Class of 83 review: class of 83 is the latest thriller movie released on Netflix with running time of 1 hour 38 minutes. This movie is directed by Atul Sabharwal. Bobby Deol is the protagonist of the story hence it can be proved as a successful comeback of Bobby Deol through Class of 83. The 80’s set created in the background of the movie is perfectly done.  Additionally the details of the 80’s environment put together is nicely demonstrated.

Plot – Class of 83 review

Class of 83 review

The film encompasses the Police Training Academy which shows the devotion of the officers towards their duty. Bobby Deol played the role of Vijay Singh, the Dean of the Police Training Academy. Vijay Singh’s heart thrives for righteousness. The humor in the movie is added by the five friends who are provided training under the academy. The friendship aspect is very well portrayed. These five characters are played by Bhojraj Prithvik, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Paranjape, Hitesh Pratap, and Ninad Mahajani, they all did a splendid job in the movie. They all were given special training under Bobby Deol to perform according to his plan. These five friends are the mirror of the memories everyone made in their school lives. Giving laughs through their funny dialogues adding comedy to the seriousness is indeed very much required amidst all the darkness that is surrounding the movie.

Vijay Singh, the Dean of the academy, is dreaming to achieve his desire through these boys. He assigned them and shows how to achieve what he asked for. The boys who are seen adding comedy are chosen by the Dean (Vijay Singh) himself for the significant responsibility they have. Vijay Singh wants to see if these boys are capable of what he demanded. The film is serious but rather pictured in a very interesting way.

Connection and the Disconnection

Class of 83 review

The movie is based on the Novel of the same name Class of 83 by Hussain Zaidi. The film is good but it is a little difficult to pick up the story in a blink. The movie requires a fine amount of focus on the addressed issue. But still, some connection was missing as if the story is rushed to the end. The time that is given to indulge in a scene was not enough to accept the story and find that particular grip. From a scene by scene, it went in a hurry, and the movie is completed. It could be more specifically shown however there is a considerable representation of emotions behind his tragic past. The movie also portrayed personal and professional connections by adding emotions vividly.

Bobby Deol’s Comeback?

Class of 83 review

The story expressed a strong point which Bobby Deol successfully showed in the movie. He played a kind of gloomy, tough, and significant role. He shined and his acting is very authentic. His acting skills were unquestionable when comes to his performance in the film. He not only did well but impactfully portrayed his role and emotions of the character that is followed by a tragic past. Bobby Deol’s character successfully draws us in with his qualities that want to do the right thing for the sake of his duty and his country. Movie’s demand on Netflix is itself a evidence of his successful comeback.

Other main characters of five friends who are portrayed by Bhojraj Prithvik, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Paranjape, Hitesh Pratap, and Ninad Mahajani. They all have added bulk and some special sentiment to their role in the movie due to their friendship. Hence their performance is remarkable as their efforts are completely visible in Netflix’s latest thriller movie.

Class of 83 Review: Our take

Class of ’83 is a display of the society of Maharashtra. The main characters are a minute element of the whole caste system and are a small fit in the big picture of Maharashtra’s cultural and religious. It won’t be a surprise to see the women in the story getting relegated just like any other Indian action movie. They are shown as characters who are scattered throughout the film however not as a full character in themselves. The marginalization was a down-point for this flick. One positive point that the class of 83 has earned is because of the fact that although the movie is about the anguish of a policeman, it also focuses on the distress of the ordinary people.

The one aspect which is not up for any questions is the splendid job that Cinematographer, Mario Poljac has done with the movie. The play of the shadows and the tones of the cinematography of the movie are just excellent.

The music of the movie is a contribution of Viju Shah which is quite complementary to the story of this movie. Overall and all-together this movie demands attention and is a must watch due to its high level of entertainment. Also, it made it a more interesting watch.


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