It’s no secret that public speaking has become essential now. Everywhere you go, you are confronted with the opportunity of public speaking. In this article on How to be a Speaker, I wish to concentrate on what is it that makes a good speaker? What qualities should you focus on? Remember, you are of more significance if you have these skills in real life. Not only on your LinkedIn profile or CV. This is something that you have to deliver. It’s a part of you. The experience that you provide to your listeners is extremely important.

In this blog, we will give you ten tips that will assist you to become a good speaker. These tips will include  Oratory Skills, Public Speaking, Fluency, Spoken English.

So, let’s get to the first tip.


Problem Solving ability

This is an important yet underrated oratory skill. Imagine that you could step on a platform and tell an exciting tale with fluency. This story could be as simple as you walking on the road and meeting an interesting person. If you manage to tell it in a good manner, it would be a hit story. This can only be done if you are a good speaker. However, your listeners are there to learn and are seeking motivation. Thus, you ought to say to yourself, am I solving a problem here? If you share the tale where you met an interesting person. Then you might as well come up with the significance of social skills and knowledge. So, you can make interesting social interactions. As you develop a topic for public speaking, constantly understand is it solving a problem?


Be a storyteller

How to be a speaker

Considering the first tip, you should always keep in mind that when you stand on the stage you have to give people an interesting story. Stories bind humans together. Stories are what will live after we die. You must give a valuable lesson about how to stay or be during their lives. Also, do not forget to connect it to your life. If you don’t make it personal, you will not get a good response or a response that you desire. For instance, a portion of my conversation is about loss and moving on from past refusals. I give an illustration of how I overcame the difficulties. You have to make sure that you tell them that there surely is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Utilizing this tale not only has a fun aspect to it but it instructs people about how one has to move on, through illustration instead of only a series of lessons. This is one of the keys to having excellent oratory skills.


Always be witty with your one-liners to know how to be a speaker?

To have public speaking skills that help you to come up with witty one-liners is a gift. In this world of social media and fast Internet. It is difficult to grab someone’s attention. To do that, you have to come up with something smart and witty. That will help you to grab people’s attention. If you manage to improve fluency in your speaking skills, then you can use social media to get some recognition. If you can post or tweet your video while using some quick one-liner, then that would be great. Accordingly, you need to make this as simple as you can.

Comprehend what the “one-liners” are in your conversation. For instance, I speak about the initial days when I started my company. My sole order came from my mom. At this point, I am fearful as all my agendas are on spot. Having a good idea and my website is live as well. Finally, I understood quite early that “It’s not about what we do when we dream. It’s about what we do when we wake up.”

Something like that sticks with people no matter what. I utilize this line precisely whenever I can. This brings simplicity to my conversation and ease for the other person. They might use your line somewhere else and they will definitely remember your spoken English.

You can use another tool. It is feasible if you understand a committee faculty member and use a one-liner that you think might suit him. This will help you with your workspace. Also, might you help you with job interviews. Mail them your one-liners beforehand. Not only will your greatly prominent lines be known, but the committee will also like how systematic you are.


Have a sense of humor to know how to be a speaker?

How to be a speaker

One of the best speakers is those who have a good sense of humor. This is one of the main keys to improving public speaking. Something that is even more interesting is when someone who has gone through a lot but still has a good sense of humor. Everyone goes through difficulties, but having a healthy perspective is important for your oratory skills.

If you can make your story motivating and funny rather than depressing, that is a gift. Everyone has inspiring stories and plenty of valuable lessons. But if your audience isn’t having a good time, it’s a waste. You will never be able to hold a conversation if you are always sobbing. Having a good perspective on things never harms.


Make sure your listeners visualize your words to know how to be a speaker?

Have you noticed that sometimes when you are listening to someone speak, you can visualize the entire situation? That is a great quality to have as a conversationalist. That depends a lot on your fluency. No one who is not fluent with his words can do that. it’s there to help your audience. Most probably, that will happen once you visualize what you are saying. You have to believe in your words. In your story. If you visualize it, then other people will definitely visualize it.


Always ask for your review to know how to be a speaker?

After interacting with anyone, if folks are saying to you that you are a good conversationalist then don’t forget to take a review. Please ask if you remember what are some of the things that you talked about? If your oratory skills affected them then, your words will stay with them.

In recent times, reviews are essential. To thank colleagues or formal companions can take you a long way. If you have a good connection with a listener then make sure you get a perspective out of them. Even better if you ask for recommendations from as many people as you can.

If you are a professional public speaker, then this step is even more important for you. If you want a gig for somebody. Then use this, it is helpful. Ask your last audience or organizers to give a review. You can also put it in your contract.


Make sure that you have a clear ending to make sure to know how to be a speaker?

How to be a speaker

If you are a professional public speaker or you are pursuing to be, then this will be relatable. That slow clap when an audience does not know that you are finished or not is the worst. It is incredibly awkward. They are figuring out whether you are done or only stopping to take a pause. There is also a dilemma, do they want me off the stage when they are doing that. Occasionally I wake up from bad dreams about these claps beginning before my speech is over. I am not kidding. Make sure that you have a sharp, obvious ending that encourages even the person who was on his phone the entire period to get up and applaud.

Till the host invites, you should not go for audience questions either. I recommend that you go after finishing. It might kill the enthusiasm of your conclusion. Rather, take personal questions backstage once you’re over with your set.


Make sure that you are fluent in your language.

Now that you know most things about public speaking. Also, you have stories, you know how to use one-liners. If you are a public speaker, you use elegant slides as well. You can make an incredible website, impressive testimonials and an A-1 promo video. Not to forget a clear and crisp ending. Keep in mind that all of this is futile if you cannot get your words across fluently. When someone pays attention to you, you cannot take that for granted. You have a definite time and you have to make the most of it. Also, this skill is even more necessary if you are a professional speaker. If you get an hour on stage, then you do not want to waste even one moment. Especially, inputting words into sentences and pausing to think about which words to use. Every phrase should engage, inspire and entertain the audience. The audience is spending for the difference you’re about to make in their lives.


Conclusion –

It’s quite obvious that public speaking is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed in any field. Also, for your personal relationship. You will always have to speak publically. Keeping ideas only in your heads benefits no one. We went through all the necessary points that you need to cover if you want to know, How to be a Speaker? The major qualities that you need to inculcate are mentioned above. These are  Oratory Skills, Public Speaking, Fluency, Spoken English. Keep in mind, you are of more importance if you have these abilities that you can implement. These should be lifted up from your Resume to your real life. These are qualities that you have to acquire. It should be a part of you. The knowledge that you allot to your listeners is incredibly vital.

In how to be a speaker blog, we cover major ten tips that will encourage you to evolve into a good public speaker.


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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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