How many of you regard your mother’s occupation as a homemaker while filling any form? The answer must be No, according to us her occupation is being a housewife and not a homemaker although she builds up the home. Forgetting her needs she fulfills everyone’s need, she has a tolerance level which is never compared to anything. Some people think what a woman does while being only inside the house, but they forget that they are being taken care of by her. What salary does a working woman gets is much less than a homemaker, she gets salary in terms of respect, and love. But have we analyzed that about her salary? Do we ever pay attention to what she wants? Do we ever think of not hurting her emotionally by anyway? No, we don’t do that. Here in Thappad-Movie Review, we will discuss about a homemaker who has given herself to her husband, his family and has never paid any attention to herself. But, that one incident shook her as it reminded her of many things which she neglected many times. So, here is the Thappad-Movie Review.


Thappad Movie Review

The movie is full of cast and roles. Tapsee Pannu as Amrita Sandhu Sabharwal, the protagonist of the story. Pavel Gulati as Vikram Sabharwal, Amrita’s husband Tanvi Azmi as Sulekha Sabharwal. Amrita’s mother-in-law and Vikram’s mother Sushil Dahiya as Romesh Sabharwal. Amrita’s father-in-law and Vikram’s father Nidhi Uttam as Kavita Sabharwal. Vikram’s sister-in-law and Romesh’s wife Kumud Mishra as Sachin Sandhu (Amrita’s father). Ratna Pathak Shah as Sandhya Devi (Amrita’s mother). Ram Kapoor as Advocate Pramod Gujral. Dia Mirza as Shivani. Maya Sarao as Nethra. Sunita Naila Grewal as Swati Sandhu, (Amrita’s sister-in-law). Ankur Rathee as Karan Sandhu, Amrita’s brother, and Swati’s husband. Siddharth Karnik as Raghav. Shantanu Ghatak as Subodh. Purnendu Bhattacharya as Thapar. Manav Kaul as Manav Jaisingh. Gracy Goswami as Sania, Shivani’s daughter 

Movie Commencement

Thappad Movie Review

 Amrita (Taapsee Pannu) is a housewife and is happily married to Vikram (Pavel Gulati) in Delhi. Vikram works in a reputed company and is desperately looking forward to an opportunity which will take him to London for work purposes. Amrita knows how much this means to Vikram. She loves him with all her heart and her entire life revolves around him and in attending to his mother, Sulochana (Tanvi Azmi). Thankfully for Vikram, he’s selected for the London stint. The same night, he throws a party in his house. All is going well until he gets a call from his superior, Thapar. He informs Vikram that he won’t be getting the desired profile that he’s looking for in London and that he’ll have to report to authority there. This is not something that Vikram was initially assured. He confronts Rajhans, another superior of Vikram and who is present at the party. Things heat up between them and Amrita tries to pacify him. 

Twist in Plot

Thappad Movie Review

In the process, Vikram slaps Amrita. The whole plot twist here. Vikram shows regret when he realizes that Amrita has been hurt by his actions. He tries to console her but it doesn’t work for her. Amrita hence shifts to the house of her parents (Kumud Mishra and Ratna Pathak Shah). Vikram stops her and later even comes to take her back. But she doesn’t budge. Vikram then sends a legal notice to her. Swati (Naila Grewal), the girlfriend of Amrita’s brother Karan (Ankur Rathee), suggests that Amrita should show this letter to Nethra (Maya Sarao), a reputed lawyer and Swati’s boss. Nethra suggests that Amrita should solve this issue amicably. Amrita, however, doesn’t want to and she insists on a divorce. What happens next forms the rest of the film. 

Story of a Woman fighting or Rights

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THAPPAD is the story of a woman fighting a tough battle. Her whole world comes crashing down. She tries to move on but is just not able to. Anubhav Sushila Sinha and Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul’s story is superb and applause-worthy. In a society where repeated acts of violence committed by husbands on their wives are fairly common, it requires guts to pull off a film where the woman has been hit just once by the husband and yet make it seem convincing. The problem with our generation is that they respect every working woman and they don’t pay any attention to the woman who builds their house. Aim of Thappad-Movie Review is also the women’s empowerment.

Acting and Performance

Thappad Movie Review

Almost every actor and actress has performed very well. Acting is one of the strongest parts of this movie. Because the whole story revolves almost around Taapsee Pannu, there was a lot of dependence on him. But she has given his best performance and put the role on the moon. Dia Mirza as a widow did fabulously. Kumud Mishra and other artists have also performed awesomely. A special mention should be given in this Thappad-Movie Review to Gitika Vidya, who played the role of a maid. She just performed her character so beautifully.


The plot of the film is woven around three women. Which comes from different sections and different classes. The film also highlights how they are related to their in-laws. One is Tapsee who was very happy with his family and life because her husband is well settled. Next is Sunita the maid whose husband is a drunkard and does domestic violence daily. Next, the story revolves around Netra who married a very big journalist. Her husband always proves his superiority. 


Thappad Movie Review

The name Thappad is derived from the scene in which Vikram, husband of Amrita, slaps her. The trailer of the movie may explain the physical Thappad, but that’s not enough about the name. The Thappad is physical for Amrita and Sunita but is mental for Nethra. The film refers to the slaps of atrocities on women by men. Directors and makers of the movie want to display Thappad as a serious issue. They want to bust it that it has become so common that men do not even know that they are doing wrong.

Movie performance

All the related persons worked so much hard. That’s why such a complex thing is displayed in such an easy manner and beautifully. The direction was outstanding. The screenplay was very nice. Each plot has woven so perfectly and ended very creatively. Every actor and actress fit their role nicely. Each character was very well defined.


This movie has got mixed ratings. But the diversity never moves below the average. IMDb has given 6.3 out of 10. Indian Express has given 3.5 out 5. But Zoom Tv, audience and other critics are giving very good marks to the movie. Thus according to the public and expert movie is above the average mark and thus a very good movie.

Why This Movie

If you love the movies of good direction and acting. If you love the movie with a social message. Since the movie is made for the message of women empowerment and rights, women should watch it. 


Name of the movie Thappad very nicely fitted to this. The movie nicely spread light to the issues related to woman esteem. All the characters are very perfectly performed. Direction, plotting, screenplay, location, story, and cinematography is very good. It should be mentioned in this Thappad-Movie Review that this movie surely forces people to see the mirror. The movie has got huge success in delivering the message which they want to spread. Women’s empowerment is promoted. Thappad fearlessly discusses the issues and rights of a woman. If you love the drama movie then you should watch the movie. 

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Anubhav Kumar Das

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