Bad Boys Billionaires Review: Recently, Netflix India is streaming a fascinating Indian web series known as Bad Boys Billionaires. This docu-series is based on three Indian businessmen who were involved in humongous monetary scams. They managed to take thousands of crore of rupees from the Indian banks and monetary organizations. These three men are namely, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy.

Subsequently, after weeks of lawful tension, Netflix Indian was able to stream episodes on the forenamed people. Yet, they stream the show without covering Ramalingam Raju. He is responsible for the Satyam scam.

Bad boys of huge economic fraud apprehend the vision of ordinary Indians by their elegant lifestyle. They live a pretentious and arrogant life. By living life this way, they made a huge following for themselves. This Bad Boys Billionaires Review focuses on the rising and fall of these people.


About the Bad Boys Billionaire.


First Bad Boys Billionaire, Vijay Mallya

Bad Boys Billionaires Review

The first episode, ‘The King of Good Times’ examines Mallya’s ups and downs by its rival news videos. The directorial credit goes to Dylan Mohan Gray. These also include interviews with family members and colleagues. Mallya’s son Sid Mallya also appears. His leading assistant Tushita Patel and his pal Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. The episode is an hour-long and it sums up the journey of Vijay Mallya’s best and worst periods. It also shows why Mallya is known as the King of Good Times. Starting from the fact that his dad gives his kingdom to him, to modifying racing, airlines and an IPL team. It also talks intensely about the brand that Kingfisher became. Not only as a beer company but as a brand.


Second Bad Boys Billionaire, Nirav Modi.

Bad Boys Billionaires Review

Johanna Hamilton’s directorial venture  Diamonds Aren’t Forever is on Nirav Modi. Interpol and the Government of India accuse him of the following. That too for illegal fraud, criminal violation of confidence, fraud, and conspiracy. That includes the giving of the estate, corruption,  laundering of capital, fraud, embezzlement, and violation of agreement since August 2018. Nirav Modi is responsible for Rs 13,500 crore scam with Punjab National Bank (PNB). This conspiracy case has been at London’s Wandsworth Prison ever since his detention in March 2019. He appears in front of the court through video-link. This is the second phase of the investigation.


Third Bad Boys Billionaire, Subrata Roy.

Bad Boys Billionaires Review

Nick Read’s, ‘The World’s Biggest Family’ is regarding Subrata Roy. It furthermore gives rare new understandings or disclosures. In this episode, the civil bank asserts as a ‘free-flowing tap for corrupt people’. Also, in Roy’s instance, they seize the moment where he delivers five crore papers in 127 trucks to the SEBI department. It is a massive moment in the Indian docu-series. This clearly shows a sense of superiority and belief. The belief is that the law administrations are ineffective. Rather, he is invincible. It is frightening that our structures enable them. The tedium that stemmed in their life allows you to flee the nation and reside in disguising.


Criticism on Bad Boys Billionaire.


Still, the Indian web series captures the climb and collapse of Bad Boy Billionaires. Netflix India lags quite badly to enter the gloaming kingdom of illegal activities and total fraud. The whole creation requires a real voice, switching from one article to another. Sewing jointly a lazy narrative missing in faith or insightfulness.

Vastly glaring of all its mistakes is the scarcity of strength. It flunks to go beyond the nominal figures on whom the Indian web series is set. Basically, the easy, dismal essence of the story which attempts to come through as an investigative piece, is in absolute difference to the flashy lifestyle of abundances and indecency of its subjects.

This docu-series mainly refers to the fact that the web series completely tumbles on the cliche formula. The formula is to devote the first half of every episode on raising all three businessmen and their exploits. Just before the ‘big bang’ and thereafter documenting their destruction. This moderately shifts components of rush and originality of the docu-series. This is also done in various other Netflix originals.

Even the stunning drone shots bonded with editing feels old and does not save the Indian web series. This comes through not merely as entirely tedious, but certainly insignificant. Archival sequences from several Indian news channels. Statements by people previously working for these corrupt businessmen. Also, ancient interviews of this bad boy billionaire attempt and result in unsuccessful to color an authentic impression of the actual problem.


Something stays missing in Bad Boys Billionaires.

Bad Boys Billionaires Review

The documentary made by Netflix India decides to waver on the ground. Providing importance to harsh feelings over tough evidence. This makes the procedure of seeing it fairly difficult. In spite, of Raghu Karnad and Paronjoy Guha Thakurta’s efforts the spectators with knowledge on a few of the indecent abundances of the bad boy’s billionaires, something stays missing. This is one of the major criticism that I have in my mind as I write Bad Boys Billionaires Review.

Nonetheless, all is not bad. It is the first attempt of such a docu-series in the Indian world of entertainment. However, it certainly isn’t the last, and can certainly assist in unlocking the floodgates to the expression of the thriving irritation of India’s struggling class. They are in the background of a  lethal pandemic and rising economic unrest.

The Indian web series relies primarily on reporters and announcers. Data that is already in the social sphere. It is being shown as a catalog of the paradox surrounding the businessmen. Also, the dealings are done being doors and monetary conspiracy. But, don’t forget their sensational deterioration.



In the entirety, Bad Boy Billionaires on Netflix India is an alluring docu-series. An Indian web series that we have not seen. It showcases the dubious lifestyle of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, and Subrata Roy. How the development of these people, how they cheated the public with big scams is shown in a detailed and interesting manner. Many of us knew about these scams through the news but this documentary is a detailed step-to-step narration of the biggest scams that shocked India and ends as quite an intriguing watch.

All three episodes are showcasing some startling facts and the only small drawback is that things could have been explained in a bit easy manner for the common audience to understand. That’ all from our Bad Boys Billionaires review.

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