Netflix is on a spree to provide you with the best of times while staying indoors. There is something for everyone to enjoy and take interest in. The audience is becoming more adaptable to this platform as well. Talking about the new releases this year, Netflix got you a line-up of some exciting content. This covers every kind of genre but the majority of the upcoming series from Netflix in 2020 include thrillers and dark drama. The Top 10 Upcoming Series From Netflix consolidate the best ones to look forward to in the coming months.

Interesting new storylines, modern age love stories, and suspenseful scenes are all part of the Netflix upcoming series. When you are tired of binge-watching the old ones over and over again, there is always something springing up every day around the Netflix corner. With new-age demands and honest direct reviews available today, makers are much more cautious about laying out some creative treat to the world. This sure does represent the competitiveness in the innovative universe. Among them, series are much more approachable in understanding the viewers’ taste. Creators experiment and evolve much more rapidly through series and online productions. Hence, as audiences, we get to see their visual expertise with a pinch of rawness.

The Top 10 Upcoming Series From Netflix comes with different agendas in mind. Some are to provide you with an edge of the seat experience, while some others are to give you a lively essence of entertainment. Either way, you are bound to enjoy the nuances in each of these upcoming series from Netflix in 2020. Certain storylines have unique genres which are totally new on Netflix. So brace yourselves for the following list of an enthralling set of series.

Unsolved Mysteries 

This series cannot exactly be on the ‘New on Netflix’ criteria. An earlier version of docuseries on the same name had its screening long back which was around 1987. This upcoming series from Netflix in 2020 is a continuation of the same idea of the earlier docuseries style. So what was it about? The mysteries that are still pending and yet to see an end to its tales are what make up this documentary series. There are tales of lost love, crime scenes, unexplainable disappearances, paranormal activities, and so on. Just the kind of stories you would love to watch and crack your brains on. Disclaimer: Do not watch it if you are not really into the real-life thrillers.

The Baby-Sitter’s Club

This series is a light-hearted family watch that will give you a ‘cute, cuddly’ feeling. Well, mostly if you are into kid’s tv series and the innocence. It is a plot running on the lines of the book by Ann M. Martin’s book of the same name. The storyline goes something like this, a young group of friends starts off a home business of babysitting. It narrates the similar events from the book but in the modern lifestyle. Watching the young girlfriends making up masterplans for their idea on a simple business will make you feel all proud too. Grab your kids and cousins to watch these young entrepreneurs bloom with their engaging performances.


A gripping series that has a genre completely new on Netflix. As the title of the series suggests, it is a tale of how certain people’s lives connect on a common platform. And that platform is the Australian immigration detention center. The events and procedures ensuing in this center are what makes the crux of the story. This emotionally clutching drama comes as a limited series. The narrative of people from different backgrounds entwine in this detention center and create a tale of their stories together. Immigration policies and its functionalities are the highlights of this social-political series. Cate Blanchett is one of the producers and forms a part of the cast too.

The Twelve

This is a crime drama series wherein you get to see how the lives of ordinary people can get into the most uneventful situations. The surreal fears and fights of life are the moving tales in the series. Every individual in the plot gets their lives convoluting with the traumatic experiences on their way to survival leading them to make some disturbing decisions. A group of twelve ordinary people is put in the seats of the jury for the trials of a convict. The unraveling of the case from the perspective of the convict and the twelve jury members brings the intensity in the plot. Definitely a worthy mention in the list of Top 10 Upcoming Series From Netflix.


Another book adaption in the list of upcoming series from Netflix in 2020. The book written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler is a fantasy dramatic novel. It brings in the essence of politics and fantasy together in a rather interesting manner. It basically talks about how Nimue (the lead character) possesses mysterious powers and a sword of legendary value fight to save her people. Katherine Langford, of the ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ fame plays the character of Nimue. A gritty series to look forward to!

Love On The Spectrum

Dating series is something not much of a new idea. It is pretty common in almost every corner of the world. But Love On The Spectrum brings presents you the same idea with a twist. This dating docuseries is about young adults who are on the autism spectrum exploring the dating world. The complexities felt by them, their inner conflicts, relationship anxieties are all part of this Netflix upcoming series. While the normal dating scenes are a usual case of reality TV dramas, the expression in this series comes as a very heartwarming one. This will stream officially on Netflix from July 22.

Norsemen (Season 3)

Norsemen was an instant success with its first two seasons. The Vikings tribe is the center of the storyline. There is political rivalry, social changes, and influences that occur in the village of Norheim. The violence and raw conflicts that come out of it are the highlights of this periodical drama series. Season 3 was a much-awaited one and the release date has made the viewers all ready for the action. It is officially releasing on Netflix on July 22.


Another thrilling upcoming series from Netflix in 2020 to watch out for. This is a suspenseful crime drama bringing in some old tricks of horror back in the game. It revolves around the murder of a woman which displays similarities with a decade-old case. The police commander who was in-charge must come forward to help in solving the case. He can do so only by breaking out the ominous truth around it. This new series on Netflix will be out on July 22. Yes, so many coming out on the same day! It is going to be the official Netflix treat day for sure.

Was it Love?

This K-drama is apparently getting viral among the Netflix Korean drama viewers. Why is it so special? There is the usual romantic story in this Netflix upcoming series as well. But the idea of romance again comes with a small twist. Was it Love? talks about a middle-aged single mother who tries to keep up her good work as a parent and as a career-driven person. While she balances this, she encounters four men who have had previous histories with the lead character (the mother). The later events unravel in a way wherein the mother rediscovers love and finds herself in the process.

Street Food: Latin America 

Like I said the Top 10 Upcoming Series From Netflix includes every genre in the book. Hence the inclusion of this series need not come as a surprise. Food is a universal feeling. Binge-watching a series that is both eye-pleasing and satisfying like this food docuseries is another level of pleasure. I am not even kidding! This amazing docuseries is similar to its previous edition of Asia. You get to see chefs talk about different flavors, cooking, and cultural experience all in one. New techniques and tricks in the kitchen are also part of it. It streams from July 21.

Top 10 Upcoming Series From Netflix

You will always encounter a whirlwind of new and exciting series to look forward to on Netflix. Some might go on to become huge blockbusters, and some others not so popular. But nevertheless, it is a collaborative space for all the creators to experiment and learn. Innovative ideas come into action with the release of each series. It is definitely a delight to watch this closely and get along with the new emerging trends. Tell us which of the upcoming series from Netflix in 2020 are you waiting to watch. Also, let us know your favorite ones from this Top 10 Upcoming Series From Netflix.

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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