Coronavirus pandemic is doing the rounds and lockdown is being a part of our lives at regular intervals now. Due to uncertain times, we are bound to take a step back and adapt to a temporary lifestyle. And that never comes easy, but also never impossible. Adapting to the new normal affects a lot of the daily routine you are used to. But primarily the sudden change to your body timings can be chaotic. How To Stay Fit In The Coronavirus Pandemic gives you an insight as to how to get hold of your health imbalance.

Is staying indoors giving you the anxiety on keeping up your fitness? If you do, then it is quite natural to feel so. Every new condition to be coming up in the light will first influence the mind and body patterns. It will hit you back with an impact of sleeplessness, obesity, headache, tiredness, and so on. The necessity to stay fit during this Coronavirus pandemic grows strong with this notion.

Fitness during lockdown times can seem like a hindrance to your peaceful break but all the more essential to for healthy maintenance. If you are in a dilemma of where to exactly start from, then How To Stay Fit In The Coronavirus Pandemic is the right one to suggest to you the best ways. 

Timing is Everything


How to stay fit in the Corona virus pandemic

You know the cliche that says “Time is Precious”. But no matter how often we hear it, we never realize the value of it until a point of time. Lockdown can help you rethink on this root.  You will probably not get this time back ever again in your lifetime. Hence, taking control of how to spend each second of your time worthwhile is of importance.

This begins from the time you wake up. Get a grip on your sleep schedule. Make sure you sleep early and wake up early (cliche again, I know). This helps the body to regulate proper action. The energy for the whole day will suffice perfectly if the body attains a sufficient amount of sleep. Eight hours is the ideal sleep cycle. More or less of it can have relative effects on the day’s actions. 

Have a rough time-table like the good old days. Mark your priorities for the day and cut the checklist every night to make sure you are on track. This will give a definite mind frame to move about on your daily activities and also active energy to perform the same. 

Yoga for the Soul & Body

Yoga during lock down

Talking about indoor fitness during a lockdown and not include yoga? No way that is happening! Yoga is proven to be the most effective and progressive form of fitness throughout the years. The main reason for it is that it appeals to every age and gender. Even the oldest in the family can practice yoga depending on their own body flexibility.

Be it a simple breathing exercise like the Pranayama or an all-rounder like the Soorya Namaskaram, yoga benefits every individual. Depending on the different needs of the person, distinct poses and routines are available in large. All you have to do is select your asanas that cater to your need.

If you are a beginner, you can start with simple breathing and stretching poses. As you practice regularly, the flexibility increases and expands your ability to try more complex ones. For example, for the ones who experience dust allergies and have breathing difficulties, Pranayama (Breathing) exercises like Anilom Vilom will work wonders. 

Yoga not only relieves you from negative vibrations (like the thoughts around Coronavirus pandemic) but also from the congestions within the physical body. But whatever form of yoga you practice, make sure you do simple stretches before and after hand of the asanas. This will prepare your body in advance.

Stretches and Flexes

This is the most basic aspect of workout for fitness during a lockdown. It can act in multiple ways according to the order you perform. That is it can act as warm-ups, like how I brought it up under yoga, or under intense fitness regime.

In most cases, people who are beginners or are resuming their workouts after a very long time, stretches are saviors in bringing the body to the intended shape. This can help you with weight loss, weight gain, or just maintaining the current framework. But in whatever affair, flexibility is bound to grasp you in the corners. 

Remember the PT sessions in school? Where you have to stretch your arms wide and touch your feet front and sideways? Well, all the exercises part of it comes under stretching exercises. In those times, what it was actually doing was that it was loosening your body from its rigidity. And that is exactly the purpose of practicing these too.

Dance your way through

Fitness during Lock down

Wait! Do not freak out on this! Dance is not a heinous task to perform. And you do not have to be embarrassed either. Especially when you are looking for fun workout ways. Although most Indians do enjoy dancing to tunes on various occasions, somehow when it comes under workout, most of them feel insecure. It is essential that we understand it as a brilliant way of understanding body movements.

It gives you the power to control your flow of motion, giving a chance to be aware of your self mechanism. You have many categories within this phase that subject to different needs. Zumba, aerobics, Bollywood, and Bhangra workouts are few among them. It not only entertains you but kills those extra calories that you have been wanting to shed for a long time. 

Owing to the lockdown scenario, you can also make it more fun within the privilege of being at home. You could include your family in the workouts and together have a gala time. Doing this will never make you think of it as a burdensome routine but a house of celebration. The reason for this style of workout to be a part of How To Stay Fit In The Coronavirus Pandemic is also this. Not every exercise has to feel like you are prepping up for a mass drill. You can have fun too!

Cleaning Chores

Fitness during lock down

Wondering what this could be about? It is exactly whatever you are thinking. Cleaning and tidying up your house. Yes, that also comes under fitness during the lockdown. Though it sounds very simple, it helps you build core strength to your body.

To expand your chances of better benefits out of this, you can segregate your ways of cleaning. One day you could clean all the ceiling fans, the other day you could wipe off the floor, and another day to clean cupboards. Re-decorating the house is also an option. The list can go on. 

Even if it is a one-room flat, dedicating half a day to cleaning every day can flex your body rigorously. It can act as a warm-up session for the upcoming exercises you are about to do as well. Do not underestimate this form of fitness due to its simplicity. You will be surprised to see the effective results once you practice it regularly. 

Walking and Socializing

Fitness during lock down

From the history of workouts, walking seems to take a good place in the top list of productive ones. This has been a part of human existence right from the time of birth. Lack of this basic physical practice reciprocates through the descent of human health. But how to walk around in an open environment during the lockdown?

Just do it indoors. Walking to and fro within the confined space will keep your heart pumping healthily. If you possess a fit band, it records the number of steps you have taken in a day. This indicates the relative amounts of calories burnt and physical work spent on a daily basis. Many fitness apps are also available to record your progress. Running up the steps is another fruitful way to go about in this type.
In case you are a person who can walk around only with someone to talk to and socialize, you can still find an alternative. You could take this time to call up an old friend or set up an online workout team to socialize during that time of walking. 

How To Stay Fit In The Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying fit during the Coronavirus pandemic does not only mean doing intense exercises. It also involves the importance of your diet and food habits. Having a regular track of the amount of intake of calories and other fats helps you understand how your body reacts to certain foods. If a particular food does not help you in achieving the goal, then try your best to avoid it.

Taking up a new recipe according to your taste preferences can also introduce you to different cuisines. Trying your hand at cooking and other new creative habits can please your mental pleasure. It brings joy and satisfaction to the mind which in turn reflects a healthy mind building up a jovial lifestyle. 

Each of these workout methods is one that satisfies both the mind and the body’s well-being. A healthy physique gives way to a healthy soul. Hence never neglect its maintenance as it is what will help you run peacefully for a long time. So, get those fitness shoes ready and try out these different ways to fight through your conditional fitness during the lockdown.

Tell us your favorite type among this list of How To Stay Fit In The Coronavirus Pandemic

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