There are numerous channels on YouTube that showcase a wide range of travel vlogs. From world tours to the explorations of tiny corners in a city, the travel vlogs come in different ratios. With travel vloggers from around the world,  did you actually know that there are lots of Indian travel vloggers out there? They do not show you just mere traveling scenes but give you amazing reviews, honest opinions, and instill the motivation you seek. Top 10 Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube gives you the best among these that you would enjoy following.

From solo Indian travelers to Indian motor vloggers, the list of Top 10 Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube includes every kind of travelers that is bent on providing a great vlogging experience. Traveling vlogs can come with a lot of difficulties as it is a risky business to carry around the cameras at every phase of adventure. The Indian travel vloggers on YouTube in this list do not deny that fact either. The journey they go through is beautifully captured in the visuals of the vlog.

For a fact, you will feel like you are a part of the whole experience in their travel expeditions. Some keep it pretty simple while some others love going to that extra mile beyond the mountains. It is always a great pleasure to know that there are people to inspire you in different ways. And through Indian travel vloggers, you will feel closely relatable with their Indianness in the show. Without wasting any time, let’s just guide you to our Top 10 Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube list.

Mountain Trekker 

Varun is a full-time travel vlogger. What he once started as a part of the vacation period went on to become a passion, driving him to create the now-famous Mountain Trekker vlog. He is a solo Indian traveler who gives you some great tips and tricks on budget travel. In most places, he even partakes as a volunteer for some NGOs, showing you how you can contribute too. He is one of the few Indian travel vloggers who received the ‘National Tourism Award’ from the Government of India. Varun is lively and interactive in different native lands which reflects on the screen as well.

Social Sudo

This is one exciting vlog to look forward to. Sudesh (the solo Indian traveler again), takes you through his day’s activities in each city he travels. He comes close to nature in every other adventure that you tend to experience the vibe of the place along with him. There are also instances where he cooks with the natives of the town/village. The innocence of exploration is truly a treat to watch in each of his vlogs.  

Kritika Goel

Kritika simply enjoys every work she does. Or let me rephrase that. She does the work she loves the most. When you truly live in each of the moments and capture those faces, you get a vlog like Kritika Goel’s. She uploads lifestyle and travel videos that deliver the best of every nook of the block. It comprises shopping hacks, cooking tricks, must-visit food relishing places, and top of that, a great guide to what things to do in different lands. She almost talks about all the possible tricks on lifestyle. Her vlogs are a combination of both travel and entertainment. 

Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is a free-spirited soul who has made sure that she leaves behind a footprint of hers. With collaborations and engagements through her vlogs, she definitely gives a smile on your face with her nature of social innocence. This Indian travel vlogger finds pleasure in the smallest of things providing a charming slice of her personality. She even appeared for TEDx talk where she describes her experience of how she began doing work based on her passion. We also get to see an insight of her fun quirky exploits on the way which includes off-roading, backpacking, and interactive Q and A sessions.

Prakriti Varshney

She is a solo Indian traveler who just happens to confide in you the belief of ‘anything is possible’. Prakriti has traveled mostly in India but she takes you through the places from her way of seeing it. Being a mountain lover, she aims to settle in the high lands one day. She is also surprisingly vegan, making her even closer to nature and its sanity. You tend to feel the calm atmosphere that she tries to depict in the visuals making it an awe-inspiring sight. 

Nomadic Indian

Among the Indian travel vloggers on YouTube, Nomadic Indian gives one of the best takes on culture in different towns. Deepanshu, the vlogger of this channel divulges interesting facts on how Indians are treated in various regions. He even explores the deeper attributes found in the borders of India. His channel enriches you with the different perspectives of history, culture, and traditions. 


Here is the first Indian motor vlogger to make to our list of Top 10 Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube. He is very passionate about bikes, travel, and food. To what extent you may ask. Imagine traveling for a plate of biriyani for nearly 300 km. Yeah, that is how much he loves doing it. No hard summer or the coldest winter can be a hurdle for him to travel long distances. His ultimate goal would be to achieve the perfect sight at the perfect time. Being an Indian motor vlogger, the travel experiences he talks about is from the perspective of bike travels.

Desi Girl Traveller

Indian vloggers on YouTube are a treat to follow as they come along with the best of ideas even if it is on a much common base. With this channel, you get to see a different perspective of solo Indian traveling. She is the typical desi girl who loves shopping, food, and mini surprises on the way. Her eye for grabbing the best options on these during her course of travel is what comes as an intriguing factor. The different cultural distinctions that she experiences through food is not only a feast to her taste buds but to our eyes as well. 

Debrup Travel & Films

If you are waiting to witness a picturesque vlogging experience, then go straight ahead to the channel of Debrup Travel & Films. Debrup is a Bengali filmmaker who captures his love for traveling in every frame he gets. The time-lapse sequence of different sceneries will just make you heave a sigh of admiration. He manages to combine his proficient knowledge of filmmaking with the breathtaking nature as muse. You can imagine how excellent the final result of both these infusions can be. For the benefit of being an Indian travel vlogger on YouTube, he even gives tutorials on how to take the perfect visuals from his perspective. With that guidance, you could be a pro too!

Footloose Dev

Another alert for an Indian motor vlogger! Dev has an interesting tale to tell when it comes to the journey of how he reached the decision of motor vlogging. His first love was blogging and backpacking. But once he got his hands on the very first edition of  Jawa motorcycles in India, he converted the same passion into the next level. From backpacking, he jumped to bike-packing. From there, he has been traveling through thick storms and bright autumns. He goes as far as his bike takes him and those amazing adventures are captured seamlessly.

Top 10 Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube

There are novice YouTube vloggers who are on the way to producing some good content. It is fascinating to see more people get into the mindset of following things that they love the most. Over the years, Indian travel vloggers have been growing with new techniques and ideas. Even in the above list of Top 10 Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube, you get to see a bunch of people pursuing the same notion of traveling. But each of their experiences is distinct and unique. Every person has a tale to narrate in their own way and that makes all the difference.

These Indian travel vloggers on YouTube not only talk about their experiences and lifestyle hacks but also inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

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