So, just yesterday came in DCEU’s much-awaited Suicide Squad. Thanks for the pandemic I couldn’t enjoy it in theatres same as Black Widow. Though DCEU hasn’t seemed to be affected as they are releasing films defying what most of the industry is doing which is postponing releases. Now I know about how this is the new normal but small laptop or TV screens don’t leave as deep of an impact as theatres do and I personally believe cinema without theatres is NOTHING.

Marvel had too much to lose defying Black Widow, any further considering the fact that it was already stretched for almost a year and that other series would also have to be postponed because MCU fans are too crazy with faulty easter eggs and timelines. Without further ado let’s begin our review, Suicide Squad: A Bright Future for DCEU. And I’ll tell you about everything I feel so far

Suicide Squad: Direction

Suicide Squad: A Bright Future for DCEU

James Gunn is an absolute legend when it comes to superhero movies, there’s no debate on that. And I do feel this Suicide Squad was way better than the last one and people close to me know how much I loved the last one. But if this proves anything that is DCEU is leveling up its game with these titles. James Gunn has been successful in giving DCEU a crystal clear identity to the movies.

The message is clear, DCEU is dark, satirical, and dank. Something very different from what MCU does. And I do feel fans will appreciate this form. Yes, I know DCEU was always like this but if you haven’t yet then please go watch the film and compare it with the others. The references are too direct and darker to ignore unlike the subtle hints like before. The fact that the US is in violation of human rights and international protocols, the fact that the US uses its so-called heroes for cover-ups and dirty jobs.

Even the dialogues have clear messages like, “Typical Americans, just running guns blazing” or like “If anything the White House will consider fomenting destruction in a hostile nation a positive development” or when Flag shouts twice, “THEY EXPERIMENTED ON CHILDREN!!”

The action sequences have leveled up hugely. My favorite being Harley Quinn as always. Her escape sequences were pue badass and well-choreographed. I also love how in every action sequence they dilute the seriousness of the themes with dark humor. As a creator is considerably hard to express two tones at once especially with the emotions are contradicting.

Cast & Creative Decisions

Suicide Squad: A Bright Future for DCEU

Not that I dislike the new set of characters but I was surely more fond of will Smitt’s Deadshot. That character and his personality had the caliber to do what Iron Man did for MCU. And no matter what they need a different set of personalities to balance the story in every sphere. A super-skilled subtle leader like Deadshot or Iron Man or the newly introduced Bloodsport, a self-righteous, dominant leader like Captain America or here Rick Flag (though his character’s seriousness has been toned down) and others.

Make no mistake, Idris Elba as Robert DuBois / Bloodsport is an absolute brilliance but it’s just that the loyal fanbase won’t be happy with constant changes as it lacks the connection that develops during and aftermath of the film. Especially when you replace it with an identical character.

Lastly, not be directed related to the film but they should focus on character and story development. Everything under the sky has become famous due to years of perseverance through a narrative building. It’s high time we see maybe a solo film of Rick Flag and how he got into this A.R.G.U.S with Walker? They did try something similar with Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey but I don’t think that approach of storytelling did any good but more harm.

Suicide Squad: A Bright Future for DCEU

Everyone knows I LOVE MCU but a lot of them also know that I hate monopolies and I dearly want to explore DCEU as I sense the immense potential. For decades now DCEU has only failed and failed to present something worth our time and money and MOST IMPORTANTLY carry it forward as a successful venture. So, many superman, batman and shit later DCEU has failed to build even 1% of the universe.

What they need is years of continuous story building as seen in the Gotham TV series but in a bigger scale. We need solo movies, major villains to target, forever heroes and villains like Deadshot, Penguin etc. We need MORE.

But but but …

I sense immense potential now more than ever as I saw the end credits. That’s all from our Suicide Squad: A Bright Future for DCEU so, if you’re lucky enough, go watch in theatres or just WATCH THIS

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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