Bulbbul Review: is a tale that is an amalgamation of horror and supernatural genre. The movie takes us back to the time where child marriage was a norm in India. Anushka Sharma’s hit the mark yet again after Phillauri and Pari with her new production Bilbbul, sending her message across this movie is unlike any other we have seen in the genre.

The plot

The striking debut feature of Anvita Dutt is set in Bengal in the late 19th Century. Bulbbul, a child bride is married to a man much older than her (Indranil).

Bulbbul and her brother-in-law, Satya, who is slightly older than her become friends. Becoming aware of their friendship, Indranil decides to pull them apart. He decides to send Satya to London for further studies, which Satya seems very happy about however incites completely different emotions in Bulbbul. Indranil badly hurts her and leaves town.

Years pass by; finally, Satya returns to his village and meets bulbbul who has now become a beautiful and magnetic woman. Satya upon his arrival finds Bulbbul with the town’s doctor who was a young man, Satya immediately gets suspicious of him. Meanwhile, there is an ongoing commotion in the village about the demon woman killing men catches Satya’s attention. Satya dismisses the villager’s claims of the demon woman being the murderer however he was still bothered by the killings. Satya set out to catch the culprit who he claims to be a human male and not a demon woman.

Unaware of the reality of Bulbul and what his brother had done to her. He questions Bulbbul whether Indranil will take her back which reveals the common conception of how people believe its always the woman who’s at fault.

Bulbul is an innocent young girl until the experiences of her married life transform her into something unimaginable and unexpected. It awoke the goddess in her. The movie successfully incites curiosity among the audience for what could happen next.

How Bulbbul change perspectives

Bulbbul, a female-oriented tale is a unique blend of paranormality and horror. The image of a woman with long hairs turned feet who eat humans is engraved in the minds of every Indian. Bulbbul inspires the viewers to change our perspectives on how they view women.

It questions the outlook of women in society. The movie carries the essence of a tale however it still manages to address real-life issues.

The main role of Tripti Dimri as a Bulbbul is essential for the story and she performs it very well. Dimri is all at the same time beguiling, sly, welcoming, and enigmatic. She does justice to her character.

Bulbbul, Successfully female-oriented

Bulbul movie review

Bulbbul is the perfect example of a feminist film that throws light on how women are unfairly treated. Bulbbul’s sister in law Binodini, the wife of intellectually challenged Mahendra (Indranil’s brother).

Mahendra gets away with sexually assaulting Bulbbul because he belonged to a royal family. Binodini advises Bulbbul to remain quite, according to her women in big mansions should remain quite no matter what happens

Bulbbul later transforms into a compelling woman after suffering from plenty of mishappenings in her life. She used the darkness of the night to give justice to the other ill-treated woman.

Bulbbul review: Our overall take

The visual aesthetics of the movie are quite evident from the first shot. Bulbbul’s character is captivating, the colors are warm, the atmosphere is lush, the outfits are majestic and the soundtrack is thrilling.

The combination of the genre is quite appreciable. A love story at the beginning, suspense throughout, and a mystery which is revealing itself in the end, all these components together make the storyline remarkable.

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