‘Poker Face’ might be very uncommon for you to come across. Most people would associate it with the idea of playing poker and gambling at a casino. Well, you are not completely wrong in that way. But what might surprise you is that it is more than just learning card tricks and smart betting. The process of learning to make the smart moves in these games is the fine art of brilliance. Not everyone is capable of having a poker face. It comes with careful apprenticeship and observation. How To Make A Poker Face Anywhere enlightens you on what is actually poker face and how you can train yourself on it.

To briefly describe this aspect, it is basically nothing but an eye for observation and a smart head to think. Now, I know smartness comes in with a lot of other baggage to consider. But everything in actual is only constant training and practice. So what is a poker face? It is the ability to mask your thoughts cleverly without letting your listener or viewer or an opponent know what is exactly going on with you. This goes further down in accumulating a prudent self in order to advocate better deals in terms of business.

Having a poker face will confuse the person opposite to you as they cannot break down on how exactly are you reacting to a situation. Moreover, it will establish a face of confidence and smartness that will impress the onlookers. The mind of the poker face is the true achiever here. It constantly functions with an essence of timidity that helps you control both the viewer’s and your own emotions. How To Make A Poker Face Anywhere will help you achieve just that.

Understand Your Opponent

How To Make A Poker Face Anywhere

Poker face at work is a real thing. The opponent does not necessarily mean a person who you are looking to insult or undermine. It means that you are both in a vulnerable state to prove yourselves. That need not be rivalry, it could just be a healthy competition. Considering a situation like that, how would you tackle the opponent?

Merely stating your points will not win over any huge credit. But understanding your opponent’s motive and what he/ she wants to achieve will be a bonus card for you. Reading on how he moves, speaks, and acts are all part of the agenda to observe and learn.

For some people, their thoughts can easily be read through their expressions and emotive responses. It is a natural human instinct. But there can be times when people take that advantage of your responses to lead you to their way even if you are unwilling. That is why poker face plays an essential role. It acts as a guard to protect you from being an easy target of vulnerability.

Hence, to read a person or an opponent, you should put yourself in that person’s shoes. Take the upper hand of the situation and assume how would you react to that particular scenario if you were him.

Uncertainty is certain

How To Make A Poker Face Anywhere

No one can ever be completely sure about guessing the mind work. Uncertainty is normal and nothing to worry about. Being clueless on the other is a minor play. When you are bound to be shrewd, you have to get the courage of taking random guesses. Only then, will you either learn a new trick or reassure the old one. It is not always a win-win condition. The minute details that leave you in certain loopholes will benefit you back around. Because the next time you get into such positions, you will know how to react at that time.

It is similar to the understanding of the stock market. When you put your money in a particular share, there is no guarantee that you will win big time. Maybe it is a gradual case of gain or just learning on what not to do next time. That is how molding occurs. Poker face is not a one day trick to learn. It takes patience and requires a good perspective to put into play.

Poker face at work is achievable only if this is consciously followed. If you collapse your mind due to a speck of uncertainty, then again you become a target for reckless functioning. You must learn to disorient your actual emotions with the current practicality of the situation.

Handling Stress

Handling Stress

When you are facing any kind of pressure, taking immediate rapid decisions of timidity might not actually work. Although exceptions for strong gut feelings do fill in here, it is advisable to not take it under tremendous anxiety. This might let out your whole plan of action for that matter. That would lead to a very complex reaction from the environment. And this is exactly what you have to avoid. All the more reason to know How To Make A Poker Face Anywhere!

While you encounter such an instance, that is where you practice your poker face at work. Although you do feel tense on how to go about further, never let that fear reach out to your face. This benefits both the colleagues and yourself. When you are steady in your way of thoughts, your colleagues reciprocate the same. A condition of chaos and hopelessness can be avoided in the room if you just learn to deal it with the poker face.

You must try and muster the ability to scrutinize every one and how they can contribute to solving the problem. The time when everyone else stops thinking or give up, is where you get hold of the advantage of leading your thoughts to them. It hits them hard and leaves a lasting impression of your ways of attending to the obstacle.

How To Make A Poker Face Anywhere

Poker Face

Poker face at work is not the only situation you can exercise your upper hand at manipulation. In fact, learning to make a poker face is a life skill. You ought to try it to believe it. You will be immensely surprised by the small changes you see. One of the most effective methods in not revealing your actual progression of thoughts to others is diverting your mind to something that is totally irrelevant.

It grants your mind to skip the immediate response of reacting vehemently or negligently. For example, a silly song can make you adrift from reacting. It gives your face a neutral look and hence cannot be judged. The key factor in learning poker face is body language. This is indeed a bridge that connects every other providence.

Observing the movements of another person can speak a lot about what their thinking process is. For instance, when a person crosses his arms together, it tells that he is uninterested in the subject being discussed. Similarly, when a person is constantly drifting his eyes without stability can mean he lacks conviction. Hence, understanding minor movements can help you a long way in decoding the complexities and help in harmonizing a better condition. How To Make A Poker Face Anywhere not only emphasizes on the poker face at work but the effects of it under every circumstance.

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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