Handwriting – The primary level formation of alphabets is the very first thing taught to children in their early stages of learning. Handwriting is a basic skill, which does not require any type of expertise in order to succeed nevertheless an individual’s writing should be such that it is understandable and neat so it is presentable and looks professional. Natraj’s mentioned it quite well in their tagline: “Extra marks for good handwriting”. It is evident that handwriting plays a role in a student’s life more than anyone else. Maintaining neatness in your handwriting while writing in speed during an exam is a difficult task and requires some practice. Another advantage of good handwriting is that it makes the reader read more whereas messy handwriting will not motivate the reader to go any further along with the text. Hence here is a guide on How to Improve Your Handwriting in 21 Days. The following are some of the methods to improve handwriting.

1. Regular practice

Practicing regularly is of utmost importance, writing pages, and collecting them to see your daily improvements. Taking a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to practice daily. Results will soon become visible with consistency. You can start with a ruled notebook and a pen or pencil that suits you.

2. Continuous analysis and evaluation

It is important to analyze where the error lies in them while you write. It can be in the way words are formed or it can be that handwriting is unclear and hard to read. Constant analyzing and evaluation will make progress easier, this way you will have access to your errors, and improving them will bring about a major change.

3. Correct instrument

How to Improve Your Handwriting in 21 Days

The role of the type of pen or pencil you use in handwriting is not a big one however it does help you improve in the beginning stages of your learning. The right choice of pen or pencil matters and plays an important part in enhancing fluency and easiness in handwriting early on and then as the time passes and results become visible, the type of pen or pencil you use does not matter. A ballpoint pen, gel pen, fountain pen, and pencil, etc can be used according to availability and preferences.

4. Grip

Writing for a longer stretch of time and with an inappropriate grip results in muscle pain, the pain exacerbates when an individual is not used to writing for a longer period of time. As a result, the grip should be such that not a lot of pressure is being exerted onto the fingers while writing. Relax the hold and grip on the pen to increases the easiness and your flow so one can write for a longer duration.

5. Cursive writing workbooks

How to Improve Your Handwriting in 21 Days

Cursive writing books are good for improving the appearance of one’s handwriting so it appeals more to the reader. It helps you form words and letters in a creative way. Utilizing Cursive writing workbooks is a great way to make your learning process more enjoyable and it also helps you exercise the creative side of your brain.

6. Better mood better handwriting

Our handwriting is greatly affected by our mood and motivation to write. It is often noticed that when we start writing it is more clear and neat as compared to the later part where we get exhausted. It starts to show as we write. We can improve this by practicing for longer duration and try to control exhausting emotions.

7. Adding creative headlines while writing

Adding Creative headings will help in the analysis of the formation of a word, it is also a creative method to use. They will let you know the way you form letters. Basically it is good for analysis of your word-formation technique. If it is not in favor one can always try a different technique that suits them.

8. Art of Writing letters- Calligraphy

How to Improve Your Handwriting in 21 Days

Calligraphy is an art of writing letters. It is a very creative means of learning to handwrite. Calligraphy will let you form letters that are neat and assist you in learning formations related to writing. It exercises the mind and serves as a good past time as well as an art form one can indulge in.

9. Clarity

Everybody has a different and personalized style of writing however It is important to write clearly to make it comprehensible. To achieve clarity in writings one can always make use of alignments that are provided on the page. The sizes of your letters and consistency all throughout the text is crucial.

10. Create a 21 days schedule

Preparing a schedule for what to do next will keep you motivated. Noting down your daily progress and observing where to work next step by step is key. Once you get the handwriting you want your confidence will increase and results will be exhilarating. customizing your own timetable is how you can improve your handwriting in 21 days

11. Correct alignment of the paper

How to Improve Your Handwriting in 21 Days

The position of the paper can play an important role while writing. Finding a perfect position is important, according to one’s comfort zone. The angle of your wrist should be placed in such a way that it provides enough area for fluent movement across the paper. The resulting handwriting would look easy and pleasant.

12. Try different fonts

One can always adapt their favorite font in their handwriting. For example, how you really want to write. Writing according to the selective font will keep you motivated and help you in achieving the goal. It gives an idea and variety to create your own handwriting.

13. Avoid overlapping words

Avoid overlapping words. even with good handwriting but as long as alphabets are overlapping it will appear messy that can make unclear to read. Sometimes while writing we overlook these simple mistakes which have a considerable effect on our handwriting.

14. Exercising your wrist

Drawing activates muscles in your wrist can be helpful in improving handwriting. Drawing will give a habit of moving your wrist efficiently according to yourself. It will stretch your muscles in such a way that writing for a longer period of time won’t affect your handwriting, but all of this has to be done consciously and that is how you can improve your handwriting in 21 days.


Writing is not just about writing but it has several other benefits. It makes you look professional and for students, it affects their performances on the exam greatly. It is good for the brain, helps in boosting confidence, enhances learning due to the focus it requires it takes away worries, and increases speed.

One thing which is quite intriguing about handwriting is that it differs from person to person and the way we write has a connection with our personality type. There is various importance of learning to improve your handwriting. One of the advantages is that it increases one’s focusing capabilities. There is no age limit to learn the art of writing. In children, it also develops general motor skills


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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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