For some people, the word peer pressure is a kind of stupid thing. For them, there is no value of peer pressure and they also think that there is no such kind of thing. Some people also believe that peer pressure is a sign of a weak mentality. Thus people also don’t want to talk about this. But it is a topic in which we should talk because there are some turns in life in which peer pressure matters. Sometimes peer pressure makes life hell, so the suffering people just want to get rid of it. Here we are with the answer to the sphinx “How to deal with Peer Pressure”. 

What is Peer pressure?

When one person or a group decides the pressure another person or group into doing something they don’t want to do. Most of the time the people who are trying to exert peer pressure to other people make fun of the other people for not doing something they don’t want to do that. So what the big deal with it. Is the matter is about the probability of torture, violence, or physical abuse? Or it is about the feeling of labored? The peer pressure hit the mind most. Every time you denied the person for anything, it gives you mental tension. Indeed, the amount of the loss can only be measured by the type and intensity of pressure, but no doubt every time it weighs you.

What does dealing with peer pressure mean? 

Dealing with peer pressure includes the way which makes you get rid of the peer pressure, the process through which you can avoid peer pressure. Solutions through which you can handle yourself after suffering from peer pressure. Making the thoughts that will strengthen you to say “No” to peer pressure. No one wants to suffer from this but life is so random that no one can predict it. Sometimes we remain unaware of it. 

How one can get harm by it

When one person or a group exert peer pressure over the other, then the consequences of it may be physical and mental.  Whenever someone forces the other to try or to do something, he or she shows it as a good thing, sometimes people also prove it profitable. Due to this, the victim feels insecure and also feels that he or she has some disharmony. Depression and anxiety grab the victim and enormous tension may affect the brain’s ability. We know the ill results of depression and anxiety. The hunger desire also affects health which not only disturbs the mind and also weakness occurs. Physical harm is also worse. During exerting the pressure, sometimes people go violent. Violence comes into the role when the ego of the person who exerts the peer pressure hurts. 


Violence only causes violence

violence and peer pressure

In denying the person who wants to create peer pressure to someone, sometimes people use violence. It may be possible that it is a need of the situation, but if violence can be avoided, avoid it. Because violence only causes violence. Violence can make things worst. 

So if violence can be avoided just avoid the violence and handle it wisely.

No means no

Keep it in mind that your “No” meant only one meaning, which is “NO”. Be confident of it. Try your body language, expressions, and tone to declare your thoughts. A no with smiling face is baseless. A no is more clearly expressed through body language when you stand your ground, make eye contact with the forcing person. You also have to remain calm. If you find it safe then a loud no will also work.

Don’t hurt ego 

During denying you may unknowingly hurt the ego of the person who is exerting peer pressure. This will never be fruitful. So try to talk with the person insisting to do something and express your feeling. Like anyone insisting you try the drug and you don’t want to do this, then just talk to the person and explain why you are denying and what it means to you. If a matter can be solved by non-violence then why move to violence. If you find it riskier to say a clear no then try some alternative with confidence.

Have friends with the same values and beliefs.

Why would you come here and ask us How to deal with the Peer Pressure if you had friends that cared, right? It is commonly observed that a see-saw is perfectly balanced if the two persons sitting on the opposite side weigh the same. Similarly, life is also balanced when we have a relationship with a person with the same value and beliefs. The relationship which is most affected when the two people involved do not have the same virtues is friendship. When two people have the same values : 

1. They have a firm belief over something. 

2. They will always help each other in overcoming every hurdle in their way. 

3. They will always guide each other, they won’t give them advice that could divert them from their real mission in life. 

4. They would very well know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

5. They won’t let each other dwell on bad habits and deeds. 

But, by the same virtues, it is not meant that they should have equal status. Let us consider the example of Lord Krishna and his friend Sudama. You all know that they were not equal in status but their values and beliefs were very similar. Lord Krishna helped his friend in his worst conditions and never let him divert away from good deeds. So next time when you make new friends be sure that they have the same virtue as yours.

Have faith in your parents 

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first“- Matthew Jacobson.

How to deal with Peer Pressure? Simple, talk to your parents. A teenager who falls prey to peer pressure often starts losing faith even in his parents and doesn’t talk with them about his problem. It is a misconception among teenagers that their parents won’t understand them. But if you are a teen then keep one thing in mind that no matter how much your parents scold you, they are the ones who always had a blind trust in you and even if you break their trust they won’t ever stop trusting you. They are the ones who stand with you when the whole world falls apart. It may happen that at some point in time, you lose faith in yourself but your parents won’t, they will help you in standing up again and fight with the world. Your parents won’t ever be judgemental for you, they are the best guide, mentor of your life. They will always think of your benefit.

So to know how to deal with Peer Pressure, just do discuss it with your parents so that they can tell you the difference between good and bad because adolescence period is a period where the child is not aware of the difference between good and bad and that is why he/she falls prey to peer pressure. So, next time if you think that you are falling prey to peer pressure then discuss it with them, follow their advice as they are the best advisors that a person may have.

Be confident.

peer pressure confidence

Your strongest power is your confidence. Confidence that following the path of truth will always make you powerful. Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of truth. And also believe in the power of nature’s justice if you never hurt anyone then you will also never be hurt by anyone. Confidence will tell you how to deal with Peer Pressure. If nothing worked and you can’t handle it by yourself then blame your parents confidently. Blame your parents and say”they will never allow it and my parents are so clever they will recognize me easily” will work.

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to do this then you will not do this, That should be the end of the topic every time. The biggest drawback of peer pressure is that it creates a sort of demotivation and people think that they are outdated feeling unconfident. Just learn it that “No means no, for everybody every time”. The conditions shouldn’t be shaped in such a way that any person ever thinks about how to deal with Peer Pressure. The parents are the best with whom you can ask for help. They will solve your problems at any cost. A good friend who understands your priorities will help you surely. Your confidence is the biggest weapon for you. 

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav is the owner of Forever Pieces. He is a published author and poet. He is a part-time freelance writer and maybe found strumming the guitar for gigs on festive weekends. Besides all these, he is also an exhibited artist and photographer.

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