Mosul Review: Netflix’s War Drama: Netflix once again ticks all the boxes with its latest war action drama ‘Mosul”. Produced by Russo Brothers he is probably the same in standards as Extraction or 6 Underground if not better. To be honest, I find it as far better. The story is based on the city of Mosul as the name suggests and depicts the Iraqi force’s battle to liberate and safeguard the city against ISIS. Though the film was premiered at Venice Film Festival 2019 it only came out on Netflix in Novemeber, 2020 and I feel it was a perfect way for Netflix to end 2020. It is for films like these that I thrive for.

So, without further ado let’s dive right into it and start our Mosul Review: Netflix’s War Drama. NO SPOILERS!

Mosul Review: Storyline

One thing that the story depicts, if summarised under one word, would be RAW. The story is based on the city of Mosul as the name suggests. Once a thriving metropolitan city with a population of 2 million is now in ruins. Thanks to the ISIS aka Daesh as they like to call them. ISIS has absolutely captured the city since 2011 facilitating the trading of arms, drugs, terrorism, exploiting children and women. Fighting them is our Iraqi soldiers and most brutally ruthless among them is the Nineveh SWAT team.  They have no ethics but a clear goal to kill as many ISIS men as possible. The film starts off by giving a small narration of the theme for a better understanding.

There they mention how even ISIS doesn’t captivate or allow the Nineveh SWAT team to join them because of their sheer brutality against them. The film starts with total chaos as three policemen gunfight ISIS men to arrest one of them. They were being overpowered until Major Jasem and his team arrives to save the day. There they let Kawa, the youngest men to join them. How it works is they let anyone with the capability to join if they or their family is directly harmed by ISIS.

There is an absolute rule of the jungle going on. The SWAT team sweeps off bases and collects cash, arms and whatever they can lay their hands on to survive, thrive and kill more.  They carry a huge list with themselves to cross-check them with about ISIS men or its affiliates. The story also shows a huge transition of beliefs and morality of Kawa. A moral and honest kid turning brutal and gory to safeguard his land against evil forces. The transition is subtle but teaches us a lot about life and its weirdness.

Mosul Review: Direction and Cinematography

Mosul Review: Netflix's War Drama

Surprisingly the film has a relaxed tone to it depicting how usual life is in Mosul. There is no background score to pace or thrill up the sequences. This scene looks and real. No unnecessary camera action has been pulled which makes us see the real deal. From drone attacks to heavy machine guns blazing everything has been shot in a minimalistic effort. Nothing has been blown out of proportion. Even most of the death scenes have a simplicity to them.

Unlike 6 Underground or Extraction, Mosul connects with the audience about the situation and terrorism prevalent there. Even when the SWAT sheer brutal and ruthless, their actions are automatically justified in our minds. The direction is just effortless and brilliant. Nothing feels less or too much

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Undertone, Theme and Symbolism

To talk about this part, we need to talk a lot about each scene of the film in minute details which will obviously include spoilers. And I’m afraid this is a SPOILER FREE REVIEW. But we can still talk a little without going too deep and take clips from the teasers and trailers. The first look and the look of Kawa with that skull face mask clicked something on my mind. And my first reaction was The Punisher. Both of them share similar traits. Both have one solo moto to kill the enemy but have softcore for innocent souls. They opt for suffering rather than direct kills and do anything in their journey to survive and kill more. Both of them don’t really have an ethical ground

We are shown the sufferings of life. We are seen what is it to feel helpless and what a real humanitarian crisis may look like. There are certain parts where you will be just disgusted and sad looking that the misery life is at. And how even the strongest of men are weak and broken when it comes to family. The film also reflects how armed forces work with and against each other. The underlying distrust of Iraqi forces upon American forces and much more.

Mosul Review: The Action Factor

Mosul Review: Netflix's War Drama

The film opens with a bang and there are just enough action scenes. There is almost no hand-to-hand combat u like Extraction or 6 Underground but to be honest it’s absolutely unnecessary to have one. The film is honest and gritty. There are tons of shoutout scenes and military thrill. Each fought is fought and won by military techniques and nothing more. If you are a fan of military action like Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, and series like Jack Ryan then this one is for you absolutely!!

The story is nothing eventful and is small scale but it presents deep insights into the lives of those who are fighting in places such as Mosul, the ones who are suffering, and the extremists military groups such as ISIS. The misery, bravery, determination, brutality, disgust, and gore will shake you.

So, this was all from our Mosul Review: Netflix’s War Drama. Hope you liked it and if you want more such content keep exploring there are tons and if you don’t find whatcha looking for, comment below and we will bring it for you in a few days for sure. Hit and like and share with your friends and family! Watch Mosul HERE

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