10 career options for art students: Arts is associated with its different forms like music, dance, painting, etc. Besides visual art, there is also the option to go for literature, history, philosophy. All of these subjects are associated with humanities. The humanities stream provides enormous opportunities for the students to opt as a good career option. Humanities offer vast career options to choose from. There are a plethora of creative options that the students can pursue. It is best for those who are especially interested in learning about culture, literature, history, and art. To make it easier for the students to make an option when it comes to choosing a stream here. Additionally, it is a guide to help art students explore their career options. Here are the 10 career options for art students and a guide on how to pursue them.

1. Career options for art students-Hotel management

Hotel management is one of the most popular courses. The hotel management industry is facing growth. There are many certificate and diploma courses for Hotel Management Courses. Education options such as are (BHM) Bachelor of Hotel Management, Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management, Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management (B.A) honors in Hotel Management. One can enroll in these courses after 10+2 with 40-50% marks and with good command of the English language. It will give you exposure to the hotel industry in terms of the services of a hotel. Opens door for a career in hospitality services, chef, assistant manager, kitchen management. Aspiring candidates need to appear for The entrance exam of the same course to get into the top colleges of hotel management.

Top colleges: Department of Hotel Management Christ University, Bangalore Karnataka, WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Management.

The average fee of the course: INR 3-10 Lakh.

Job prospects: Kitchen Chef, Cabin Crew, Event Manager, Hotel Manager, Front Desk Officer, etc.

2. Photography

Photography is another good option for those whose interest lies in capturing the beauty around them. A highly creative as well as a profitable field of work. A photographer can work in various fields. A photographer can work as a professional photographer or work in industries such as fashion, films, wildlife, social events, etc. The options are vast in this career. The perks of being a photographer are that one would get to travel to different places and get to see and meet people and experience life through a different angle. It can be very fun for those who are outgoing in nature. To pursue this career students can go for high school diplomas or even certificate courses in photography.

Top colleges: Symbiosis School of Photography, SIU, JNAFA University, and Indian Institute of Photography.

The average fee of the course: INR 10,000 – INR 7,50,000.

Job prospects: Portrait photographer, Fashion photographer, Sports photographer, Event Photographer, Digital Imaging Specialist, etc.

10 Career Options for Arts Students3. Fashion Designing

If you are someone who is interested in fashion and clothes than there is no better option for you than Fashion designing The field of design is very creative. For getting admission in fashion designing as a career after 10+2. B. Honors can be done and a Diploma in Fashion Design (1 year). B. Design – Fashion Design (4 years) is for undergraduate courses and B.SC – Fashion Design ( 3 years). For getting admission to fashion designing courses, their entrance exams have to be passed. After getting a degree in these courses one can study further in these fields by enrolling in post-graduation courses as M. Design – Fashion Design. It also requires an entrance exam for getting admission in fashion designing courses. A good choice out of our list of 10 Career Options for Arts Students for interested students.

Top colleges: NIFT Delhi, NIFT Mumbai, NIFT Hyderabad.

The average fee of the course: INR 5,20,000 to INR 6,80,000.

Job prospects: Fashion Designer, Fashion Consultant, Trend Forecaster. Costume Designer, Fashion Stylist, Personal Stylist.

4. Film making

If the job of a film making fascinates and interests you then go for the film making. There are vast and major opportunities in this field. As there is blooming growth of the film making industry the demand for the filmmakers is also there. Film making is a very creative option that requires imagination, creativity, and new ideas. It also includes lighting, sounds, and directing. This profession requires detailing work. This is a very good option for those students who are enthusiastic about working as a professional filmmaker. For this, students can pursue a 2 years undergraduate course after 10+2 in filmmaking.

Top colleges: MIT School of Film and Television, Deccan Education Society’s Institute Of Film & Television.

The average fee of the course:  above INR 1.70 Lakh.

Job prospects: Radio or TV Announcers,  PR Specialists, Editors.

5. Performing arts

Performing arts is another suitable option for the students who are interested in building a career in the field of arts such as dancing, singing, acting, etc. There are a number of courses for performing arts which the students can pursue after 12th arts. These courses will help the students build and improve their skills and mastery levels. the essential and required knowledge, as well as practical experience and exposure to the real-life performing art, will be provided to the students once they enroll in the courses for their respective performing arts. Some of the courses in this domain are Bachelor in Performing Arts. Additionally, short-term diploma and certificate level courses specific to respective performing arts are also available in different educational institutions. To name a few other courses in performing arts-Certificate in Acting, Diploma in dialogue writing and Diploma in singing and acting, etc are available.

Top colleges: Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, GD Goenka University, Gurgaon, and Royal Global University, Guwahati Assam University, Silchar, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

The average fee of the course: ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 per annum.

Job prospects: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Theatre Director, Therapist, etc.

6. Animation

10 Career Option for Arts Students

If you have a good imagination power and have an affinity for animations then you should surely go for a career in animation. The animation is highly profitable since there is always a requirement for animation artists in most of the digital services. Job opportunities in this domain will be there. Prior knowledge of arts, designing, creating a drawing is a requirement for the students who want to opt for animation as a career option. There are several courses which the students can apply for.

Bachelor of Design in Animation is a bachelor’s degree require if you aim to become an animator. students of Arts, Science, and even Commerce stream are eligible for this course. To pursue this degree students need to clear an entrance exam, there are UCEED, NIFT Entrance Exam, NID entrance exam. There are other options such as specialization in animation, for e.g. Animation film making, graphic designing, visual effects, etc. It is a good option out of our 10 Career Options for Arts Students.

Top colleges: B.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia, BA in Animation and CG Arts and BA in Animation and Graphic Design, BA in Animation & Multimedia.

The average fee of the course: INR 1.5 to 5 Lacs.

Job prospects: 3D Animator, Texture Artist, 2D Animator.

7. Teaching

10 Career Options for Arts Students

Teaching is a profession that is always in demand and if you prefer teaching as a job then you must go for it, as it is highly noble as well as profitable. After 12th students can become eligible for teaching at the nursery level by getting a degree of nursery teacher training (NTT). For teaching higher grade students, further requires graduation and post-graduation degrees with Bachelor of Education (B.ed) degrees and respective training programs.  one can be pursuing teaching as a career after 12th completion. Another option to pursue teaching is through a Diploma in Education. It is an undergraduate degree. students will become eligible to teach kindergartners and to get a job in educational institutions after completing this degree. for getting admission for this course, aspiring candidates need to appear for an entrance exam.

Top colleges: Adarsh College of Education – Himachal Pradesh, Swami Vivekanand College for Professional Studies – Rajasthan, Indraprastha Institute of Education and Management (IIEM) – Uttar Pradesh.

The average fee of the course: Up to INR 9200 to 81,000.

Job prospects: Executive Trainee Recruiter, Training Coordinator, Teacher, Content Writer.

8. Law- BBA LLB

If you have a passion to fight for justice and an innate calling for protecting others through the law then this is the domain for you. Law consist of rules and regulations of a country. It involves the constitution of India. Almost every university in India provides a law degree. BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws) is an integrated Law degree obtained at an undergraduate level. Students need to first clear their 12th with at least 50% marks to become eligible for a law degree. There are several entrance exams for which the students can sit to reserve a seat in a good law college. The program duration is 5 years. It is one of the best on our list of 10 Career Options for Arts Students.

Top colleges: National law school university of India, Bangalore, Gauhati University, Guwahati.

The average fee of the course: INR 35,000 to 1,50,000 per annum.

Job prospects: Lawyer, Finance Manager, Legal Advisor, Business Analyst.

9. Foreign Language

In today’s time with the growth of the number of MNCs and globalization, language serves as a barrier to communication. For the business to run smoothly without any hassle their requires proper communication. A good understanding of culture is also a need that is required in an individual by these companies. Hence if you are someone who has a passion for learning a foreign language and understanding other cultures then opting for a foreign language degree after completing your schooling is for you. Hence there will always be plenty of requirements for people who can understand a foreign language and not just in A company but also in educational institutions. Several well-known institutes provide certificate courses and diploma courses in Foreign languages. For higher education in foreign languages, students can go for a master’s degree(PD) and Ph.D.

Top colleges: Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi.

The average fee of the course: INR 40,000 to 1 Lakh for 3 years.

Job prospect: Translator, Foreign Language Teacher, Freelance Writer, Translator, Attendant, Public Relations Officer, Tourist Guide, Interpreter.


10. Writer

If you are passionate about expressing their opinions and views in forms of writing. Then creative writing is for them. Creative writing has high returns in terms of salary. It is an exceptional talent that one can build. However it is not an easy one, creative writing is an art that requires eloquence and hard work to fully develop an efficient writing style. writers can be called as novelists, poets, lyricists, etc. Inducing the feeling and emotions that the writes feel in their reader through their written word is a talent that requires hardship. Students can become eligible to receive training once they finish their 12th with at least 45%. To become a writer students can enroll themselves in certificate and diploma courses in creative writing, Class 12 is the minimum qualification.

Top colleges: Khalsa College Amritsar, Bangalore, Gautam Buddha Government Degree College, Faizabad.

The average fee of the course: ₹19,000 – ₹3,00,000

Job prospects: Copywriters, Article Writers, Author, Content Writers, Script Writers.

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