You can be Confident and Smart in 30 days. Not satisfactory about the chances of this happening? Clearly, if you do not buy that statement, then this article is just for you. Because you have already come close to the first step of this subject. And that is Positivity. 

You must have come across the question “Would you be happy if you met you now?” This is a very simple query to yourself but this gives rise to a complex pressure to a line of thoughts. Everyone in life come to a point wherein they feel a bit down or under-confident. The reasons for it can vary depending on the experiences, conditions, and positions that an individual faces. Self-confidence and self-belief seem to go on a toss while you need it the most. Or maybe in some cases, people are naturally in a state of living in a shell. 

Honestly, it is not something you have to feel ashamed of. But attaining self-confidence and self-belief serves to be necessary at a critical point. You can never avoid its worth since it is what defines your worth. It is never too late to pull up your socks on this since it will help you in a lot of places for both professional and personal upliftment. It is possible to gain enough confidence to face the world if you dedicate a month (or maybe even less) whole-heartedly on this. So, here I present you with interesting ways you can get confident and smart in 30 days.

Out of Comfort Zone

This is the foremost thing to apply in your list of self-improvement. Lying down or just staying in your comfort zone cannot reap any kind of results that you seek. You must get out of the cozy environment to bring your thoughts to action. The challenge of getting confident and smart in 30 days in itself is a breach of your comfort zone.

Let me put it across with a valid example. Consider you are working in the corporate sector and have a great idea to propose in the meeting. But you are a guy who is basically a bit shy while you have to stand up on a platform. So instead of coming with ways to tackle the low esteem, you choose to lay back thinking some other person will spring up with the idea. 

In this case, laying back to assume that the ideas from others will work out just fine is the person’s comfort zone. Only if there is an effort to stand up and voice out your idea will you be able to understand further points of discussion in the project. If there is self-judgment even before you try it out, then there will automatically be a lack of confidence to present. 

Failing to make a good impression with your idea is not at all a concern. Because you can still pick up from the mistakes and do better next time. Thus, there is only the possibility of winning in such a case. Break free from the comfort and toil through efforts to make a lasting impact on others. 

Reading Books

Confident and Smart in 30 Days

Books are by far a non-neglectable part to follow. To infuse your minds with self-belief, books can work marvelously to push you to that limit. I mean think about it. If you need to improve your vocabulary, books are full of words that can improve your mind dictionary. Assuming you want to build on the knowledge aspect, it gets you covered in thee too.

Considering you wish to boost your self-confidence, then there are plenty of self-help books specially designed for these fields of thinking. It also gives you some pro tactics and tricks to cultivate on the way. And do not miss the mental hacks (find some below). This can act as catalysts to your path to confidence and smartness in 30 days. No kidding!

Researching facts and news with the help of subjects in the books expands your knowledge span immensely. This can help you build strong opinions for yourself on different topics. It can lead to multiple conversation starters and discussions in a room leaving people around highly appreciative. For a start, here are some classic suggestions that I find useful to pump up self-confidence.

  1. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
  2. The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler
  3. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  4. Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma
  5. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Reading can always benefit you in various fields of work and study. It can put up an impact on your mind so powerful that you naturally get on to self-believe your capabilities  It enhances the ways of seeing subjects and forming opinions on them with a wider outlook. With so many inputs, you are the smartest one in the room already.

Body Language

Body Language

Though it might seem less convincing, this aspect shoots your first impression on the eyes of the onlookers. You must have come across quite a lot of details yourselves. Be it a firm handshake, spearing eye contact, sophisticated hand gestures, and so on. It defines a certain personality that builds up your character sketch. Practicing certain body postures that you find would appeal to others will score you brownie points for sure. 

For example, avoid covering your hands tightly towards the other person/ people because this might give them then the notion that you are not interested in their talks. It can also mean you are the mindset of having more knowledge than the rest. As illogical as it sounds, you will be surprised to know that a lot of people notice cautiously on such things.

It might let the other person at the receiving end feel discomfort too. We might be doing it unconsciously.  But these small details do develop a great ideology on how you wish to be looked at. Even the amount of speech you give is important. Too much or too little can mess up the whole subject you wish to speak on. 

Some may find hand gestures very comfortable to express oneself. And that is not a problem if you are among your friends or your close-knit groups. But on a public/ workspace, some might lose their focus on your topic and instead dwell in the movement of your hands. Ever thought about that possibility? Hence, it is important you learn certain important body language that you feel is the need for your body to gain confidence. And trust me, it works.

Write Your Thoughts

Writing improves the clarity of thoughts. You might be struggling with the right words to express your ideas for a long time. By jotting it down in points, it can give structure to your plan of action. Mind mapping is an ultimate tool that you can rely on to categorize your way of thought. It can be of anything. If you wish to write a book, an ad subline, captions, presentation, project, etc, mind mapping provides you the freedom to explore systemically. 

Writing in a journal is another option. You could write on your personal experiences, your struggles, discomfort, and so on in it. It helps you keep a tab on what you wish to achieve. If you are not much of a writer, you can also write just a paragraph of your opinion on a particular news item or historical facts. This way, it keeps you interested and efficient in your goals. 

Understanding your strength and weaknesses are also very important. The reason I say this under the field of writing is that this helps in identifying the two areas in your consciousness. For example, you can take a topic on the presentation skills you possess. Keeping this in mind, you could jot down the pros and cons you have under this section. 

When that segregation is done, you will get an insight into how much work you have to do to gain confidence in this field. By finding different methods and working on it, you can then move on to the next aspect. That is the next step that you wish to exercise to unlock self-confidence/ self-belief. This will help you keep track of your progression as well. Writing, in simpler words, helps you tighten the bolts in places you are looking to fix.

Confident and Smart in 30 Days- Mental Hacks 

Confident and Smart in 30 days

You must prepare mentally on a basic approach on the road to gain self-confidence. Till now, whatever I have put down is more of a skill that you can meddle in with on your creative methods. Practicing it strictly for a month can definitely show you results that convey the initial promise- to get you confident and smart in 30 days. But to sustain the methods that you set in for these days must need a backing up process. Simply because your mind requires that flexibility to adapt quickly.

This is where mental hacks come in handy to help you fathom the mind and body connect. It comprises of simple mind and brain games that can speed up your ability to grasp information. Trying out puzzle games, brainteasers, logical questionnaires, analytical skill tests, and maze games are all part of the hacks. Don’t worry it is not an exercise for you to attend the civil exams! But even if you do, you are the sole winner to gain it in two ways.

In fact, maybe if you want to try out the competitive exam patterns to advocate such skills, it is also a good idea. Still, wondering how mental hacks like these would help you with confidence? It is like a meditation process wherein you enjoy the teasers/ puzzles and at the same time, stimulate the ‘catalyst’ needed to attend the boosting your smartness level. Practicing it for 30 days can enhance the speed of thoughts and, resulting in the sharpness of processing it.  The attentive capability is also said to increase at a higher level. 

Remember how as children we were given many board games and extra-curricular activities to relax our minds? Consider these mental hacks something of that sort.

Change of Small Habits

As an individual, you will be accustomed to a certain set of habits in your life. It might be good or bad. But when you look for restoring self-belief, it is necessary that you follow some habits that prove to be a stepping stone to the goal. It can be the smallest of habits, but will still serve the best of results. Some of them that I highly recommend are:

  • Have small targets. It can be to wake up early, eat your food on time, practice a new skill, cook an easy recipe, etc. Just anything small but that which is a good habit and gives you joy.
  • Push Yourself. Keep reminding yourself that the more tired you get in the process of achieving the supposed goal(s), the more likely you will gain a satisfying outcome. If you give up easily, then the purpose of the whole agenda is lost.
  • Cleaning. This is one of the most relieving things you can do for recreation. Cleaning/ clearing your desk specifically helps you relieve stress and clears your head as well. This is also a mental hack. It gives you a new direction to your perspective notions.
  • Start making conversations. Often you may feel left out and then eventually lose confidence to voice out opinions. Next time, do not make it a point of being left out. That is, you start off the conversation and put in your points to make others invest in your opinion. Allow them to acknowledge your presence by voicing out your thoughts. 
  • Practice self-talk. This is very important. There is no point in executing all the suggestive methods and failing on in the basic theory. Self-talk will help you project your thoughts loudly and assess it yourself. It stimulates a spark of confidence once you feel it in your voice. Practicing it every day in front of the mirror is a powerful way to address your worries and conflicts.


Practice Optimism

Positive thoughts inflate positive beings they say. And they say true. Only a mind that is ready to fail and then believe to step up stronger than before will see the brightest light in the tunnel. Positivity is something that can be cultivated too. Again, books in this case is a master of inspiration in this case. Other options are watching lively entertainments,  inspirational documentaries or the least to just observe people. 

People’s lives are filled with a lot of experiences and emotions. Every other person has a story to tell or show. In that sense, you will easily capture certain moments of realization that can inspire you a long way. The little nuances and tales that you witness can bring in a very positive outlook towards life. It can feel a bit weird to read this but the process of learning from others is something that you will encounter in one way or the other. The way you determine that incident is what upholds your personality.

Gratitude is an essential tool to trigger this feature. To have a roof above and food on plates is a blessing. Feel grateful for that. A tiny smile from a stranger or a kid is a blessing. To have a mind and soul fit to operate in this world is again a blessing. Gratification can come in any form. But the ability to accept and recognize it is the true grace of mankind. 

If you fail today, you should have a positive strength to pick yourselves up and face the world tomorrow. Not everyone is capable of it because it is not as easy as it sounds. But completely denying the effort is not an option. Fill your mind and surrounding with positive influences and witness the change yourself.

Confident and Smart in 30 Days

Although the hacks given above are widely common knowledge to us, more often we tend to ignore or neglect such ways. As a result, you end going back to square one. That is why we urge you to take these simple tasks for just 30 days at first and then slowly continue it as a routine. The ideology behind 30 days is that if a small change is invoked in our lives, it takes 28 days (by survey) for that to become a habit.

Hence, these methods and mental hacks are an assurance that you will make up a great impression on yourself building self-confidence and self-belief. But the utmost responsibility that you must carry along is that you will have to practice it every day without a break. There is no over-boasting here. We just present you the primary step to shape you into a whole new perspective while still keeping your talents intact. Do not procrastinate any more on this. Take up the challenge of getting confident and smart in 30 days straight away.

Get your schedules on board right now. Good luck!

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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