The sizzling 365 days has been catching everyone’s attention since the day of its release. Many may call it Italian 50 shades of grey; others may see it as bold beauty and the beast. Whatever you choose to call it we cannot deny the commotion it has created online. Ever since its trailer got out fans have been drooling over it. Here is our 365 days review.

365 days movie review


Massimo Torricelli, heir of Sicilian Mafia, takeover the Mafia business after an unfortunate dismiss of his father. Laura is an unhappy sales director in Warsaw. In one last attempt to salvage her relationship, she makes a trip to Sicily with her boyfriend and her friends. Awestruck Massimo, the most dangerous man in Sicily lands his eyes on Laura at the airport and takes this as an opportunity to kidnap her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Netflix success: 365 days review

Streamed on Netflix across the globe on 7th July, it has been trending in many countries to this date. After successfully releasing on the big screens in Poland, 365 days despite facing criticism has managed to top the charts. Actors of the movie donned the English dialogues in their native accent which added quite a touch to the movie.
365 days movie is an adaption of a novel of the same name by Blanka Lipinska. The new mafia leader (Massimo) kidnaps Laura and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. He tells her he would eventually let her go if she does not fall in love with him.

Controversies- the downside

Several controversies have surrounded the movie. It has been accused of glorifying forced sex, although the sex scenes were rough but not forced.

Welsh musician Duffy, early this year stepped forward and penned down the tale of her horrific sexual assault. She revealed she was drugged and raped by her kidnapper. Singer Duffy wrote about the movie: “This should not be anyone’s idea of entertainment, nor should it be described as such, or be commercialized in this manner.”

Regardless of the allegations on 365 Days, the success of this erotic fantasy flick is unhindered even with minimum promotions. Half of the movie Laura teases Massimo with her sensuality and makes several attempts to provoke him with her disobedience.

Massimo struggles with her behavior; this foreplay produces some of the most intense scenes in the movie. Although not much content in the plot despite being an adaptation of a novel, whatever there is, is quite interesting

The strong point in 365 days

Laura in relationship with her previous boyfriend felt unsatisfied and trapped despite being free whereas with Massimo she was kidnapped however felt free and loved. although she was trapped

The strength of the movie was their locations and the performances of the actors. The stunning and exotic sites added vividness to the movie. Visuals were quite refreshing.


Michele Morrone played the Sicilian mafia and polish actress Anna Maria Sieklucka plays Laura Beil a sales director. The movie the actors did their jobs quite marvelously, their acting was unquestionable. The sex scenes in the movie were graphic and it would be hard to believe these intense scenes were not real.

365 Days is severely critiqued for its plot and story, nevertheless, its soundtrack has gained applause, sung by Michelle Morrone himself.

Final take-365 days review

There is not enough to the storyline and the carnality in the movie is plenty nevertheless the performance of the actors, the scenic beauty in the film, and the soundtrack is great. This record-breaking romance- crime thriller can be given a try.

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