Lootcase Review: Lootcase is a combination of comedy, crime, action. Streaming on Disney+Hotstar, despite its assembly of a talented cast, this flick is a one time watch. We review what makes and what breaks this movie.

Lootcase Review-Storyline

Lootcase Review

Nandan Kumar is a printing press worker, he discovers a suitcase full of money sitting in an empty street. He grabs the bag after realizing there are no takers for it and carries it home. Thinking he found the solution to end all his problems. Little did he knew his problems were not about to end rather they just begun. A strange and dangerous gangster, minister, and cop is now following Nandan.

Nandan Kumar

Lootcase Review

Lootcase is a story that revolves around Nandan Kumar (Kunal Khemu) who is an employee at a printing press. Nandan is weighed down by his wife, Lata’s (Rasika Duggal) unfulfilled wishes, his son Aayush’s (Aryan Prajapati) persistent demands. Worsening his woes is his tight income. Nandan is the face of every other middle-class man who struggles with money, while his family drowns in the sorrows of the joys they only dream of. Nagging from his family overwhelms him almost every day.

While returning late at night, after finishing his shift at the printing press, Nandan quickly notices a suitcase, with no one around it and full of cash.  Nandan sees it as an opportunity to end all his struggles and provide his family a better future which they always hoped for. With immense responsibilities and challenges on his shoulders and the potential solution to all his problems staring him right in his face. Nandan decides to take it home. Unaware, what seems to be the panacea of all his problems is just an addition to his list of challenges.

The Lootcase- Beginning of all Troubles

Lootcase Review

Nandan’s wife is not happy with the suitcase full of cash which, practically picked up from the streets even though she regularly quarrels with her husband regarding money. She senses the impending trouble and bad luck associated with the unexpected money. The loot case was in reality, bad news, the money was being illegally smuggled by a group of gangsters working for a well-known politician, Patil (Gajraj Rao). On top of it, the money was stolen from them. With the huge amount of money gone, Nandan gets in trouble. All-powerful politicians and gangsters who are hungrily looking for it start to follow Nandan.

Nandan starts to enjoy his money, what happens when a struggling man finds a treasure he never even dreamed of-he spends it like water. He begins to fulfill his wife’s wishes even, she has no idea where the money is coming from. Nandan laded his son with materialistic joys and frequent trips to the mall and meals. The two most funny points of the story are firstly when Nanda tries to hide the money from his and his neighbors. Secondly when the Politician, gangsters, and a cop begins to locate it. Ending the movie with a mad man chase like every other comedy. The screen timing for this movie is too long to bear.

Lootcase Review-A multicast star brilliance

Lootcase Review

Bala Rathod (Vijay Raaz) is a hysterically amazing character, especially for an action movie. Raaz embodies the gangster perfectly, pulling of his scenes with his great acting. Bala Rathor habit of obsessing and watching the world of animals on youtube. His tricks are inspired by wild animals, which is what makes him so funny.

Patil, a manipulative and hungry politician is now restless after the Lootcase has gone missing. Gajraj Rao is an absolute delight to watch in this avatar. An oddball that fits perfectly with the story.

Kunal Khemu plays Nandan Kumar, an ordinary man next door quite believably. Portrays the struggles so well every struggling middle-class man would relate to the character.

Lootcase turns into an intense mad chase at the end with all the characters creating chaos, running after the money. Lootcase has an assembly of the brilliant cast together on the same screen which makes up for several problems with the movie. Although the movie failed to make its mark the stars did not.

Lootcase Review- Our final take

Execution of lootcase with a better style could have made it a perfect comedy. All the characters are well developed and given quite a lot of substance and thought. Each actor is playing their part quite well. While the movie was not anything out of the ordinary and working on the tried and tested way of depicting a comedic storyline. It still was an interesting flick, hysterical at several points, with a talented cast this movie deserves a watch.


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