Vijay Batra stood up and asked for Men’s Rights, he says he spent four nights on the streets after his wife threw him out for failing to fulfill her sexual desires including replicating her pornographic fantasies.

In a marriage that barely lasted six months, he says every refusal to satisfy her meant being humiliated and getting battered.

“Even when I had a fever, I was forced to have sex with her. She told me that I will have to fulfill all her fantasies as I am her husband. She would get rough and bite me so hard that I would bleed,” he told Mail Today.

“I approached the police, complaining of my wife’s behavior. The response that I received was that they too are helpless as there is no legal provision that would save a husband from a wife’s sexual assault.”

Rakesh Joshi, 36, says his wife resorted to physical assault whenever he refused to have sex. “It started with emotional abuse at first. I was married for a year and a half and was working at a call center. There used to be days when my working hours were extremely tiring and left me with no energy to sexually engage with my wife”, he said.

 “But, my wife was so adamant that she would blackmail me with the threat of a case of impotence. This left me with no option but to force myself to have sex with her. Eventually, she started clawing my arms and neck whenever I said no,” he added.

 When Rakesh decided to fight back, his wife called the police and alleged that he harassed her. “One day I got fed up and pushed her away after she pounced on me. The next moment I saw her calling the police. It was my landlady who came to my rescue and mediated in the matter,”he said.

Stereotyping Men

Men's Rights

Something which is quite common except the fact that crimes or rather sexual crimes were committed against men is that they failed to seek justice. Injustice prevailed in a country like India and the reason being the lack of laws to protect men. 

 India is one of the most dangerous countries around the world and most of the reasons being are the stereotypes prevailing in the society. And this is the same stereotyped society that is suppressing men and their rights. 


Well, we talk a lot about the problems, don’t we? But what is the solution? How to establish Men’s Rights?

The answer is a National Commission for Men that would put forward the voice of men, advise the government on laws and cases, provide legal and mass support to the victims, and give legislative facilities to victims. 

“I didn’t expect a response so soon”, says activist and film-maker, Insia Dariwala, whose petition has so far gathered over 1.22 lakh signatures. Dariwala, who was sexually abused when she was ten, discovered that her husband too had been sexually abused when he was five.

“Millions of men are living an isolated life of pain endured as children. Then why were their stories never told?” she asks.

Places to work on

Men's Rights

Stopping false cases of women related crimes like abuse, assault, rape etc. More than that I would like working on the existing laws to make things balanced, long custody periods even without proof, harassment and bashing by authorities or media during the trial. I would also like to put forward a more strict law to the ‘actual’ culprits.

There are no rape laws to safeguard Men’s Rights. Even laws over sexual assault, domestic violence etc aren’t recognized. 

Also, a father should also have equal rights over his child as the mother, especially if he has sufficient proofs. Most cases tend to tilt towards the mother.

“My six-month-old baby fell off the bed and was bleeding from his mouth and nose. I told my wife that we have to rush him to a hospital, but she said that she can’t, it’s my baby and I should take him and that she wants to return to her parents. She called her family, told them that I had hit her and asked them to come pick her up,” he said. On the way to the hospital, the baby was snatched from him and he was thrashed.

Except all these, a commission would provide proper recording and publication of statistics regarding men which India lacks at a major scale. 

This segment also ends with ugly stats

  • A Government of India study in 2007 reveals that — o Out of victims of child sexual abuse, 57.2% are males and 42.7% are females.
  • Besides, a Delhi based civil society has found out that —
  • 16% of adult males are forced to have sex out of which 22% are female perpetrators and 4% are male perpetrators.
  • Studies in 2015 — Out of 86,808 married people -64, 534 suicides were commited by husbands. (74%)
  • Out of 1, 33, 623 suicides – 91, 528 (68%) were males 42, 088 (32%) were females.


Men's Rights

At last, I would say that if a woman is the Goddess, a man is God. Therefore, safeguarding and establishing Men’s Rights is also the job of true feminists. Why not?

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