Mirzapur 3 Fan Theory: Its Plots, alliances and more: This Prime Video original has continued its success of season one. The second season of Mirzapur did not finish like its previous season. The first season ended mysteriously. However, it did not end simply. The last episode was pretty turbulent. This can give birth to so many possibilities of Mirzapur 3 fan theories. It shifted the entire power equation of this Indian web series. Mirzapur 2 included various new characters. These new characters have the potential to bring us so many new aspects in season 3. As they are so intriguing. Having said that, we bring to you a few fan theories that might interest you.


1.First Mirzapur 3 fan theory is that Sharad Shukla could evolve into the central rival

Mirzapur 3 fan theory

In the climax of Mirzapur season 2, Shukla left the sequence with an injured Kaleen Bhaiya. So, now it confuses the audience as everyone is asking the same question. Why didn’t he take his revenge by murdering him? This opens up a valid possibility that he wants the chance to conquer Mirzapur.

It would not be so simple for him, as Guddu is still in the race. Also, it’ll be difficult to defeat him in this race. However, it will be close to impossible considering the absence of Kaleen Bhaiya.


2.  Bharat Tyagi who departed on the verge and his twin possesses his position on the map.

That moment when the twins fired shots at each other in the wild final episode. It occurred that Bharat has murdered his twin. Nevertheless, do not forget that this town is Mirzapur. Nothing is possibly that simple. Also, since we have seen Shatrughan Tyagi emulating his brother. It would not shock us.


3. Third Mirzapur 3 fan theory is that Robin will hold the key to Mirzapur.

Mirzapur season 2 has introduced an unknown and mysterious character, Robin. From where he has come from is completely anonymous. For the entire season, his past is undisclosed. Not only in the beginning season but even at the end motives appear pretty simple. But, do not underestimate him. He is an extremely gifted and reasonable player for a side character.


4. Guddu dies in the 3rd season.

Mirzapur 3 fan theory

Guddu almost died in the first two seasons. He owes his life to the folks who are loyal and tight to him. His revenge against the Tripathi’s is an outcome of comprehensive preparation by Golu.

Still, Guddu is a muttonhead, and that perhaps will not assist his motive. After noticing how rough Golu after evolving, it is most likely to be beyond her to leave him or do something even more awful.


5. Fifth Mirzapur 3 fan theory is that Madhuri Yadav will become a supporter of Shukhla , Kaleen Bhaiya

The fictitious CM is no minor diplomat than her dead dad. She demonstrates it as she grabs the CM’s chair in front of her father-in-law. However, aspects have shifted presently. There is a recent authority change in play and she’ll unite herself with anyone who can protect her to stay in superior authority.

Also, she fell in love with Munna, and if we understand something about the Indian web series. That is retaliation is always operated, the outcomes do not matter. So, fasten your seat belt.


6.  Shatrughan Tyagi takes down his father.

The Indian web series showcases complex connections between dads and sons. Munna and Guddu used the first 2 seasons attempting to leave the shades of their fathers by fighting against them. Chhote Tyagi’s tale is not that awful but it looks like he is in an identical way.

Something that he has done differently from Munna and Guddu is he killed his brother. Appears merely smart and harsh to getaway.


7. Seventh Mirzapur 3 fan theory is that Beena betrays Guddu and takes over Mirzapur with Kaleen Bhaiya.

As she took advantage of everyone in the previous season. Also, she was effortlessly the most intelligent character. She got herself free of her father-in-law who was a rapist. Also a dumbhead stepson, she appeared to retain no special negativity towards her spouse.

Her partner will attempt to connect with her as she possesses the final of his successors. Which could demonstrate a shift in the periods and might convince her to halt the contract she has made with Guddu. Okay then. Hold on to your seats because this show is just beginning to heat.


8.  How Munna Bhaiya Can Return?

Mirzapur 3 fan theory

Later, after the demise of Munna bhaiya in Mirzapur Season 2’s tenth episode. Divyendu Sharma who plays Munna Bhaiya, his social media profiles are filled with speculations contemplating his retrieval.

It is common for a character to make a comeback in TV series. Especially so in India. However, the content creation of online Indian web series today has changed. Also, it’s to bring Munna back after he was shot three times. That too in his chest and abdomen.

Nonetheless, while giving an interview lately, Divyendu Sharma (Munna Bhaiya) speaks about an unusual heart circumstance. In that condition, an infant is born with the heart on his/her right side. So, that gives us a bit to think about. Stream the latest second season HERE


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