As the saying goes- “If you look good, you feel good”. As the times have changed, so have the beauty trends. While we are all about that natural look, what is the harm in throwing on a little mascara and lipstick right? As rightly said by Coco Chanel “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” As the times go by, new see the rise and fall of new beauty trends and the advent of new cosmetic products.   While it is true that you do not need much to look fantastic, why not go ahead and pamper your skin and yourself? Whether or not if you’re the one to keep up with these beauty trends, here is a list of the

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

1. Lip Balm

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

It goes without saying that Lip Balm is perhaps one of the most important cosmetic items that every girl should keep in handy. After all, there is nothing more annoying than chapped lips, is there? Investing in a good lip balm will ensure that your lips remain healthy, hydrated, and not to mention kiss worthy!

A little goes a long way, applying a little lip balm before you step up can help prevent sun damage and discoloration. In addition to all that, lip balms can also help prevent dryness from applying lipstick allowing a flawless and long-lasting application. What’s better is that Lip Balms are probably one of the most inexpensive and easily available cosmetic products out there. Needless to say, it definitely is one of the Top 10 cosmetic products that a girl must-have.

2. Mascara

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

Often considered the holy grail of beauty products, Mascara has been a girl’s best friend for a long time now. If there is anything can instantly get your glam on, its mascara! Fear not if you don’t have that lush and thick camera-ready lashes because mascara can do the magic for you. Take your lashes from sparse to stunning in 30 seconds flat by just swiping on a few coats of mascara.

People often fail to see the major impact mascara can have on your face, make o mistake this little product can instantly lift your lashes and cause your eyes to pop completing your overall look. With a wide variety to choose from, Mascaras has become a staple in every girl’s makeup bag and is definitely a must-have.

3. Sunscreen

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

Yes, that’s right- Sunscreen. Probably one of the most essential products, sunscreen is often disregarded by most of us. The harsh UV rays can have irreversible damage on our skin not only causing it to tan but may also lead to sunspots, wrinkles, and quicker aging. All too often we find ourselves outside exposed to the sun and the only way to protect our skin is by the application of sunscreen.

Experts recommend the usage of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to give you complete shielding. Easy in the application and to carry, sunscreen is definitely one of the top 10 cosmetic products that every girl must have



4. Lotion

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have


Lotion yet again is one of the most important staple cosmetic products out there. Dry skin can be difficult to deal with, but there is nothing that a little lotion cannot fix. It instantly hydrates your skin and rejuvenates it and leaves your skin looking flawless and smooth. Regular usage of lotion can also prevent wrinkles, slow down aging, and lead to an overall glow.

It is highly recommended to use a lotion before the application of makeup as it protects the skin from the harmful chemicals. What’s even better is that lotions are safe to use and come in a variety of formulas to suit all skin types. Beauty buff or not,  investing in a good lotion is highly recommended.

5. Nude Lipstick

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

Lipsticks are no doubt an inseparable part of every woman. They add an instant dash of color and makes your face light up. With the growth of the beauty industry, lipsticks have become more and more popular, and although there are thousands of varieties to choose from, nothing quite beats a good old fashioned nude lipstick.

Perfect for every look be it brunch with girls or business meetings or even date nights, a nude lipstick sure does serve multiple purposes. Charming, elegant yet not over the top fancy, nude lipstick is a perfect option for a natural glam. Available in a wide variety, there sure is a nude lipstick for everyone and is definitely one of the top 10 cosmetic products that every girl must-have.


6. Concealer


Nobody is perfect and with all the difficult schedules and long working hours, our skin is sure to take a beating. But fear not because there is nothing that a concealer cannot cover-up. Why beat yourself over that zit or those dark circles, instead just sit back and let your concealer work its magic. Providing a smooth finish and a brightening effect, concealer is the perfect product to complete your everyday look.

Although we love our imperfections, whats not to love about a good concealer? Compact and easy to use, a concealer is a perfect product for all us girls who need a quick fix.

7. BB Cream

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have


Let’s face it, all of us have a busy schedule and no one has the time for a full face of makeup everyday. And not to mention, a  full face of foundation every day may be a bit too much for us. A perfect solution to this is using a Beauty Benefit (BB) Cream. A product that has gained popularity in recent times, a BB cream may serve as a cheaper, lighter, and easier to apply replacement for the traditional foundations.

BB creams pack multiple benefits all in one product by providing a moisturizing effect and SPF all while giving a mild tint to cover up any blemishes. A BB cream is the perfect product for all you busy ladies. Be it everyday college or business meetings, a BB cream allows your skin to look flawless on the go.

8. Face Wash

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

It goes without saying that a good face wash is definitely one of the most essential personal hygiene products that everyone should own. Clean and healthy skin is essential to look and feel your best and that can be achieved easily with the help of a face wash. This inexpensive and easily available product has been a staple of every girl’s beauty bag across the globe.

A face wash is the basic and most important product of any skincare regime and can help you feel fresh by getting rid of excessive oil, removing dead cells and providing you with that fresh and ready to go face. With an exciting variety of fragrances and specifications to choose from, a face wash is for sure one of the top 10 cosmetic products that a girl must have

9. Khol or Kajal

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

We Indian girls just love our Kajal. Rain or shine, in sickness or health, Kajal is truly our one true companion. Needless to say, no vanity kit is complete without your typical kajal. Whether you want to go all-in bold like Kareena or just style a simple old-style, kajal serves a multipurpose. There is just something so charming about this little wand of magic that we can’t help but love it. Kajal or Khol instantly can bring together any eye look giving it that instant pop.

As beauty trends come and go, the classic kajal o waterline look will forever be a classic that anyone can effortlessly pull off and for that reason, Kajal effortlessly finds its way on to this list of the top 10 Cosmetic products that every girl must-have.

10. Compact Powder

Top 10 Cosmetic Products a Girl Must Have

Be it to set your makeup or to provide you with that instant fresh look, compact powder is a product that you will find in every girl’s handbag. This light and easy to carry product serve as the perfect quick fix on the go. A compact powder helps mattify your face and also provides some pigmentation thereby making your skin look all the more flawless.  Although this product seems like just another basic, it is a must-have.

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