We have been supplied with a few MCU series over the years. But they were hardly ever the main project undertaken by team MCU. The silver screen madness started off with Agents of SHIELD back in 2013 followed by Agent Carter in 2015. Then came the wildfire of Netflix and with it came the glorious days of the MCU series.

Under Netflix, some of the greatest MCU series were made that didn’t just appeal to fans like us but every form of audience. So much so that Daredevil still remains one of the greatest series to be ever produced, competing with shows such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones etc. And I can’t deny the craziness either, after all I myself keep Daredevil under my list of MASTERPIECES.

Just a fan fact about me, only 4 series are there in my list of MASTERPIECES. Anyways, we may discuss the cinematic value of Netflix’s MCU series someday. Today we will talk about The Falcon & Winter Soldier, which is the second major series to be released on Disney+ Hotstar after WandaVision.

Without further ado let’s present to you a SPOILER FREE The Falcon & Winter Soldier Review

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Review

The Storytelling

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Review

Just 15 minutes past the first episode, the best thing you will feel about the series altogether is THE STORYTELLING which is mind-boggling. Set in a world post Endgame, the storytelling feels like a big MCU movie.

The story is very fast-paced. We just rush from one part to another without rest. Even the lighter scenes add to the essence of the story. But make no mistake, at no point does the story feels too paced and leave viewers confused and rushing to gasp all facts presented.

Being a mini-series, the cinematic experience is beautifully designed. Starting from introducing the mindset of Sam aka Falcon and Bucky aka Winter Soldier as most of what they associated with is no more. Then we follow through with supporting characters who are introduced every alternative episode to support the heavy storyline perfectly.

Some new characters evolve, some old characters flashback and some characters are brought who thought existed in much older timelines but are just introduced under newer circumstances. Other than that there are few small less relevant subplots that someway add dept to the plot altogether and built even a well-developed character like Bucky

Writing & Screenplay

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Review

People familiar with MCU know that what makes a successful venture is not one perfectly crafted element but a bag full of perfection. The storytelling was so powerful that it may have dragged the whole series alone.

And it would have been perfect if it were just any other franchise. But this is the MCU, they have set the bars so high that every time they introduce a new project I fear they will fail. But no, trust me when I say this, The Falcon & Winter Soldier is as great as Endgame.

The writing has satirical elements exploring the harsh realities which weren’t quite MCU-like. We talk about PTSD, therapy, diplomacy, racism, and above all refugees that run the central theme of the series. There are other things too like patriotism, politics, moral ethics and the conduct of a superhero.

So much in just one series, Everywhere, dialogues and scenes reflect them. Like in a scene where a refugee says this, “We are not refugees for we have nothing to seek refuge from. We have internationally displaced people” Another dialogue reflects a similar feeling, “How many times we have to pay with our lives to be citizens of this goddamn planet!”

This reflects a lot of things declining human rights, international laws, terrorism, revolution, immigration and a lot more. This gets even clear in lotta instances like the US Government automatically claiming Falcon suit as their property and therefore giving them a right to hack and track Sam whenever and however necessary.

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Review

US’s demand to have the shield back without a shed of law giving them jurisdiction over it and obviously how they get on to hand it over to anyone they desired just to produce more heroes. The list goes on with independent agents who though act on US order but can’t be traced back or act as a liability in any situation upon the US Government, GRC, an organization built to resettle lives affected by the blip but has failed to offer resettlement, compensation or even human rights.

Their shift to conventions and voting upon basic rights questions their integrity towards the refugees and abandonment of millions just because a group decided to terrorize or revolution as Kali (antagonist) says depending on which side you’re on. This also reminds me of a great quote in today’s time, “Somebody’s revolution is other’s terrorism”

“Vasant’s plane has already entered Tunisian airspace. US military cannot be seen operating out there” to which Sam answers, “I got it”. Moments later the US military warns Sam that he is entering Libyan airspace. These dialogues and more such dialogues reflect the US using superheroes for personal motives in covert international missions.

Action Sequence and Direction

Disney+ Hotstar Marvel

No superhero film/series is worth watching if its action sequences don’t take your breath away. Superhero action sequences are different than normal, one is allowed to bend physics a bit and play with powers. So, we had to talk about it too in our The Falcon & Winter Soldier Review

But it must never be too much which is generally a problem with DCEU movies. Too much slow motion, using powers in almost every move, monotonous moves, etc is what we call an absolute turn-off. But that was never the case with MCU projects

85% of the time Sam isn’t even wearing his suit. And like every MCU movie, the formula to kickstart anything with a hardcore action sequence is used yet again. Bucky’s entry also starts with an action sequence. Only in the third episode do we see a glimpse of the antagonist who also enters with an action sequence which was designed fashionably if you ask me.

These start off makes us very hopeful and excited for the characters. Then we have a lot and a lot of sequences all over the place. Mostly hand-to-hand combat until the last episode that says a lot more all over the city.

What was really amusing was gun-fight sequences to lower calibers like pistols. Unlike Thor, Iron man, or others we are mostly dealing with humans so I guess to keep everything subtly strong we see firearms more.

Last Words

This was all from our The Falcon & Winter Soldier Review, and I guess I’ve made it evidently clear how brilliant the series is. GIve it a watch for sure, you will be BLOWN AWAY

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