Scam 1992 Review: This is an Indian web series that unravels the story of the Harshad Mehta scam. 1992 scam is now streaming on Sony Liv. The series is made by the filmmaker Hansal Mehta who has enormous critical acclaim. Those who have been alive in the late 80s and early 90s will remember the instant rise of this man. He goes by the name of The Big Bull. He has this name, as he started the bull run of the stock market in 1991.

Unfortunately for him, it did not end well, it ended with an enormous wreck. Numerous people lost all their wealth. Hundreds of people went bankrupt. Some well-known residents lost their lives and could not manage to operate in prestige. Hence, Harshad Mehta came to be the most wanted person in the country. Let’s discuss the story of ‘The Big Bull’ in detail in this 1992 scam review.


Scam 1992: Premise

scam 1992 review

Harshad Mehta’s tale is an intriguing story of a man who began with nothing, and in an extremely short interval, accumulated massive wealth that only a few people can achieve. The Indian web series tells his story in a vast ten episodes. Not only is it a thorough illustration of Mehta and his crooked, yet smart choices, but it’s also a portrayal of an India which was on the cusp of significant modification. Liberalization was abolishing the license rule. The transition was happening, but there is a distance between the old way of accomplishing things, and the latest ways that Mehta uses. He takes advantage of those differences and changes the system entirely.

Considered one of the biggest financial scams executed in 1992 that changed the Indian stock market. He compelled the market controllers to shift the regulations of the activities on Dalal Street. Enrolled broker Harshad Mehta and his colleagues were blamed for immersing in enormous stock manipulation. That too on India’s biggest stock exchange, BSE, in 1992 by taking benefit of inadequacies in the banking structure.

Mehta was indicted for planning with the bank workers for receiving artificial bank receipts (BRs) allocated. He utilized this in different banks to pursue them to give him money. He utilized this money to acquire a vast amount of shares at a premium. An experienced reporter Sucheta Dalal revealed this scam. Then the banks got to know that they occupied the counterfeit bank receipts. Therefore, it ended up in the unraveling of the system.


Scam 1992: Cast

And here comes the most praised part. The cast is not so known artists, though I know most but mostly the audience saw them for the first time and THEY WERE BRILLIANT. Though the character of Suchitra Dalal sometimes got too loud in certain parts it was okay I don’t mind. Kudos to Dhanwanthary as Dalal, Chirag Vohra as Bhatt, Rajat Kapoor as the CBI Joint Director Madhavan who resigns because of external pressure as well as Ananth Narayan Mahadevan as the RBI Governor.

Scam 1992 on Sony Liv made by the one and only Hansal Mehta manages to show us numerous layers of what is recognized today as the 1992 Securities Scam. Hansal Mehta has impressed the audiences with films like Shahid (2011), Aligarh (2015), Omerta (2018), Citylights (2014) and many more. He also won the Best Director, National Award for Shahid. He manages to impress us with his creative and unique vision yet again. The realism and brutal honesty for complex issues is evident in Scam 1992 as well.

The difficult role of Harshad Mehta is wonderfully played by Pratik Gandhi. He captured his persona and street smartness effortlessly. Other cast members are great too. The show has veteran actors like Satish Kaushik and Rajat Kapoor in important roles as well. These two actors just lift the frame for me.

Other than these great actors, Sharib Hasmi, Nikhil Dwevedi, Shreyas Dhanwantary delivers believable performances.


Criticism on Scam1992 Review

scam 1992 review

Scam 1992 has been widely talked about the show on the internet. It’s garnering an excellent response for it’s eclectic and engaging storytelling. Also, for strong performances. Many great actors have taken up the opportunity to go on social media platforms and praise the Sony Liv web series. These actors include the great Manoj Bajpayee among others. Having said that, the show is honestly made but there are a few flaws, nonetheless.

However, after a sincere pursuit of showcasing the world of Harshad Mehta’s scam, the Indian web series fails to carry us into Mehta’s psyche.

Harshad Mehta Scam of 1992 has many sequences where they mention many terminologies of the stock exchange market. These are BR (Bank receipts), SGLs (Subsidiary General Ledger), PDO (Public Debt Office). If you want to know what Mehta did, it is essential to know these terms. Nonetheless, Hansal Mehta’s web series also appears to misconstrue this devotion to the terminology as its obligation to intricacy in the tale. Scam 1992 is a somewhat easy path of showcasing Harshad’s tale like a monotonous article. Excluding the mysteriousness.


Common initial plot

The initial part of the Sony Liv web series is somewhat common. It feels like we have seen this story multiple times.  It’s the same old underdog story who isn’t happy with his life as he is certain that he deserves better things. He later goes on to earn a lot of money. However, the story takes a turn later. The Indian web series grabs your attention, later.  The scene when Harshard Mehta is peering out of a bus, tossing stones into the sea looks familiar. You can find something like that in Mani Ratnam’s Guru.

So, here the Scam 1992 review for you all. Apart from these minor details, it’s worth your time.


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