As the bitter winter has started to creep on us. It’s necessary to protect us from frosty weather while to look stylish we need to get a variety of suiting. To make the work easy we listed the top 10 winter essentials for men. So, let’s go through the men’s fashion winter collection, quickly.

1) Jumper jacket

Firstly, let me tell you that a jumper jacket goes into two types. Namely as Fitted and Oversized jumper jacket. Furthermore, this jacket is perfect for outdoor as well as a party look. As the fitted one, it is also said knitted jumper. It is warm and comes in bright colors like dark blue, red, yellow, etc. While it easily goes trendy with black or navy blue jeans. On the other hand, an Oversized jumper is always relaxing and on the men’s fashion list. As said it looks great with an office shirt and trousers. Indian men love wearing Jumper jackets.

2) Turtleneck

Top 10 Winter Essentials for Men

The turtleneck is the perfect layering piece, which is winter essential for every Indian man. You can wear it under a jumper or hoodie on particularly cold days. Also, simply wear it under a short-sleeved t-shirt for an edgy appeal. It looks smart on thin men specifically.

3) Leather jacket

Listing the top 10 winter essentials for men without a leather jacket will be appealing to war. So, here’s everyone’s favorite leather jacket. If you search jackets for men then the revealing answer will be a leather jacket.  Every winter wardrobe essentials have a leather jacket. The leather jacket is iconic winter wear. It suits both formal and casual outfits. However, be safe from the cheaper versions of leather jackets. Also, it’s warm, washable, and have a long life. Leather jackets go with t-shirts, shirts, and hoodies. That’s why it is considered classy.

4)  Black Jeans

Some may ask why black jeans? So, as scientifically black absorbs heat. That’s why it will keep us warm and looks great with a hoody, jacket, etc. Black jeans, or any pair of dark denim, is another absolute must in men’s fashion. They’re perfect for styling as they go with anything. So, it is added to the winter wardrobe-essentials.


5) Top 10 Winter Essentials for Men also include Wool clothing:

(i) Wool Overcoat:

Top 10 Winter Essentials for Men

When the temperature drops wear a warm and stylish wool overcoat. Although it may cost you a lot of money the warmness will be great. While outerwear is an absolute must for any well-dressed man. Available in a variety of colors and lengths. Always stick to bold colors such as navy, charcoal, or camel. Grab all the women’s eyes on you this winter.

(ii) Wool Blazer:

Generally, it comes costly but effective blazer. Also, a great option to rock at any time of the year. It’s heavy enough to keep you feel warm during the winter months. On the other hand, lightweight enough to keep you breathing. While it looks smart pairing with a t-shirt or a roll neck. If you’re feeling extra cold, throw an overcoat on top. Indian men, it’s best for wearing. Ideally worn on formal occasions, a blazer is a winter essential.

(iii) Wool Socks:

Keep your feet warm all winter with the help of wool socks. Also fluffy and cozy goes with any outfit. When the temperature gets down, regular foot coverings just won’t help. Pair them with boots and rolled jeans, best for a casual look. Also, wear with your office attire. Remember, your feet are important parts of the body. Keep them warm in winter with wool socks.

6) Denim jacket

Yeah! some may say it’s not that hot or warm. But, don’t tell me it doesn’t look stylish. Also, it’s cheap at a rate so anyone can buy a single deal of it. For Indian men who want to look fresh and fashionable, denim’s the choice. Pair it with a set of chinos or dark jeans for a smart-casual look. Similarly, rock it with a roll neck and trousers for something else. It will keep you hot, warm, and on-trend at the same time.

7) Double-breasted overcoat

The double-breasted overcoat is essential for any Indian men during the winter months. Whether you’re in the office or on a date, the coat is a classic option for any occasion. Always go for a navy jacket with jeans for a smart-casual look. Else, elevate your men’s fashion. Also, try contrast shades on your body. As jackets for men are essential during winter double-breasted overcoat can be added to it. So, we have completed the winter wardrobe with most of the important items.

8) Beanie hat

A beanie hat is the best winter accessory that goes with anything you wear. It comes in different patterns and colors. Make sure you stay away from the cheap material hats. So, many duplicate beanie hats are coming nowadays. For a few years. Instead, find a snug-fitting beanie made from good quality high material. One can easily buy a beanie hat from 100 to as the desired price. I love going out with a beanie hat most of the time. So, add beanie hat to the top 10 winter essentials for men list. Trap the heat from escaping the top of your head by using beanies. The simple headwear can totally change your outfit. Also, make you look bold. An easy winter outfit.

9) Scarf

Most of the time men don’t use scarves. But, it’s best when comes to speaking of winter. Yeah! it’s not the ordinary scarf. But, the precious silk, merogony, cotton, wool, etc. material made scarfs. Now, fight the frostbite with a scarf. A stylish way to complete a winter outfit. Whether you choose to wrap it around your neck. Else, let it hang loose. Also, in so many ways you can style with a scarf. You can look every day unique.

10) Boots

A pair of boots is your ideal Winter footwear. Don’t wear slippers or sandals in winter. Try trendy easy to wear boots. Go with Socks in it. Easily suits with t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and blazers. So, one must add boots to their winter wardrobe-essentials.


Some of the winter wardrobe essentials not included in the list of Top 10 Winter Essentials for Men

Raw-edge jeans

Nothings badass like raw-edge jeans. The denser denim is a great way to put a casual twist on any outfit. It’s simply the same but with some raw edges at the end or at the middle. Do check for raw-edge jeans too.

Selvage jeans

Pair them with a shirt and blazer or an overcoat for days when it’s a bit crisp outside. It looks great on small as well as big people.

Roll neck

This type of clothing looks fantastic with a t-shirt, blazer, or with a denim jacket. The roll neck fits a thin as well as a person properly. It’s considered as one of the iconic attire. Do copy trends or create your once. Wearing roll neck feels you classy as well as savage. It’s a vintage fashion style. Do wear dark colors as advised by stylers.

Leather gloves

Leather Gloves For Men

We covered the whole body except hands in the top 10 winter essentials list. So, here’s the leather gloves for hand. Wearing leather gloves will keep your hands warm for hours. Also, no itching or reaction due to bad clothes will be seen on hands. Go with black or brown color gloves. So, let’s add gloves in men’s fashion.

Long Shocks

Finally, a pair of long socks complete winter wardrobe-essentials. They are perfect for layering under jeans or trousers. Not only stylish but also warmer than short shocks.

So, with the whole list, you are now ready to combat winter. You can now go stylish from head-to-toe this winter. Just use your brain and make the best outfits for yourself. Happy winter!

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Anubhav Kumar Das

Anubhav Kumar Das

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