Internet is flooded with a different web series. There are some, which will entertain you and there are some, which will really take you to their world and one such series is Money Heist. Let us see the Money Heist Review.

Why Money Heist?

Money Heist Review

Money Heist is originally a Spanish show, which you can see on Netflix. This show is also dubbed in English. If you are someone who is looking for a series that will give you goosebumps, then Money Heist is going to be the perfect show for you.

The storyline of this series is basically based on people with a sharp mind who want to create history by committing the world’s biggest robbery. They aren’t afraid of any police force or any government. The central character of this series goes by the name “Professor” who has spent half of his life to creating a perfect plan to commit the world’s biggest robbery.

Even though this person is having an evil mind, but he is good at heart. You will find a twist in the plot when you will see that the entire team is getting deviated from their goal as their emotions start playing its own role.


Money Heist Review

The Season Four of the series starts from an important point where the Professor’s team is facing their biggest challenge ever. Some members of the team are fighting for their life while some of the members are fighting against each other so that they can be ahead of other members in life’s race.

The central protagonist, that is the professor is going through worst. He is broken because he has lost the most important person of his life and for that reason, he has vanished into thin air and is nowhere to be found. Since he is not there to lead his team his team has to fight alone against the government.

The suspense of the series will keep you hooked up to your screen. It will be interesting to know whether the team will get defeated against the government or “Professor” will come back with a new twist.

What Sets Season 4 Different From Other Season?

The screenplay of the series sets the Season Four different from the rest of the seasons. The number of twists in each episode of this season will give you chills. It will be difficult for you to decide whether to support those members who want to rob or those police forces who want to stop this crime.

Moreover, the season will answer all the queries you were having since season one. You will be surprised to see the human side of the Professor because he won’t hesitate to show his emotions in this season.

So if you are someone who wants to start watching series and searching for something which has unique concept then Money Heist is something you should start watching and if you are someone who has watched all the seasons and was waiting for the fourth season, well log in to your Netflix account and start watching as Season Four will make you realise that the season was worth the wait.

Hope you enjoyed reading the Money Heist Review!

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