s You’re Next, is an Agatha Christie adaption. The director who has also directed films like The Guest, Blair Witch, and Death Note brings out a survival horror movie. The film is about a family reunion and when all hell breaks loose as an intruder is introduced with a sudden yet loud murder of one member by an arrow flying through the woods towards the house breaking the glass window. The films get intense and nail-biting as the members try their best to survive and only time will see as to how many manage to live.

8. It (2017)

This list is incomplete without the mention of a Stephen King adaption. Stephen King is the King of Horror when it comes to books but is often lightly taken in terms of film adaptions. But still many of the classic horror movies are based on his novels like The Shining. In modern times, we have seen movies like Doctor Sleep, Pet Symmetry and most awaited It.  The story revolves around a town and the children residing in it. A demonic clown who appears after every fixed period of years. A town haunted by a creepy clown and its dark influence. Watch IT HERE

9. The Witch (2015)

The Witch was a very critically acclaimed movie. The movie has a very dark and gory theme which may get too much for some audience at times. Directed by Robert Eggers, The Witch deals with a banished family finding shelter in the woods. Soon there is a disappearance of a baby and they come to know of a witch that stole the unbaptized Samuel, killing him and using his remains to make a flying ointment.

The film has a beautifully designed screenplay with extremely breathtaking cinematics. A reason why The Witch is appreciated this much is only because of the cinematics.

10. Green Room (2015)

Last but not least is Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room. Green Room is about a punk band that gets trapped on an isolated island which worsens when they play at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar. Things go south as one of them is murdered while others are being hunted. The film is filled with political undertones and really intense as just like the Get Out, here humans are all the horror.



So, here’s our list of Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last Decade. We are sure each movie deserved this place and hope you spent a nice spooky weekend. If you like this list then you may like TOP 10 UNDERRATED SERIES TO WATCH ON NETFLIX

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