Sitcoms are a lifesaver in so many ways. In case you are in a bad mood, watch a pleasant themed sitcom. If you are hanging out with friends for a fun night, get the funniest sitcoms to watch. Confused or tired? Play yourself some stress-free sitcoms to watch. Literally, for any mood of yours, sitcoms always lift you up in any case. The best sitcoms are plenty in number. But there are some that ought not to be missed. The list of Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch If You Haven’t Already is all about those precious ones.

Some might be the picks that you already opted for. Some others, completely forgotten or neglected. The Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch If You Haven’t Already provides a list of best sitcoms having different themes within to support as an attribute. Keep reading and you will know it is indeed the fact.


Do I have to give an introduction to this? This is one of the best sitcoms and the most popular ones in the world. Friends is unabashedly the favorite of young and old alike. The leads in the series are more familiar with the character names than their real-life names. That is the height of popularity Friends has received.

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

A story on how a group of six friends grows through life events with a constant mix of humor. You will find each of the characters very relatable yet so unique at the same time. This series is set up in New York and has ten seasons to its credits. Quite a lot of fandoms associating with Friends is out there. Who knows, you might be one among them once you watch it too!

The Office

This show comes up with the right notion of framing its title, The Office. But do not assume that it is just a mere office drama. No! It basically is a parody on making documentaries. You might even resent it at the beginning. And then, all of a sudden you love watching it just for the way it is. This can be quite confusing to understand. But you would realize that The Office gives much more than just meme materials.

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

Steve Carell is the boss in the show and also the most prolific character in it. It does majorly talk on the conditions of 9 to 5 jobs and their cabin dramas. The thing that makes it a fun watch is that you will laugh at the silliest jokes and still ask for more. It was the time when computers and IT sectors were just building up. The Office was quite ahead of its times in terms of a series on the subject.

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

“Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down…” If you were singing to this tune, then go right ahead to the next name on the list. Because you will know what is about to spring up here. The ones who do not know, let me just put it this way. Will Smith in his full humor and one-liners. This is what this show is about.

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

You will never for a moment be dull while watching an episode. It portrays a lethargic high school guy’s life living under the shelter of his aristocratic uncle. This scenario is usually made to be a serious case in most of the dramas (Indian serials for sure!). But Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is just pure fun and laughs. Also, you are bound to fall in love with not only Will but every character in the show. 

The Simpsons

Again, one of the most popular ones in the block of ‘series to watch’. It talks about an average American working-class family, The Simpsons. This is a fully animated show applying to all ages and minds. The characters are hilarious and have excellent comical timings in the show. A range of celebrities has been a part of The Simpsons. For most of them, it was also a life-long dream to appear in the series.

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

So what is so exciting about this show? Well, it brings in humor, life lessons, and positivity all in one. For an animated, comical drama, this sure was a surprise to the audience. It talks about every current matter and still keeps up with the morally right opinions throughout their episodes. It has credit for about 684 episodes to date. And that does say a lot about the show.


As a lot of them say, this show is about nothing exactly on the plate. And that makes something very extraordinary. It is just organic comedy with lines that will stick to you for the rest of your lives. Most of the ‘Friends’ series lovers found Seinfeld equally brilliant. 

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

The masterminds behind this hilarious show have definitely enjoyed every bit of it. Be it filming, scripting, editing, and acting. It does not have any over the top fantasies but just real everyday drama of life. Okay, now that is enough to make a funny story!

Modern Family

Just as the title suggests, the plot of the series is very modern in nature. The series that began in 2009 has been running consistently well till the recent finale in 2020. You see hard topics that are usually spoken with careful reasoning brought very much at ease in this show. This is the USB of Modern Family. 

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

The basic notions of modern evolution in a family is what it conveys. It is the learning to adjust with each individual in a family that has a personality of their own. Moreover, it gives out the message of celebrating differences. All these objectives with a pinch of humor in every scene make it to the list of Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch If You Haven’t Already

That ‘70s Show

This show urges you to take a rewind in your life. The simpler ways of just hanging out with friends and stuck in the thoughts of ‘what next’. That ‘70s show is on this frame of mind. A bunch of friends struggling through the phase of adolescence, anxiety- about choosing a career path and relationships. Just like every person go through in their lives. 

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

You will reminisce about the good old school rock bands and all that 70s special references which is ought to light up nostalgia. The one-liners and funny voices describing each character will lighten your mood. The mix of 70s and comedy does qualify to the list of Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Where can I start with this show! It has got about all the right emotions inexplicably well. To think that a detective-cop series could take such a hilarious turn is very exciting. The main objective that the makers were stubborn about was to portray that cop lives are not all gloomy and depressing. They play pranks and games in the precincts too. But it is not that often we tend to see that side of theirs. This sparked the main idea of the show.

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

Every lead character is frivolous and care-free in their own ways. Each of them is structured very well that you so wish to be a part of the A team of Nine-Nine. The one-liners also play a true part in the show’s victory. You would seem to use the words like ‘Noice’ and ‘Toit’ once you finish watching this series. One of the best sitcoms made to date.


Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

Another strong subject-based plot with brilliance in subtle execution. There can be a lot of ways in seeing this sitcom since it nearly covers all the conflicting topics of society. The right definition of ‘community’ does apply to the overall nature of the sitcom. A story that starts off as an act of chaos among the characters leads to the journey of how surprisingly close they become. It mentions the flaws in the laws of society by being careful not to be too political as well. 

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Top 10 Sitcoms To Watch

This one is an under-rated show of the 2000s. Among other rising sitcoms, somewhere most of the audience lost their track over this show. It comes with very good scripting and writing. The storyline is set around a group of ‘friends’ who start a bar together. The comical effects kick in when this bunch detests each other and land into different controversies due to this. There is no fancy behavior, only pure human characteristics brought to the forefront in hilarious ways. 

Top 10 Sitcoms to Watch

If these names in the top list of sitcoms to watch do not satisfy you, then there are two bonus ones just in case. But these two are pretty much around everywhere and I am sure you must have come across them. They are the evergreen ones- Mr. Beans and Charlie Chaplin. When trends like the sitcoms did not even emerge, these two were making a revelation in the world of series. The best series that are undefeated to date.

Though it is very old and cliche, it still plays relevant in today’s world. Also, making us feel much light with the comic antics. Trendsetters no doubt!

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