When it comes to Motor Vloggers from YouTube India the market is huge but do not worry we will select the best 10 and here comes our list of Top 10 Motor Vloggers from YouTube India. Vlog is a fresh concept in India compared to the world which is rich with all kinds of vlogging. But if anything brought vlogging to the front in India, then it would be Motor Vlogging. Motor Vlogging basically means to roam about on your bike and travel places and record your experiences and have a virtual conversation with your audience.

Every one of us knows Mumbiker Nikhil right? He’s the most famous and celebrated motor vlogger in India with 3.5M subscribers on YouTube. So, Top 10 Motor Vloggers from YouTube India. So, without further ado let’s began.

Top 10 Motor Vloggers from YouTube India

  1. SpilTrez (14.1K Subscribers)

Nobody really knows who SpilTrez actually is. But the man owns a sexy Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 and loves driving fast cars. He lives in Bangalore but originally belongs to Trivandrum. Though he has not done any major trips yet he has done lots of weekend trips around Bangalore like Nandi Hills, Kadumbu Hills, Alappuzha Beach etc. So, if you’re living in Bangalore, then surely watch him know all the places that you can ride to during your weekends with friends. The man uses a GoPro Hero 7 and what I love the MOST about his blogs is the pure scenery and color grading he applies to his clips. The scenery is breathtaking and will surely soothe you. You may follow him on Instagram which has 1.2K followers and some BEAUTIFUL pictures. He knows his color grading skills.

2.  Born To Ride (708K Subsribers)


Next on our list one of the youngest and most adventurous Motor Vlogger in our list of Top 10 Motor Vloggers from YouTube India. Born To Ride aka Lakshay is a Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 rider but make no mistake, one doesn’t need to own a 2 lac bike to ride and tour. Initially, he owned a second-hand TVS NTorq 125 which he used to ride as far as Nepal!! He has toured almost all places in India like Kerala, Leh Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh etc. He has recently bought a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. And his latest series has him riding to Kashmir with it and camping there. He is a typical example of how to fulfill your own dreams with your own hard work. So, all the aspiring vloggers or bikers must watch him.

3.  RiderGirl Vishakha (766K Subscribers)

RiderGirl Vishakha aka Vishakha Fulsunge says herself to be the first woman in India to become a full-time Motor Vlogger. Her channel is way more than just Motor Vlogging. She makes videos on traveling, Lifestyle and more but today we will focus on the Motorist part. She too rides a Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 and has traveled to many places such as Goa, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Mumbai etc. Other than just the Himalayan she also rides other bikes such as the KTM Duke 390 Adventure,  Kawasaki Z650, BMW GS 310 etc. Her vlogs are simplistic and give deep insights for aspiring rides or travelers.

4. Ride With Rahul (125K Subscribers)

Ride With Rahul aka Kolkata-based Rahul Mazumder is popular for his honest bike, gear and camera review apart from vlogging. He is known for his honest insights and deep teaching for upcoming riders which sets him apart. But surely, you won’t miss the adrenaline, content-rich, beautiful vlogs from him either. He typically rides a Royal Enfield Himalayan Odessy. He does a lot of long-distance rides like Leh Ladakh, Jaisalmer, Delhi to Bangalore, Mumbai to Bangalore and more. He rides mostly with a squad of similar Royal Enfield riders.

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5. GoPro Man (82K Subscribers)

Arun Kumar Kulal aka GoPro Man is probably the richest content creator out there. The Bengaluru based rider has all sorts of rides, solo, with a partner or squad even. He has covered all local destinations so if you’re from Karnataka, you will get tips and ideas for your next ride on his channel. And if you’re are not from Bengaluru then don’t worry he has covered lots of longer rides as well like Kerala, Uttarakhand, Maharastra, Himalayas etc. He rides a KTM Duke 390 Adventure so go check him out if you’re a Duke rider as well.

6. TollFree Traveller (109K Subscribers)

TollFree Traveller aka Rohith is or rather was a Mumbai based lawyer until one day when he decided to travel. He connects directly to his viewers with his vlogging and voice-over narrations. He is one of the most adventurous tough riders out there. He rides a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 and has covered one of the toughest roads in India. One of his most talked-about rides is when he rode around for 3.5 months covering northeastern India. Other than vlogging he has other kinds of videos where he shows clips and talks about his rides, tips, experience and personal notes. I personally like where he talks about the horror incidents he has experienced.

7. MSK (1.36M Subscribers)

MSK aka Mohammed Salim Khan is probably the next popular face after Mumbiker Nikhil. He owns and rides a good number of bikes i.e KTM Duke 390, Yahama R1, Triumph Tiger 800 and Volkswagon Polo bikes. He is also a lifestyle vlogger but we will focus on MotoVlogging for now. He has ridden to Manali, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Leh Ladakh, Spiti Valley and many international rides such as Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Laos etc. He is wholesome, go check him out.

8. Ayush Verma (732K Subscribers)

Now, MotoVlogging is not all about touring tourist places. That’s where Ayush Verma comes in. He is more of a racer kind of vlogger. He reviews bikes and rides lots of bikes especially sports bikes like BMW S10000RR, Hayabuza, Kawasaki K2 etc. He posts lots of highway races, bikes vs cars and modifications etc. Do watch him if you want to see your bikes going beyond the limits.

Our last words

So, this is from us on Top 10 Motor Vloggers from YouTube India. We included all small and big bloggers with a variety of content. If you like it, follow us and comment below on topics that you want

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