You all must have encountered a feeling where your mind stops working, you start speaking rubbish things about the other person, and your blood pressure rises, the face becomes red, etc. This feeling is none other than aggression or in simple terms, anger. But a person must control his aggression. A person should learn anger management skills because being aggressive harms a person in both ways, physical or mental. Mental health is harmed by overthinking, overreacting, and bad mood. Physical health is harmed as, when a person is aggressive, he/she has a higher level of blood pressure and if this condition continues then it may lead to serious health issues. There are many ways to control this deterioration of mental and health peace. Here are some tricks on how to deal with aggression.

These are :

Self Control

 how to deal with aggression.

Human beings are emotional beings, they often encounter the feeling of aggression only when they are not able to control their emotional responses. These emotional responses mean their response to any situation. For example, you need to know what sort of behavior or person makes you feel angry and potentially aggressive? Which kinds of behavior get ‘right up your nose’? You also need to understand how you react. Then learn how to control your feelings and ensure that your response is appropriate to the circumstances. Making an appropriate response can help the other person to manage their emotions, even unconsciously. For example, an assertive response (instead of a passive or aggressive one) can help move the other person to become more assertive, rather than aggressive.

The practice of Self Controlling

Self-control is not a one day process. It takes time. Even this is a kind of trait which you can gain. How? Through practice. Yes! The practice of self-controlling is a slow but effective process. A person searching for tricks on how to deal with aggression should practice it. Think about the instructions needed to guide your mind for self-controlling. Practice these processes every day. You will notice a dramatic positive change in your behavior. And literally you will learn how to deal with aggression.

Power of listening and accepting

 how to deal with aggression.

You all must have felt at some point in time that everyone must pay attention to whatever you are saying, but it didn’t happen the way you accepted, at that moment you must learn to accept the fact that others might not be interested in whatever you are telling, so learn to accept. Whenever someone is telling you something, he/she may have considered you important that is why they are sharing something with you. So you must pay heed to whatever the person is saying, you should develop a good listening power, for making the other person less aggressive. This is the power of accepting and listening by which you as well as everyone around you may reduce their aggression.

Less Expectation

Expectations always lead to disappointments, so expect less. This quote is itself explanatory as whenever you contribute something in someone’s life, so you may automatically expect something in return. But when the latter doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings then you may feel hurt and hold a grudge inside yourself. And this accumulation of grudge overtime comes out in the form of aggression. This feeling will deteriorate your mental and physical health to such an extent where you can’t imagine. So, the mantra to healthy living is to expect less or not at all expecting anything from anyone. Once you follow this lifestyle then there is no going back. One very annoying thing we sometimes do unknowingly is diffusing the feeling of aggression in others.

Avoid negative, Be positive

how to deal with aggression.

We literally do this diffusion unknowingly, some ways by which we do this, and some ways by which we can avoid this are

1. Not at all listening to what the other person is saying and making the negative gist out of whatever is said. Ways to avoid negative in-come could be properly listening to what the other person is saying. Another way of avoiding it by accepting his or her point of view without criticizing him. So that he may feel a positive environment around you.

2. Verbally discouraging someone without even guiding him/her, as sometimes it might happen that the other person may not have proper knowledge about something. Ways to avoid these types of negative behavior could be encouraging the other person to take responsibility for their own behavior. And to direct it into more creative or positive outlets, e.g., by making a written complaint rather than verbally criticizing someone/an organization.

3. If a person is not able to do the assigned work that you are supervising, it might happen that you shout at him/her. It may diffuse the feeling of aggression in the other person. Ways to avoid: Attempt to analyze what has happened, why the other person behaved as they did and your reactions. Discuss this with a supervisor or other member of your organization.


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A major cause of aggressive behavior is also a depressed brain. Mainly in teens, depressed persons are more short-tempered. So if you want to learn how to deal with aggression, first deal with your depressed mind or depression. Ultimate role in battling with depression and defeating it is played by our mind. If it is focused and wants to defeat depression it can successfully defeat it. This strong will power will only come to you when you meditate regularly.


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Exercise will also help you to deal with aggression. You all must be aware of the benefits of exercise, but how well do you know that it benefits a person suffering from aggression. Our body contains its very own natural antidepressant which is Endorphins and Serotonin, yes these are the chemicals released when you exercise, and as soon as they are released you may feel improvement in your mood.


A lot of time is spent in making respect but it does not take even a little time to crumble. Aggression a pin that can burst your image within a moment. Aggression, this feeling often arises due to different issues like unfulfilled expectations and goals, broken trust, low self-esteem, bad past experiences, and many other issues. A person should learn anger management skills. There are many ways through which one can learn dealing with aggression. Like meditation, exercise, self-controlling, avoiding negative thought, etc. Dealing with aggression is a slow process, so one should first try to make a habit of calmness. Then work over the anger. It is hard but not impossible.


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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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