How long has it been since you set out on an exciting trip or a vacation? A chance to explore in the wild, take some space out from the bustling world serves as just the right dose of medicine. Of course, the negligence of risk during such times of the pandemic is undeniable. But what about the bucket list that you keep going back to? Is it not a great time to revamp those travel list with much more to look forward to? The list of Top 20 Instagram Travel Bloggers To Follow will help you for more than just an addition to your bucket list. 

Considering the times we live in currently, it is hard to think about just stepping out with a back-pack and a dream. But it does not harm you to get some inspiration and probably a bit more of a pleasant vibe from the rampaging distress from around the world. Travel Bloggers can help your little escapade to run its due course.

That’s right! And not just any blog, but Instagram Travel Bloggers. Why Instagram? Well, the aesthetics from the feed will pump you out from the deepest sorrows and lighten your world. The Top 20 Instagram Travel Bloggers To Follow indulges you in the most pleasing and gratifying way. Keep reading and you will thank me later.

Murad Osmann | @muradosmann

Remember the famous ‘Follow me to’ hashtag that got trending? It is basically a popular series tag that showcases a partner in the picture leading the person taking it. But not just anywhere. All the pictures are from exotic places that they travel together. Got the image? Well, this series actually began by Murad Osmann who is a Russian artist. 

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#followmeto the ancient village of Yangzhou and Guilin’s magical mountains… watch other pictures and videos in the gallery – they make you feel like you are in a different universe. Next to us is our friend – the fisherman Huang. Back then he was 96 years old. I wonder if he is still there and is fishing with cormorants – which is one of the oldest Chinese traditions. #следуйзамной в старинную деревню Яншо и волшебные горы провинции Гуйлинь. Посмотрите другие фотографии и видео в галерее – будто попадаешь в космос. С нами наш друг рыбак Хуан – ему тогда было 96 лет. Интересно, ловит ли он ещё рыбу там сейчас. Это рыбалка с бакланами – одна из древнейших традиций Китая. Какие ещё традиции вы знаете?

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It so happened that one day, his girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova (now Nataly Osmann) being fed up with him taking pictures during travel, drag him by her hand. And just like that, the most celebrated travel hashtag was born. Together, they grew to become the most charming Instagram travel bloggers of all time and have around four million followers. He is also among the top three Instagram influencers for travel as published in Forbes.

Jack Morris | @doyoutravel

This is yet another popular travel blogger with over two million followers in the house. He began his journey of traveling to different lands with just a back-pack to live in. With his dream of adventure and technical skills on camera, he went on to earn by making it a full-time job. He too has a beautiful love story that bloomed on the way. Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust), a co-traveler whom he met in Fiji instantly connect and became partners for the rest of the journey.

Morris was initially a carpet cleaner but his urge to explore was beyond his limitations. Today, he is one of the most sought after Instagram influencers and the aloft earners in the block. His feed gives you the warmth from Bali to Abu Dhabi, glimpses of which he posts as YouTube vlogs as well. He has preset (filters) for Instagram which the public can buy and edit in their pictures too.

Loki | @loki_the_wolfdog

Are you a dog lover who takes endless pictures of him? What if you knew that your dog’s pictures are being a hit around the globe and want to see more of him? That is how small this page of Loki the wolfdog started. Kelly Lund, the (human) parent of Loki began an Instagram page just so he could give more attention to his pet. But with the overwhelming response from viewers including infamous brands led him to quit his day job and get on a traveling spree with Loki. How cool is that?

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Xcuse me while I kiss the sky.

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Lund does shoot with Go Pro cameras and make travel videos dedicating to supreme brands. He also sells premium products under the name of ‘Loki Naturals’. Loki belongs to the Husky breed but is more a dog than a wolf with his genetics. He naturally has a leading personality which also helps Lund in his explorations. Loki is the main subject of every picture and is an Instagram influencer. Oh, and not to forget the cutest Instagram travel blogger!

Brooke Saward | @worldwanderlust

Traveling solo is not just a simple experience but also a beautiful phenomenon to get to know yourself more. There is nothing more liberating than self-realization. Brooke Saward advocates this line of thought into her travelogue giving literal goals to the young curious minds. She is in her twenties who has now traveled to nearly six continents and eighty-plus countries. And wait for the catch, every journey was a solo trip.

Breathtaking architectures and sea-side portraits are a few of the highlights you can witness from her feed. She manages to weave in words that progress as short stories of her adventures. Be it the smallest details or the larger picture, she brings in her experience into the tales making it funny and exciting. Saward also has put up courses on how to be a travel blogger along with tips to excel in the field.

Kiki | @theblondeabroad

California being her hometown, Kiki grew up in a very normal household. Living by the usual advice from her parents and friends, she was nowhere close to being a travel blogger. But breaking free from the constrictions, she quit her corporate job and set out on a solo journey. She felt pure happiness once she explored the vast world. Then, there was no stopping her. So far she has gone about many places that include the Maldives, Vietnam, South Africa, New Zealand, and so on.

From caves to the fancy buildings, a lot of the cities around the world has been witness to this embodiment of free spirit. She also lists out places to visit according to the landmarks you prefer to search for making it easy to keep track of the journey. 

Savi and Vid | @bruisedpassports

Looks like tales of love just don’t seem to end. Savi and Vid are an Indian couple who have a generous amount of followers on Instagram. What do they specialize in? Just like they claim, ‘Travel and Love’. They began this expedition together from the year 2013. They have etched their presence in 95 countries so far and will probably reach the century mark very soon.

They talk about amazing lifestyle hacks, packing tricks, and other interesting guides to help you venture into the nooks and corners of the world. They have even featured on National Geographic and Discovery marking their wide significance. 

Shivya Nath | @shivya

Shivya is an intriguing personality with stories to tell like no other. She is a travel writer and Instagram travel blogger. But wondering what is so different about her profile from others? She is a vegan traveler! I do not about you but I was definitely taken by surprise by this. Who would have thought that they could travel the world and be vegan at the same time! This also means that as a person, she is more connected to the love for nature and its beings. And it shows in her blog as well.

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I miss the feeling of landing late at night in a new country. Picking up my bags, figuring some transport, staring at the city lights as I roll out of the airport. The air smells different, the language sounds different, the people look different, I feel different.⁣ ⁣ I miss the feeling of waking up in a strange bed, in a strange land. Taking that first walk in a strange neighborhood. Navigating a strange system of local buses or trains. Reading strange names on the map. Then a stranger smiles at me, or helps me figure out my way, and suddenly everything feels familiar. ⁣ ⁣ I miss the feeling of heading out into the countryside. To some small village, to some remote part of the mountains, to somewhere I can feel the full brunt of my solitude. The liberation, the loneliness, the thrill, all mixed in. And if the universe has its way, like it usually does, to finally meet a friend or family that somehow feels like my own.⁣ ⁣ I’m trying to be grateful for this time to reboot and rethink life. But I miss the feeling of being on the road. I miss who I am on the road. ⁣ ⁣ What about you, what do you miss about travelling?

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Landscapes, forest treks, and the wilderness of nature are what majorly suffice on her page. Being a writer, she narrates stories, puts up historical and cultural facts. She raises awareness of the climate crisis with most of her posts which is commendable. With features on NatGeo, BBC, and Washington Post, she also has a book under her credit. The book, ‘Shooting Star’, is based on her experiences with her backpack travels. 

Neelima Vallangi | @neelimav

If you are looking for some exhilarating pictures with a mix of social awareness, then this Instagram travel blogger is a must-follow one. To be specific, she is a freelance writer and photographer. Her works are available in Al Jazeera English, BBC,, and NatGeo marking her supreme presence in the field.

Having spent quite a lot of time at the Himalayas, she was witness to the climate change patterns first hand. This eventually led her to operate majorly on the urgency of the climate crisis conditions. Her feed consists of breathtaking images of sceneries with hills, mountains, sunsets, and monsoon captured in perfect shots. The scenic beauties will just make your heart so happy and content. 

Kirsten Alana | @kirstenalana

Another passionate traveler with a strong compassion for the environment and its causes is on alert. Kirsten Alana is a person setting footprints around the world while also uplifting social causes. She brings in the importance of voices of dissent through her spectacular visuals.

The stories of buildings, architectural history, and tales from different household sum up her journey. She is an Instagram influencer taking her responsibility to educate the viewers on different cultural subjects very seriously. You are sure to enjoy the appreciation she renders to the small details in the visual ecstasy.

Liz Carlson | @youngadventuress

This young adventuress gives us the feeling of a country-side girl exploring the little nuances bound in nature. She is seen as a chirpy young woman who loves food and considers whales as her best friend.  The simplicity and the not too fancy portrayal of her voyages make the whole feed very appealing.

You get to see a lot of farm-house depictions and wild outings making you yearn for a peaceful getaway real soon. She shares her personal day-to-day activities and thoughts keeping alive the vlog connect. You can count on her as a pleasant Instagram travel blogger.

Carlson’s unpretentious voyages are what made way to the Top 20 Instagram Travel Bloggers To Follow 

Brenna Holeman | @thisbatteredsuitcase

As convincing as the name sounds, this suitcase feed has a lot of heartwarming shades that you are bound to feel. Brenna brings in some personal tales and impresses you with her not-so-perfect life. She shows the beauty of mistakes and huddling up through all the tough times as a sign of courage. These ideas are shown with beautiful backdrops from various countries and places that will leave you spellbound.  

And from her various narrations, she conveys that her parents used to live in a van for a very long time adventuring all throughout. No wonder she turned out to be an explorer. Also, in most of her travel expeditions, her mom accompanies her on the journey. Forget couple-goals, this sure does give some major mother-daughter goals. 

Daniel Noll | @uncornered_market

Uncornered Market is a perfect blend of culture, cuisines, and streets from different countries. He primarily explores the rural, authentic livelihood of every country while also keeping in mind to snap some flawless pictures of the scenic backdrops. 

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View from Rio de Janeiro’s Vidigal Favela in the direction of Ipanema Beach. . We kicked off our trip to Brazil with a visit to a new @planeterracares project in Rio de Janeiro’s Vidigal Favela, where micro-enterprises and community organizations serve as the center point of a cultural exchange experience for visiting @gadventures travelers. . Now let’s talk favelas, the ethics of favela tours for travelers, and a glimpse into our experience. . Some refer to these areas as slums or shanty towns — terms which are reductive, if not in some cases entirely inaccurate — something you realize upon visiting a district like Vidigal. . If, like many, you question the ethics of “favela tourism,” good. We asked a few locals about this. In short, those that we spoke to are in favor of it when the tourism and tours are developed from and by the community — where they create experiences based on local culture, stories, people, life and a premise of cultural exchange. And where money stays local and benefit is accrued throughout the community. . A fair expectation, no? . Most favela tourism to date hasn't worked this way, following the model of outsiders voyeuristically peering from buses, led by tour guides from outside the community. . The experience in Vidigal Favela with Planeterra and their local partners @FavelaInc and @FavelaExperience zeroes in on respect, sharing and positive impact. Interactions and conversations built upon this may inform and likely shift your perspective. They may also help dissolve the narrative of “otherness”, poverty and danger and rightfully replace it with the story of human beings, making their way. Big thanks to @batucavidi @vidigalcapoeira @vidigalcapoeira @vidigaltrilhas and Parque Ecologico Sitiê – Vidigal for sharing your community with us. Check out our Instagram stories for more on these orgs and the faces of the favela. Would you visit a favela during your travels? Why or why not? Thanks to @GAdventures and @PlaneterraCares for sponsoring our Vidigal Favela tour experience. . . . #gwanderers #thisissustainable #socialenterprise #responsibletourism #sustainabletourism #vidigalfavela #gadbentures

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Being a travel blogger, Daniel (along with his wife Audrey)steps up to suggest different tricks on sustainable tourism as well. His travel exploits are through impulse decisions wherein one time he leaves a day job and just set out with his suitcase. He does not wish to turn back and regret any lost dreams over the years. This love is clearly seen in narrations of visuals from his feed. He manages to connect with the locals and weave out intriguing stories of them.

Louis Cole | @funforlouis

This travel blogger does spell fun in every way. Louis appears as a hippie explorer but at the same time gives you tips on the best hacks of travels. He is more common on the YouTube platform with his vlogs having a wide audience. He is also a filmmaker and thread documentaries from the places he visits and cultures he explores.

Cole is very vocal about his social opinions and becomes a part of the movements whenever he stays in a place. ‘Fun for Louis’ page on Instagram has a whopping 1.2 million followers. His pictures represent different forms of travel unlike the usual Instagram travel blogger feed you come across. The picturization speaks volumes and not the captions. This is probably the right kind of dose you are looking for.

Jennifer Tuffen | @izkiz

You should definitely check out Tuffen’s blog as there is nothing more colorful and delighting than this. She predominantly is an Instagram travel blogger and creates travel content as part of her work. Your days brighten when you scroll through her page which is a wonderful color-coordinated palette of travel diaries.

There are varieties of flowers, food, buildings, people, and everything that emits a bright sunny day. Her specialty is she manages to capture even the dullest of corners and turn it into the most appealing nooks of the world. While her works convey thorough professionalism, she is also seen enjoying the little treats on the way with child-like enthusiasm. 

Daniel Nahabedian | @canvasoflight

One word to describe this page- perfection! Unlike any other travel blog, Canvas of Light is an alluring visual experience to count on. It soothes you and at the same time makes you appreciate the nuances in the picture. There is less talking on captions and more intense clicks on this page. Daniel does not appear himself much in the feed. His main idea on the page is to divert your attention to the stills. 

As he rightfully claims that he is a ‘Light Snog’, the visual tour that he takes us through does spell his love for lighting and taints. He gives out some fun facts now and then too. Daniel is also a photography instructor and conducts various workshops during his travel trips. His knowledge of the color corrections is evident and appreciable. 

This page is a must under the Top 20 Instagram Travel Bloggers To Follow, no doubt!

Callum Snape | @calsnape

Remember the Windows wallpapers that we once used to admire? The iconic sceneries and stone walls? Yeah, well Snape clicks pictures like those unreal beauties. I am not even kidding! His page is filled with sceneries and mist that you can see nowhere else. The timely capture and breathtaking stills are sure to motivate you like no other. 

He also mentions in his blog that he aspires to connect the viewers with nature on a higher pedestal. And, he succeeds in doing so. Scrolling through the images, you cannot help but leave out a big sigh on account of pure admiration. 

Abhinav Chandel | @abhiandnow

Here is another storyteller! He prominently lives in a small village in Himachal Pradesh but wanders around to other places while he feels so. You cannot help but fall in love with his exhilarating pictures. And while there are pictures of other places, I personally love his Himachal collection. 

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I don’t know if mountains call you, I didn’t hear them, I just heard a voice in my heart That asked me to leave, To travel upon those winding roads, Walk through the steep trails, And then sit there, Staring at the world around me. So I did, As the voice within me asked me to, I climbed that mountain, And sitting there when I looked around, I realised that yes, Mountains never call, For they don’t talk, You can’t hear them, But what calls to you is your own voice, Asking you to act upon your dreams, So that one day you can reach there, Where you’d feel happy looking around, And where you’ll finally hear the mountains, Talking to you in the only way they know, Through silence.

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You would never guess that such extensions of shades of colors exist in India. While most foreign travelers pick up only rural India as subjects for their blog, Abhinav conveys an altogether different story. The distinct specters of the sky are awe-inspiring.

Srishti Tehri | @srish_tee

Srishti is an animal lover with interests in cuisines and meaningful travel. With a very lively face and exuberance all over the place, Sristi captures intimate treasures that she picks up from her travel hikes.

Being an Instagram influencer, she does voice out her opinions in a very responsible manner. She is well-known for her stories of Kashmir which also paves the way to socially educate the viewers. She has a credit for a feature on NDTV about one of her many explorations.

Shramona Poddar | @mishti.and.meat

Just like the name conveys, Shramona is a Bengali by origin who travels around with the curiosity to search for different cultures and stories. She is primarily a travel blogger but also works with lifestyle-related fields.

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Our morning started in the toy train from Ahju, in Bir to Palampur for a one day excursion to Mcleodganj for work and banoffee pie. It was only three days ago that I learnt about a toy train route from Bir which was surprisingly quite unheard of, even for the ones who've shifted to Bir since a while. Naturally the train compartment was filled with just @millennialladki and I and bunch of local ladies sewing, chit chatting and laughing out loud. I've been told I look Himachali which is quite a compliment and have been asked to shift from Kolkata to their villages soon. I laughed along as the train rode through the forests and wilderness with the snow capped mountains glistening above. I'm glad I woke up early to take this journey today that had so many wonderful memories to remember. The ride was filled with surreal views, moments of silence and sweet melody of rhythmic engine sound drowning our conversations and laughter. #MishtiandMeatTravels #MishtiandMeatinBir #bir #toytrain #toytraininbir #train #journey #travel #trainjourneys #HimachalPradesh #mountains

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As an Instagram influencer, she does some brand promotions on the way. Shramona fancies the unheard tales from different lands and weaves in some heartwarming ones for us to witness as well. She makes you travel along with her on this wonderful journey.

Renee Hahnel | @reneeroaming

Renee uses her space of blog as notes to her personal journal making it very exciting for her followers. Her feed gives you the calmness of high and low lands. The mindfulness of the environment she visits is applaudable.

A very neat travel diary with points that make you think about the little pleasures in life is what Renee conveys. The appreciation of life in her trips is pretty evident as well. 

Top 20 Instagram Travel Bloggers To Follow

Though there are still a lot more exciting travelers to unfold, these members are the ones that I personally felt had to come into the list of Top 20 Instagram Travel Bloggers To Follow. 

Instagram is full of creative bloggers and photographers pertaining to different fields. But only some manage to click us with some eye-catchy aesthetics. The list here not only pleases your eyes but inspires you to cherish the vast beauty of nature. 

Now, go on indulge yourself in some soulful pleasures right away!

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