Taj Mahal 1989 review: Streamed on Netflix India, this series is a combination of drama, comedy, and romance. Netflix India’s new rom-com has 7 episodes in total with a running time of 30-40 minutes. This romantic comedy is directed and written by Pushpendra Nath Misra. Set in Lucknow 1989 Taj Mahal 1989 takes us back to the time when technology was not that advance, Imagine your grandma right-swiping your grandpa, well that’s hard to imagine so how did love birds pursue each other back then? the answer, watch this series. This series also answers what love was like back then and tells the story of different couples of different ages. In this series, you’d find yourself getting caught up in the various storyline playing simultaneously.


This Indian rom-com series shows the chaos of four couples Akhtar and Sarita, Rashmi and Angad, Sunaiana and Shalin, Mamta, and Dharma. The most entertaining and relatable story was that of professor Sarita and Akhtar Baig. Akhtar Baig, who likes poetry and writes love poetry for his wife. He seems more interested in writing love poetry rather than the real idea of love, which is what disturbs Sarita. All four of these stories are linking with each other somehow and will intersect with each other at a certain point in the show. Sarita is a physics lecturer, and Akhtar is a philosophy lecturer who has been married for almost 22 years, wants a divorce. Their bittersweet relationship and their chemistry have been the attention seeker of the show.

The story is of three friends, students in the same university where Akhtar and Sarita are professors. Shontu (Jashn Kohli ) who is Angad’s (Anud Singh Dhaka) friend wants to impress Mamta in which Angad promised him that he will help him, however, starts doubting his own decision when things take an unexpected turn and Mamta takes a liking towards Angad forming a love triangle. Which couple will stay together excites this series and which will be separated, the answers lie in the series. The series is a showcase of chaos and complexity that love brings with itself and the lovers have to go through.

Performance-Taj Mahal 1989 Review

Actors Neeraj Kabi (Sarita), Geetika Kulkarni (Akhtar) among others did a great performance. The performances of the actors were very entertaining to watch. Anud Singh Dhaka is playing the role of Angad in this new rom-com series is absolutely worth mentioning, he is an exceptional actor and it can be seen in this Indian rom-com. His acting skills and performance are impressive. The poetries used in the series were stunning and very enjoyable. Other than performance what adds to the charm of this series was the cinematography, done quite splendidly. The 80’s vibe is quite relatable and successfully connecting the audience to the 80’s environment in the present day. Meticulous work- even the details are correctly displayed that added special essence into the scenes. It has a perfect balance. Additionally, the references to the ’80s appear in the series was something worth noticing and is fun.

Worth watching?- Taj Mahal 1989 Review

Tanj Mahal 19898 review

After watching the trailer, one cannot expect a lot out of Taj Mahal 1989, but this series was beyond the expectation we set for it. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a work of art as it successfully made its magic. The series is simple yet very influencing, it introduces or even validates each person’s different outlook on love. This series not only shows young love but also a mature version of love that deals with ups and downs and understanding love and its sensitivity. The plot is a very engaging good watch for the drama and comedy genre. It is a binge-worthy webseries. The outstanding performance and story of Neeraj Kabi (Sarita), Geetika Kulkarni (Akhtar), and their bittersweet chemistry made it worth watching.

Music and Soundtrack

The music and the soundtrack are not only amazing but created depth and added more emotions into this rom-com series. Amar Mangalukar as a music composer done a fantastic job for the Taj Mahal 1989. There are numerous soundtracks in the series and each soundtrack is amazing and entertaining. Viewers will find themselves searching the web for their songs once they finish watching this series.

Overall take

The beauty of this series lies in its different stories with a common subject that is love. The series set in Lucknow, the nostalgic vibe in this new rom-com is outstanding and successful in reminding us of the ’80s. Lucknow’s environment, which was mesmerizing. Furthermore, the concept of these four love stories clashing together at some point was interesting, however, the linking did not quite fit. The third-person narration to the audience is an appreciable effort which made the series more lively.

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