Stranger Things Season 4 is set to be the last of the sci-fi horror series of the Duffer brother. The Duffer brothers have ended all online speculations about a subsequent Season 5 and the seasons beyond. Stranger Things is an American web television series of horror science fiction produced by the Duffer Brothers and distributed on Netflix. The brothers along with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen both work as executive producers. The first season released in 2016 will feature stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard and many more

The Final Season of the series

The Duffer twins, denying fake claims on a subsequent Season 5, have added that Stranger Things Season 4 will have a fruitful conclusion. They have also confirmed that the conclusion is sure to leave the fans happy and gratified.

Luckily, the fans know that Stranger Things Season 4 will be the last of its seasons, with the false reports of a Season 5 and 6 staking their expectations high. However real as this piece of news is, it also places the viewers in utter despair that this amazing adventure will come to an end in the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

A shift from Hawkins

Previously, all of Stranger Things ‘ plot was based in a fictional city in Hawkins, Indiana. It also revealed with lines reading as follows;’ we’re no longer in Hawkins ‘ indicating that the show’s makers have up-the-ante for Season 4 by moving the shoot location, hence the plot to a new time zone. This might lead to a whole lot of new twists and turns in the forthcoming Stranger Things season.

Additionally, the working title of Season 4 was suggested as Tareco. Which means the location of the shoot is either in Brazil (Tareco is a Brazilian biscuit) or Russia. In fact, the one episode of Stranger Things Season 4 was titled ‘ The Hellfire Club. ‘

A fan suggests Billy’s room had pictures with the drawings of a Christmas tree and a prisoner in shackles. Two completely fan theories were tossed in the air, one suggesting a Christmas setup for the episode. The other suggested the inmate might be tied up by an anonymous evil man, Jim Hopper.

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