The thrilling series, Netflix Dark is back in the news. And this time with headlines that can make you go bonkers. Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking about. Netflix Dark Final Season. From the time the trailer was out, the fans could not control their anxiety and excitement. With the Dark final season, its suspense unfolding, and all the secrets finally coming to light in the plot, the third season is a trunk of overwhelming suspense. I mean, it is Dark season 3, the final season in the series and the excitement is ought to be a part of it.

Netflix Dark became a favorite to every single person who witnessed the thriller back in 2017. The mystery behind the town of Winden, the brilliant suspense of history of the place, the chilling time travel inputs, and the human trauma through all of it has been playing in the minds of the audience for very long now. With the Dark final season coming out, the answers to each of their mind-boggling questions will be at rest very soon. Or will it just urge you to ask more of it? Well, even it does, it is no surprise there because ‘Dark’ can just do that to you.

The story basically revolving around Jonas progresses on how he corrects the misappropriation in time and events. Just when you think it is going to be another subtle attempt of sci-fi and human struggles, Netflix Dark showers on you the most unexpecting turn of episodes. If the first two seasons had this much effect, imagine the vibe of Dark Season 3! Let us take you through what you can expect on it.

Dark Season 3 Release Date

If you are rigorously following on the updates of the show, then you will know that Dark final season is coming around the corner very soon. June 27 it is! Although there was a bit of rumor on releasing the season on a Friday, it turns out the final season is premiering on a Saturday. Nevertheless, it is reaching you this week. 

The creator, Baran do Odar also make this premiere on June 27 deliberately. If you remember, in the second season, the apocalyptic winter in Winden was noted to arrive on June 27, 2020. The precision even in the tiniest of details is indeed commendable. In fact, the progression of events in the Netflix series so far does match the time and conditions that we currently exist in.

The decision on a trilogy was set with the careful laying of facts as well. The circle of life, moderation of inter-dimensional travel, and fusion of religious myths have all been positioned with the notion of the three-stop cycle. 

Best Netflix Series 

Dark Season 3

Too confident on a claim to be declared? Maybe, it really does deserve this title. Let me tell you why. In the usual sci-fi series, somewhere at a point, there is a possibility of losing a hold on the overall plot. Sometimes it would be the cast or the editing team or the connection of dots in the story. But none of this has been the case so far. 

Netflix Dark proves at every occurrence and frames that they do not make such a mistake. With such intense plot developments, loopholes are bound to happen. But this show wins the critic’s hearts too. None of the scenes are left hanging without logic or purpose. This is indeed a mark of brilliance. Hence, the title of the ‘best Netflix series’ does apply to this German series.

With the Dark final season in the forefront, creator, Odar does state that the storyline from season 1 will make sense in a complete manner with season 3. The course of the full circle theory will come into light here as well. The poster on the Netflix Dark Final Season was let out with the same caption.

Dark Season 3- Where Science connects Emotions

Dark Season 3

The inter-linking of human nature and the theories on sci-fi does bring this show on the top list of excellence. Writers, Odar and Jantje Friese, sure put in tremendous efforts of execution of scenes. While you can imagine an inspiration from Christopher Nolan movies, there are references from Robert Zemeckis and Stanley Kubrick in the series. Even in the case of costume and art design, a perfect picture arises in correspondence with events. 

Coming to cast, each actor plays exceptionally well for their roles. The depiction of three generations belonging to four different families is also finely assembled in the visuals. Not for a moment will you have doubts about the appearances or casting choice. (Told you it deserves the title of the Best Netflix Series!). Dark Season 3 does bring some new members into play too.

Keep your schedule free because you will not be disappointed in the final showdown of Netflix Dark.

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Anubhav Kumar Das

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