There is a vast variety of movies and series with non-stopping releases on Zee5 and MX player, it’s hard to find what to watch and what not to. We obviously pick what’s trending and popular but somewhere lies amazing and worth watching series which lacks popularity among audiences. There are several good options of series to watch however because they are very underrated not everyone knows about them. Here is the list of Top 10 Web series on zee5 and MX Player you don’t know about. These are the latest Indian underrated Web series you must check out.

Top 10 Web series MX Player

Girlfriend Chor

“Girlfriend chor” Released this year on MX player is a story about a college boy Akash (Mayur More) who is deciding to propose  Neha (Himani Sharma) but she friend-zones him even before he can propose her. Unable to forget and still in love with her. Heartbroken Akash describes the situation to his father, who is a tuition teacher. His father gives him an insane idea to inflame things between Neha and her boyfriend. Akash seeks his family support to get Neha to like him back. Girlfriend Chor is a comedy-drama where everyone is dead serious about breaking Neha’s relationship with her boyfriend. It is a simple, creative, and entertaining clean comedy. A good series to eliminate boredom and stress for teenagers and family.

Yeh Crazy Dil

Produced by Mad Midaas films, Yeh Crazy Dil is a web series released on MX player in the year 2018. Story of a  miserable couple who are now fed up with their relationship breaks up with each other after spending 2 years together. Amidst their busy life, struggling to keep up, the main challenge is not the breakup but what follows after it. Impressing storyline, it is interesting and engaging.

Based on romance and drama in the life of an ordinary couple who later have to deal with the heartbreak caused by their separation.  Unable to forget their memories and facing difficulties in moving on without one another. Zoa Morani and Adeeb Rais portrayed their characters quite well. A comical yet impactful story, it also teaches us to realize the importance of living a life with someone you value and what happens when you lose them. A refreshing and mind relaxing plot constituting of 6 episodes in total.


Samantar, a Marathi web series released on MX Player this year is a good distraction from our gloomy current times. The season consists of nine episodes that leave you on a cliffhanger, waiting for the nest one. A fortune teller informs Kumar Mahajan that there is another version of him existing at the same time along with him. The first one is Kumar himself who is the future and the second version, Sudarshan Chakrapani who is his past.

Kumar Mahajan stormed out looking for the man Sudarshan at every possible location. He is struggling financially and mentally, struck with bad luck, who wants to make his family happy and fulfill their demands. Sudarshan Chakrapani warns him to stop looking for him, Unfortunate things can happen if they meet. But what might happen if they meet? To know what will happen, one needs to watch this series. The suspense of this series will have you hooked in no time. It engages you till the very end. It will lock you into the realm of the unknown, mystery, and suspense.


Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player

Ricky Malhotra lives in Delhi seeks the assistance of a matrimonial agency to find a perfect match for himself. He finds 5 matches for himself, Annu, Faiza, Ayesha, Titli, and Aditi. Aditi who is overweight according to others. Titli gets divorce upon knowing his partner is cheating on her. Annu is bold, each character has an issue of their own. This series aims at explaining to its viewers how the same marriage standards which are set for girls are not justified as every girl is unique.

Ayesha who has no intent to follow social norms appreciates herself as she is. This series has a very subtle humor, a significant message, its entertaining and relatable plot. The plot is based on incidents every one goes through once in their lives.


Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player

Cheesecake released on MX player in November last year. This series revolves around a young bickering couple dealing with day to day issues. Their life changes when a dog enters the scenario amidst their relation crisis and changes their perspective. The dog is a menace, Neel disapproves of Sameera’s idea of keeping a dog. However, both settle to adopt Cheesecake, a troublesome dog. The couple argues every time the dog creates problems. The dog acts as a cupid between the two. Neel realizes that animals are sensitive and reflect the emotions of their owners. He then starts to appreciating Cheesecake until he aimlessly runs away leaving both its owners devastated. This series definitely has a place in our list of Top 10 Web series on Zee5 and MX Player.

Top Webseries on Zee5

Love Sleep Repeat

Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player

This seven-episode comedy is a story of Vishwas’s, who meets seven different girls. His experience with each one of them teaches him significant life lessons. Vishwas is a naive 23-year-old boy from a small town who moves to Pune to start his new job. His desire is to live his life freely and independently unlike the one he was living with his overprotective mother and his obsessive best friend. His journey begins as he meets different girls and keep falling in love with them. This series will appeal to the millennium audience and deserves a chance to be watched.  Love, Sleep, Repeat is one of our Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player you must watch.


Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player

Parchhayee is a series of horror stories written by Ruskin Bond. This serial has several episodes, each with a different story. Parchhayee is a much watch for all the horror story lovers. The first episode is a story revolving around the ghost of a girl who roams around, singing dancing in the wood however has an ulterior motive. The second episode is about a 12-year-old girl name Usha who is stuck in the ruins due to heavy rainfall and there she encounters a ghost, it is highly emotional and a must-watch. Another episode in the series, where a group of five friends is investigating a ghost name Gulab, this episode is chilling and emotional at the same time. Parchhayee is a must-watch.

Mission over Mars

Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player

Mission over Mars is an 8 episode-long series. It is very similar to the movie Mission Mangal. The series showcases various setbacks that a team of scientists overcomes in order to reach success. The clashing of superstition along with religion with science is one of the main elements of the story. There is not a lot of content in the series keeping science as the main focus however, it displays women working together, their passion, the obstacles they face together, and the success they receive. The male cast of this series only portrays troublesome characters. As the title of the show says MOM, it also includes aspects of motherhood relating to the female characters. It is altogether an emotional and thrilling journey to success.

Line of Descent

Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player

Line of Descent is about a dysfunctional mafia family struggling with their issue. Bharat Sinha, who is the leader of the mafia family has three sons, Prithvi, Siddharth, and Suraj. Each living different lives and hiding tons of secrets that threaten their relationships. Bharat is now facing chances of going behind bars after illegal negotiations are being investigated. Bharat decides to end his life and other sons are ready to take his place quite happily. Everyone’s true faces start showing up, in spite of the impending troubles no one knows where this story would lead, for that one has to watch the series. The plot of the series is quite interesting and the performances are great.

Code M

Top 10 Webseries on zee5 and MX Player

Monica Mehra is an Indian Army lawyer. She is working on a case, investigating the death of an army officer and two suspects. As Monica starts her investigation she finds out about a mysterious Code M which can shake up the entire Indian army. The show goes on in which, Monica is solving the code and finding what it really is about. The setup for this series is quite realistic and interesting, the performances of the actors are well done. It includes the sacrificial life of a soldier and the emotional and passionate side of their lives. Code M deserves a place on our Top 10 Web series on Zee5 and MX Player.

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