When you hear the word “torrent”, it usually leads to a computer file that contains metadata holding various information. The tech world is now full of torrent files. Because these files provide you supreme comfort in your range. Most of the time you get service for free of cost. This all makes torrent files so useful. But due to the same reason, some tech snag uses it for their diverse profit. That’s why plenty of duplicate files and viruses are on-trend. These viruses easily caught you, decreasing your trust from the torrent. In these circumstances, it is very difficult to find good, trustworthy, and errorless torrent files. Here we are suggesting the top 10 Torrent Proxies in India for different purposes.

In this list, you goona find some best Torrents for the best need. This list will reduce your stress of finding of a torrent file for your best particular use. Since most of the torrent sites contain viruses or are blocked in respective countries, we brought you viruses-less and available in India sites.


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Since this site is ban in different countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, and India too, you have to use a VPN. But this site will not disappoint you anymore. The easy interface and huge availability of material make this a good torrent site. Rarbg was started in 2008 as a BitTorrent tracker and provided over torrent files and magnet links to almost 3 million users a day making it very famous. 

In this site, you will get a huge variety of matters like games, movies, TV shows, etc. Availability of software, trailer, Boxoffice collection data, etc makes this site more valuable. 

So use a VPN type this RarBG in search engine and enjoy this torrent site free of cost.


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Are you willing to download the HD quality movies but in a small size? Then your search can come to a destination with the help of this app. YTS.MX is among the best HD movie torrent sites, which not only provide you a wide number of movie option but also the easy interface for comfort browsing. Here you can browse and download YIFY movies in excellent 720p, 1080p, 2160p 4K, and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size. This site provides trailer as well as screenshots too so that one can easily recognize the picture quality of the available movie. Some special qualities of the site include the availability of ratings from different critics like IMDb etc. 

You will get reviews from the user regarding the movie as well as the quality of the movie available. In the description, you will get the info about the subtitle, length, pixel, size, fps, etc of the movie. The site will also suggest similar movies so that your entertainment never stops. 


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This site is a download treasure. You can browse whatever you want to browse like movies, TV shows, anime, music, games, application, etc and this site will just show it for you. Availability of documentaries, books, paper, etc makes this site a masterpiece. This site provides you some info like the uploader’s info, size of the file, the time when the file was uploaded, etc. This type of info sometimes helps you to differentiate between the new and old material or matter. Graphs, popular today, statics, etc make fall in love with the site. This site simply provides you the ‘trending today’, ‘trending this week’, ‘trending this month’, ‘top 100’, etc for your endless entertainment.

YIFY Subtitle

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Sometimes we got our desired movie in the desired format also but not in the desired language. In this case, subtitle helps very much to continue the enjoyment. Every time it’s luck if you found the correct subtitle with correct synchronization. Now the YIFY subtitle will change the trend. YIFY is a site where you will get the perfect subtitles with perfect synchronization. This site also provides you info about the length, genre, etc of the movie. Some special feature of the site is the summary given of the movie. Even it tell you about the rating, year of release, etc also. 

The Pirate Bay

Image result for the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay brings you the ease of search and provides a huge number of downloading matter in a single search. Here you can browse for the audio, video, application, games, etc. It has a very simple interface with a huge selection of torrents. It also provides interesting features like search history. This site will give a feel of google search so you can call it torrent google.

So just click here and for the next click, you will meet your demands.


Image result for isohunt

This site is popular for the anime and movie. You will get the option to browse freely for movies, TV shows, anime, music, games, application, etc. And you will get everything in a wide range. This is a torrent site to download full stuff for free with an easy interface and interesting features. In the primary display, you will get name, uploader detail, length, upload time, etc. Get everything that you want in just one click.


Image result for yourbittorrent

Among the top 10 Torrent Proxies in India, this site is pretty good for anime, movie and TV series. The primary display is quite messy but its feature makes browsing easy and user-friendly. Some interesting features that this site provides is that the options of categories, etc. The latest movies and anime are easily available and updated frequently.


Image result for gamestorrents

The gaming industry is emerging so fast that the new games each day are creating thunder. These games are expensive for some time. But it could be available free of cost. How? The answer is Gamestorrents. This games providing torrent site provides you the latest and popular full games. It may be possible that your VPN may activate the local language but this will not annoy you because of the easy interface. This site uses the poster in such a way that despite different language one can easily download the games from this.


Image result for getintopc

Have you ever thought about the applications, updates, etc which are usually available for high cost, available for free? This is possible through the Getintopc. One of the best site for applications and updates, Getintopc supply you the latest applications free of cost. Any file or software or update launched in the tech-world available soon here. Antivirus, tutorial, and education-related files make this unique and special.


Image result for torrentRex

Whether it is to download a good and latest picture or to entice customers, this site stands on it. On primary display, it simply offers you to choose your entertainment mode. It could be a movie, anime, application, games, TV shows, music, etc. Later on, you got access to further options. The high-quality matter is a specialty of this site.

Final verdict

After some turbulent years, the list of torrent sites has remained fairly intact, although there are some movers and shakers. While streaming is all the rage nowadays, torrent sites remain popular. The final verdict indicates that if you can get something without paying for it so why to pay. You can choose any site among these top 10 Torrent Proxies in India.

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