Breathe: Into The Shadows Review: This series shooting took place in Delhi, where the couple’s ordinary life disorganizes when their daughter goes missing. Latest Indian webseries, Breathe: into the shadows is a sequel to Breathe released in January 2018 is available on Amazon Prime Video with 12 episodes in total and each episode is up to 45 minutes long. The second season of this show has no correlation with the first season. Since their no relation between the two season’s viewers can start watching the second season and can still catch up on the story.

Breathe: Into The Shadows Review-Plot

Breathe: Into The Shadows Review

Abhishek Bachchan is playing the lead actor in the movie. Dr. Avinash Sabharwal (Bachchan) is a psychiatrist and Abha (Menen) is a chef in a hotel. The couple has a six years old daughter Sia. Sia gets kidnapped during her friend’s birthday party.

Avinash and Abha lose hope when months pass and there is no information about their daughter. Until the day when a voice on a device offers a quest involving other lives in order to get their daughter back. The connection between the kidnapper and Avinash is questionable. This case is in the hands of officer Kabir. Will he be able to find out the mystery behind Sia’s kidnapping and relations between her kidnapper and Avinash, to know one needs to watch the movie first? As we move forward many mind bogging twists take place. According to the kidnapper, people involved are guilty of lust and rage. People were expecting the second season to be just good as the first season.

At the start, it felt like the show is about grieving parents after losing their daughter, but later the series takes shape of a crime thriller on the more intellectual side. Kidnapper gives the information about Sia through the iPad provided by the kidnapper with a video message. The message informs them that a woman is looking after their daughter. Sia is fine and also her eating habits are improving.

Emotional disconnection

Breathe: Into The Shadows Review

It was difficult to connect to the characters of the show as there was not enough emotional depth. The expression and has not been portrayed as it should have. Abhishek Bachchan’s acting was good and his commitment towards the show was quite evident through his performance. Amit Sadh’s character is pretty interesting and portrayed his emotions quite well even with few dialogues through his emotional intensity. All other characters were portrayed nicely by other actors as well. The storyline is interesting but the execution was lacking and needs to be as good as its plot. With all its strength and flaws Breath is a series one can enjoy in their past time.

Breathe Into The Shadows Review- problems

Breathe: Into The Shadows Review

The characters seem to be missing the emotional elements. The sadness of losing a child and not knowing in what state their child is in is totally missing. The nature of their marriage and their relationship also was missing. The show could have expanded more into a different realm of the story however more stress was given to make the show look technical.

Focusing on the background it is highly imparting a creepy feeling to the viewers. It was dull and did not make much of an impact.

Female characters of the show

Menen is an actress whose acting skills are exceptional however expressing herself properly in the show is ineffective. She surely can pull off difficult scenes not just appear horrified throughout the entire show. Her character Abha does not seem to provide much to the story. She takes instructions from her husband and follows him. She never really think for herself or use her own cognition. Abha is a chef but she is rarely appears working, only Abhinav who is a doctor was doing his job in this thriller webseries. Abha plays no role in their master plan. Her character deserves more space in the show and Menen needs more content to use her skills.

Zeba Rizvi is a brilliant cop, despite that she does not contribute much to the case. the case is take up by Kabir savant and Zeba is rarely present. Meghna another female character of the show does not have much content or substance. Her role is not that significant. All over it is evident that the female characters of the show are not significant in comparison to the male characters.

Our Take

Breathe: Into The Shadows Review

Breathe: Into The Shadows is more inclined toward psychology and thriller. It creates urges to watch more of this series but as we reach towards the end it does not appear that conclusive. Each viewer would create their own versions of what could really be the truth behind these mysteries. There were several loopholes throughout the series.  Expectations were a bit higher due to the success of season one.

Rishi added humor to the seriousness of the show and to know the identity of the masked kidnapper. This series has a mythological touch. Least do we know about the characters and their relationships. The situation created in the movie gives no light to what is happening. Background music is more horrifying than the series.


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