Board exams are one of the few things that any student dreads the most. The period prior to and during your board exam can be extremely stressful and demanding but the one thing that keeps us going is the results and of course, all that follows after your exams.

While we all eagerly wait for this period, it all too often happens that we are stuck wondering what to do with the abundant time that we have at hand. To help deal with that, here is a list of the top 10 things to do after your class 12 Board exams!

1.Family Bonding

The period during our board exams can keep us completely engrossed in our studies and we tend to disconnect from almost everything and everyone. The month full of stress can cause us to disconnect from our loved ones, but this is the best period to work on reconnecting with them.

Simple ways such as family movie nights, game nights, cooking together can all be ways to bond with your family. Apart from this, you may also take the time to bond with each of your parents and sibling(s) individually by doing an activity that you all love.

2.  Learn to Cook

 Things To Do After Your Class 12 Boards

Who says you have to be a chef in order to cook? With most of us heading away to college soon, cooking is a very essential skill to possess and will definitely come in handy at some point in our life. Be it making a cup of tea or cooking an entire meal, this is definitely one skill that all of us need to have.

Life is fairly uncertain and we never know when we will be living on our own, cooking is definitely an important life skill and not to mention extremely fun. This is Definity one of the top 10 things to do after your board exams.


It is only natural that we let go of a lot of things doing our boards, and for many exercising is one of them. Working out not only helps us get in shape but also plays a very important role in boosting immunity and is also very beneficial for our mental health.

Working out regularly can help boost metabolism and get in shape. Not to mention, it is a killer time pass.  It is not necessary to hit the gym or engage in an intensive workout, simple home workouts for 30 minutes daily or every alternate day is sufficient to keep you healthy and fit!

4. Learn a Foreign Language

The World is becoming a cultural hub, The processes of globalization make it imperative to connect with people across countries. Learning a foreign language of your choice can not only help you expand your linguistic horizon but it can also help enhance your profile and come in handy for any future job prospects by giving you an edge.

Learning a foreign language helps us expand our horizons and has a lot to offer in terms of cultural understanding. It is definitely a must-do after your class 12 board exams and will help keep you occupied.

5. Travel

Top 10 Things To Do After Your Class 12 Boards

The world has much to offer in terms of places to see, things to do and cultures to embrace. The period after your board exams Is the perfect time to travel. Taking a short vacation can cleanse your mind, relax your body and serve as a much-needed detox. Travelling is a stress buster and can help you gain perspective.

Traveling is a highly enriching experience that enables one to develop lasting bonds with their companions. A trip with family or friends or even a solo travel experience is highly recommended.  A trip abroad or even a trip visiting the beautiful cities of India is definitely something you should do after your class 12 boards.

6. Volunteer

Giving back to society is one of the best things you can do. This is a very productive and fruitful use of your time. Volunteering with an NGO to help the needy is a very soul-enriching experience. Apart from looking goof on your CV, such an experience will also leave a deep and healthy impression on your mind and body.

7. Take Up Yoga Or Meditation

Top 10 Things To Do After Your Class 12 Boards

In today’s buzzing world, all too often we forget to take a step back, relax and connect with our inner self. Yoga and meditation not only provide several health benefits but can also help increase concentration, energize and fill us with positive energy. Yoga not only boosts the ability to improve flexibility but also helps stay fit and healthy.

With all the activity and stress in our life, yoga and meditation prove to be very important forms of self-care. Something that can easily be practiced at home and can be followed with the assistance of online videos, taking up yoga or meditation after your board exams is definitely a must!


8. Rekindle Your Old Hobbies

Whatever they are, we all have hobbies. Ranging from art to music to collecting objects, we all have a hobby that got lost along the course of life. Hobbies are those which give us our personality and for that reason, it is essential to maintain them. Hobbies enable one to grow and no doubt serve as an excellent way to maintain individuality.

Photography, blogging, reading and playing musical instruments that not only serves as a source of entertainment but is also a form of giving back to yourself. With all the stress of our board exams, hobbies serve as the best detox.

9. Discover Career Prospects

The time after your exams can be stressful for many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The period following your board exam is the best tie to look at the various choices before you and take decisions accordingly. It is very essential to analyze the situation, look at interests and decide your future path accordingly.

Don’t forget that this might seem like an extremely stressful choice, but if thought about well with a calm mind and the right consultation, it can be very interesting. Use this period to look at the various career prospects in your field, talk to people, research universities and prepare for any entrance exam if necessary.

You may also utilize this period to engage in short online professional online courses. These may range from speaking to some basic computer or other vocational skills. This helps you not only gain clarity and focus your attention.

 10. Have Fun

Top 10 Things To Do After Your Class 12 Boards

This indeed goes without saying, but having fun and letting loose is very essential. After months of hard work and stress, it is time to give your body and mind a break. Relaxing, catching up with friends and family and having a good time is all a necessity. Post exam stress gets to the best of us, but its important to understand and value the work you’ve done and to take your mind off any negative thoughts.


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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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