Masaba Masaba review: Netflix India has recently released the Masaba Masaba webseries. It is already trending since the day of its release. The series is directed by Sonam Nair. Nandini Gupta and Anupama Ramachandran along with Sonam Nair wrote the screenplay. Ashwini Yardi is the producer and creator of this series. The starring of the series is Masaba Gupta who is a famous fashion designer and her mother Neena Gupta who is an Indian film actress. This series consists of six episodes, approx 30 minutes long each. It felt like a short period of time because Netflix’s latest Webseries managed to grab our attention from the very first episode.


Masaba Masaba Review

Masaba Masaba is a fictional story, but it is inspired by real events of Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta’s life. The story also shows the struggle that goes behind the success we don’t know about. We generally focus on the success and the glamour however fail to focus on the challenges and the struggles that hide behind the glitter, this series tells us about the real deal.

Masaba Gupta debuts with this Netflix series, nevertheless her effortless talent on screen makes her look like a pro. Masaba being from a fashion background is responsible for making the series more glamorous and she is also styling her mother Neena Gupta in this new series.

Struggle and Challenges – Masaba Masaba Review

Masaba Masaba Review

There were few heartbreaking moments while watching the series, for example, the part where she deals with her divorce. The little girl depicting the Masaba’s younger version is pretty interesting and overwhelming at times, she will make you miss being a kid. Masaba‘s struggle of broken marriage on the other hand Neena Gupta worries about her career. She wants to work in the industry and she bags a role in ” Badhaai Ho” with her co-star Gajraj Rao in the movie.

It takes a lot from designing clothes to deal with models to make the fashion show a hit. We could totally relate to the distress and the pressure that Masaba Gupta had to go through to deliver her best, irrespective of the mood, and personal events that she goes through. This show teaches us that balancing personal and professional life is not easy, yet it is still important. This show reflects the challenges that both mother and daughter have to overcome.

Performance and Cameo

Masaba Masaba Review

Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta’s acting is very natural and their presence is very entertaining. They gave a totally enjoyable performance and wouldn’t mind seeing more of Neena Gupta’s story as she stole the attention through her acting skills. Other than that Mithila Palkar, Kiara Advani’s cameo illuminated the series. Pooja Bedi who played the role of Masaba’s therapist gave a good performance as well. Gajraj Rao, also appears in this latest Indian webseries. his cameo as himself is also impressive to watch.

Although this series is drama-based, the performance was absolutely natural and realistic. Neena Gupta stole our heart with her incredible performance and is one of the definite reason to watch this series. Kiara Advani, Mithila Palkar gave a touch of glamour to this already glamorous series. It is very fun to watch not just because of the story-line but also these cameos did a great job entertaining us in this new drama and comedy series.

Our take – Masaba Masaba Review

This latest Indian webseries is a breath of fresh air and something new and interestingly emotional. The mother-daughter duo has successfully donned their roles as themselves and won our hearts. They both are the perfect examples of independent women. Masaba Gupta has her own label, a successful fashion designer, and Neena Gupta who is a successful actress. The series is inspiring especially for those who want to follow their dreams. One thing that is difficult to digest was that not being able to distinguish between the real events and the fictional events. Also were unable to understand the bond they both share as mother and daughter. Additionally, we didn’t get to know about Masaba Gupta’s childhood as it appears in the series when we were introduced to her younger self.

Worth watching?

It was a very entertaining way to portray a semi-fictional genre, real characters playing their own roles. The concept of adopting this method is very realistic and turns out to be more connecting this way. No loopholes only honest and great content plus this series is a mood up-lifter. Drama is good and is highly entertaining and comedy is also good.

It is absolutely worth watching. If you want a break from your hectic schedule then this series will not only relate to you but will also refresh you. As in this Netflix series struggles are shown in a  relatable way.

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