Raat Akeli Hai Review: The title of the movie “Raat Akeli Hai” reflects a mystery that is about to unfold before your eyes. A title which suitable for a depiction of the mystery of a murder. The question is does this flick justifies what really a mystery thriller means, revealing the unseen and the unknown, attention-demanding, chilling, yet eloquently depicted. We will find out with this review. Released on Netflix 31st July, Raat Akeli Hai received good feedbacks as well as some critiques. Topping the chart this movie is trending on Netflix, occupying the no.1 spot.

Raat Akeli Hai Review-Plot

Raat Akeli Hai Review

Jatil Yadav (Nawazuddin Siddiqui ), a cop hired to investigate the murder of Raghuveer Singh, an aged politician on the night of his wedding. Raghuveer Singh marries Radha (Radhika Apte), a young woman whose own father sells her off to him. All the members of the family attend the wedding who otherwise never get together. However, with all the family members present in the house, no one knows neither notices how Raghuveer Singh is murdered. This puzzles Jatil Yadav, raises suspicion on every member to be the potential murderer.

While everyone is trying their best at accusing Radha of murdering Raghuveer Singh. Jatil takes a liking towards her fights to prove her innocence till the end. There is a mutual charge and tension between these two characters, Jatil gets angry every time someone calls Radha disrespectfully. He senses that everyone in the family is framing Radha for a crime she did not commit to cover up for the real culprit. However, he never stops looking at her through the eyes of an investigator as well.

The movie is not just a murder mystery it also includes some level of romance. Radha appears mesmerizing to Jatil the minute he lays his eyes on her. While it is every member’s agenda to frame Radha for Raghuveer’s murder. Jatil defends and protects her, simultaneously dead set to find the truth. Another element of the movie is that through its plot it sheds light on how women are perceived and treated.

Raat Akeli Hai- A mystery thriller

The movie is a combination of a murder mystery with some romance, making it more intense and a reason to hold onto the movie. An interesting combination of different genres. Characters are very cryptic, a dark vibe glooms over the entire mystery in the movie. Full of mystery, it successfully captured our attention with building curiosity as the movie goes on.


The most shocking moment is when the truth reveals, the least suspicious person is the culprit. Movie’s plot is turned upside down when Vasudha and her mother (Pramila) who seemingly is the only person who is close to each other in the family is nothing but a pretend. Pramila sacrificed justice for her daughter just to save her son’s career. She totally neglects Vasudha’s feelings and her traumas as a victim of child abuse. Pramila tried to shut all those up who knew about this. She gets her sister-in-law killed. Forms good relations with the same MLA who is also a culprit in her daughter’s case, in a bid to save her son Vikram.


Raat Akeli Hai Review

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s performance as the lead character is brilliant, his character is rough, serious, arrogant yet a good and honest man. From inside he is a complete gentleman who aims to protect the woman he is falling in love with. An intellectual man who respects the existence of women, breaking stereotypes generally associated with women. Similarly, Radhika Apte’s performance is firing. Even after going through all the trauma and abuse, Radha remains headstrong and spoke her truth fearlessly which Radhika Apte portrays very well.

Patriarchal Dominance

Raat Akeli Hai Review

The different female characters represented different problems that women face in real life. Pramila, harboring a primitive Indian mentality, tried to save her son’s career by sacrificing justice for her daughter. Ignoring the fact that her daughter was the victim of abuse in the hands of her own uncle. Pramilla pays no heed showing what is the position of girls in a conservative Indian family.

Secondly, in the last scene when Pramila tried to shoot herself but Vasudha interrupts her through a knock on the door. Her eyes glimmer thinking it is her son but her daughter’s voice came forward. After hearing her voice. Even in those final moments of her life, she preferred her son over her daughter. Another point that makes Pramila and her daughter a tragedy is that her daughter sticks by her side till Pramila’s last moments whereas her son leaves her side.

Raghubeer’s first wife is very insecure in her relationship with her husband. Not only She knew about his farmhouse in Gwalior but was also aware of her husband keeping girls in that farmhouse. She did not mutter a word about against her husband.

Karuna, Raghuveer’s daughter, is married to a man who is not only hostile and violent towards her but also to others. She is timid, knew about everything going on in the family but chooses to stay silent due to patriarchial influence dawning upon her. Pramila and her daughter overpowering her.

Final take – Raat Akeli Hai Review

Although the movie follows a very complicating structure and it is hard to understand in one go, once you get the hang of it you will watch it till the truth is out. The way the story unfolds, the chain of events leading up to the truth was quite clear and interesting. Bollywood needs to produce more movies with such a genre. This movie is a breath of fresh air amidst all the romantic musicals Bollywood is used to make. A movie that one must watch

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