When will I complete my pending works? What if my boss does not find my project compelling enough? How will I reach on time in this traffic? I cannot find a pair of socks! These are some common worries that we face in our daily life. We might feel the burden of the whole world on our shoulders until we just accomplish that simple task. But why though? The small points of stress that we take each day keep adding up to a larger vessel in both the heart and mind. This would result in an even worse impending trauma. How To Stay Calm In Any Situation gives you different antidotes that you can try each time you feel anxious.

Be it any situation or condition, simple steps can be employed every time you feel the weight of stress. No matter how hard the scenario feels like, exercises and hacks to stay calm during the crisis will allow the mind to take a time-out from thinking too much of the problem. It is never possible to stay calm all the time because being anxious and fearing results are part of human nature. But when it goes beyond your control and override the happiness factor, learning to stay cool becomes a necessity.  How To Stay Calm In Any Situation gives you the most beneficial hacks out of the lot that you can imply during a crisis.

Stop and Breathe

Probably the most common tip you have heard. Rightfully so because it is the most useful one from the world of tricks. Every time you witness growing stress within yourself, before thinking any further, stop and breathe. Not like the normal inhaling and exhaling you do, but heavy breathing exercises. Take in large breaths and exhale with equal force. Some who try this feel it is not that beneficial. But that happens only when the exercise is not done right.

It is necessary to keep a clear head first before you start the actual exercise. Employing this for a count of 10 will calm your stress and let you focus more on solving the problem.

How To Stay Calm In Any Situation

Consider you are learning to drive a car. With the instructor giving you constant commands, you might feel it overwhelming to process. If you start the car with the same anxiety level, then you are not going to get that command right.

This is where breathing exercises can help you stay calm. To let out that negativity and doubts from the mind, clearing the head and taking long breaths can just stimulate your focus level to a convincing level. Try it out yourself and feel the difference in just a matter of seconds.

No Space For Negativity

It is natural to feel a bit helpless during a crisis. You might find it hard to navigate your mind in the right direction. But for the eyes to see a solution, the mind must first give the space for a possible ‘positive’ result. This does not come inbuilt in you. It is necessary to nurture yourself to get on that relative headspace. In any situation or under any stress,  try to force your mind to capture only the positive points around.

How To Stay Calm In Any Situation

This will ease your nerves and brace yourself to the awaiting crisis. When you do confront a stressful condition, your mind will then naturally build on the possibilities of providing results rather than lamenting over it.

Patience Is Key

During any crisis, our immediate response is primarily a mixture of anger, fear, and anxiety. This should not be the case anymore. Though I do agree it is the first instinct at any given situation, our mind must be capable to change and adapt to a better mode of response. And for that molding process, patience is the foremost method of control. You must have witnessed quite a lot of scenarios wherein the stress takes an uproar due to the lack of patience in giving in the specific work. A clear case of why it is an important factor.

How To Stay Calm In Any Situation

You can try out different methods to harness patience. Knowing when and where to control the emotions will brace your minds to perform in a proactive manner rather than being a laidback one. For example, untangling a messy bunch of wire or thread, taking up the needle-thread challenge, rearranging your table, cleaning the long-neglected cupboard, and so on are some effective ways to control your pace of emotive responses.

Gratitude for Self and Surrounding

We witness a large number of pitiful cases around us on a regular basis. Some are very upsetting while some others are disappointing. There are even certain events that can just boil your blood up the thermometer. But while we do witness this around us, we fail to acknowledge the worth of our own existence. Even the world we live in for that matter.

We keep moving forward, judging, and taking in all the stress on the way. Why don’t we stay calm for a minute and feel grateful for the smallest of pleasures within and around us? Ironically, all we do is blame others on why did they react in such a manner while we ourselves are getting nowhere ahead in the road.

How To Stay Calm In Any Situation

Acknowledgment does not make us weak. It is simply the appreciation of the gifts that we cherish each day. You might ask, why are we talking about respecting the time while staying calm should be the prime topic. Well, why do you think it is not part of the subject of staying cool under stress? Most of the restlessness comes from overthinking during a crisis.

This element is one of the most significant points under How To Stay Calm In Any Situation.

Fuel The Mind and Body

With a lot of intake of stress, the mind gets into a state of exhaustion which immediately results in the weakness of the body as well. At this stage, both your functioning parts will require a boost-up. This can be in any form that you prefer to execute. It is mostly reflective of things you do that you actually love. It can be football, dancing, writing, or even just walking around indoors.

Fuel Your Mind And Body

If your reasons surround due to the overload of work, future schedules, and management of time, then this activity is a must for you. You might think that it will only slow you down even more. No! Your body and mind require a break at regular intervals. It could even be a five-minute break every other hour. But this five-minute will be a motivation to push you that extra mile to achieve the goal on time. By the time you realize this, your work is already done and dusted.

Applying constant force will not result in any higher productivity levels. It will just be a doom story to tell around, which again comes being under stress. And we do not want that because our goal is to stay calm. If you have a problem with going over the line of breaks, then just schedule your day’s activities and keep regular alarms to intimate you on the same. This method does relatively bring down the pressure of coping up.

Talk To Someone

This helps immensely. If you have a friend or colleague or a mentor or just anyone who feels can help you in solving the crisis you are in, then don’t be shy and call them up. They could be the ones who have gone through a similar situation or have knowledge of the subject you are facing trouble in. Again, acknowledging their expertise and capabilities is never a shame to us. That is how we grow in every phase. No one is perfect and not everyone knows everything. People who claim that they do are just playing games.

Remembering the famous quote by Socrates here, “ The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing”.

Talk To Someone

Hence, sharing your confusion and consulting a person who could help you out of it means you are a winner either way. It also eases your nerves and the mind stays cool as an effect from this. Trying to be perfect in every way and not seeking help is not an act of courage, it is unhealthy for both the mind and body. How To Stay Calm In Any Situation fills in the hidden corners of your fearing encounters and coming out of the box is one among them.

How To Stay Calm In Any Situation

There limitless ways for stress to creep in. But that does not mean it is okay to ignore its precautions of tackling it. Coping with stress is a life-learning experience and will change a lot of perspectives in the way you see the world. The main motive behind this article on How To Stay Calm In Any Situation is also this thought.

Count your breaths and blessings while your anxious or under stress, and everything else will fall in place.

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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