Vlogging is the new blogging of the century. It is the cooler and more fun version of blogging to be exact. It can be on any subject. From lifestyle tips to cooking to just free advice shows. If you are good at any of these, you could succeed in getting a huge fan base. YouTube travelers are one of the most popular ones to excel in this field. And why wouldn’t they? When you got so much of the world to show with such magnificent frames to shoot with, any viewer would enjoy the pleasant view. Top 20 Travel Vloggers on YouTube promise to show an array of the best of vloggers in the current market.

YouTube travelers constitute many kinds of vloggers. Like being motor vloggers, sailing vloggers, hiking vloggers, or an all-rounder adventure vlogger. The YouTube platform is generous in that way of providing freedom for passionate content. You will be able to relate to a commoner’s dream of traveling around the world by watching the vlogs. The urge to run behind your dreams will also be an impact from witnessing the adventure-filled vlogs.

And do not for one minute think that this blog includes only one type of YouTube travelers. Nope! You get to see a mix of people from different countries giving out their own versions of travel experiences. In fact, Top 20 Travel Vloggers on YouTube comprises of the best Indian vloggers on the charts. Indian travel vloggers are also making some of the best representations of India to the world of the internet.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Traveling in itself is a pretty wild and adventurous definition to hold on to. But imagine traveling to different countries through deep-sea waters! Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu sail away from their stress by literally sailing off in a yacht to countries around the world. Basically from Australia, this couple has been living and traveling in their beloved yacht for almost six years now.

After an accident and being bed-ridden for a long time, Riley had to venture out in the waters to attain sanity. It is during this time-out that he met Elayna and fell in love. Their love story bloomed with their common fondness for the ocean which ultimately led to the birth of this channel as well. The couple’s sailing stories are fresh and fun to watch out for. They have the best of times with scuba diving, fishing, and just everything linking the notions of the seas. 

The Planet D

Dave and Deb are the founders of ‘The Planet D’. The main reason to start their vlog and show their adventures to the world is very heartwarming. They want to show that every person can live extraordinary lives if you just got that push. And convincingly enough, that push is what The Planet D does.

They did not always want to be YouTube travelers. Going through different sections of field works, they finally felt that their real passion lies in traveling. That is exactly why they take you through every journey of theirs and imbibes the same rigor in you to take the big leap towards your long awaiting dream. The vlog is also neatly classified in terms of which aspect you are willing to watch. Some of the playlists include Cruise travel, Adventures around the world, Cultural travel and Drone, Aerial views in 4k, and so on.

The Bucket List Family

Traveling around the world with family is hard. And kids? No way! But these statements sound absurd to The Bucket List Family. They break every stereotype in the world of travel vlogging and add to the hashtag of family goals like no other. The couple sold everything back from home and began their journey to the endless nomadic lifestyle.


They travel through every possible way and explore the places to the maximum. Their kids, like parents, have been loving this way of life. Which kid wouldn’t! One of the playlists from their channel says 50 countries in 100 weeks. You can now guess how exciting this family can get for travel. 

The Vagabrothers

While The Bucket List Family was family goals, The Vagabrothers is all about brother goals. There must have been times when you plan out a whole mission of action to get out on a secret adventure with your sibling at some point. Well, Alex and Marko are just following their childhood dreams together. 

Their vlog includes everything from fun to goofiness, and of course, lots of traveling. They give you lots of travel hacks and tips that can help you ready for any adventure. With cultural and culinary explorations, they hook you up with amazing discoveries on the way.

Lost LeBlanc

Be it any situation, LeBlanc will show how to make the most of the place and the condition. His vlogs have expeditions from places like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. He enjoys filmmaking and that clearly shows in his vlogs as well.

The recent lockdown times have also been another kind of nuance experience for him. Turns out that he can be a motor vlogger too. He left his earlier job behind to later become a full-time YouTube traveler.

Kristen & Siya

Kristen and Siya’s official blog is originally Hopscotch The Globe. But their YouTube handle is in their own names. They are travel enthusiasts who do not just go by the usual travel crossways but with their house in motion. Confused? Well, they have built their own tiny house with alterations constantly done while on road. 

They come up with ideas of surviving on very convenient and simple lifestyles. Ask them any doubts regarding their travel fascinations and they are more than happy to answer you. They even have criteria set up especially for people aspiring to travel or need a vacation to different countries. Anyone could look up for their slots and refer their amazing vlogs for proof on the destinations given.

Psycho Traveller

What happens if you mix psychology and travel? Quite literally ‘Psycho Traveller’. But to describe in simpler words, Aly- the traveler gives away reviews of travel destinations ina very honest way. From the year-old myths surrounding the places to her honest experiences, she covers it all like a pro.

Along with the exotic views, pioneer monuments, street shopping, and food trials, she comes with little runaway hacks for a happy adventure. And not to forget her sense of humor. You are bound to laugh off seeing her funny expressions and monologues for sure.


Mark Wiens is an ardent food lover. He could talk endlessly when asked about food and its richness. You may be wondering what is this got to do in a list of Top 20 Travel Vloggers on YouTube. He believes food is more than just relishing. It spews the reasons for most conversation starters. To know a place, culture, and traditions, food can play an important role in understanding all these.

Mark travels to different countries and goes on a culture ride through conversations over food. He tries out traditional recipes and understands the history behind its invention. This leads him to the appreciation of the region’s rich culture as well. How exciting does it sound!

Grrrl Traveler

Christine is a solo woman traveler who gives you the right instructions for a safe, fun budget trip. She gives you a thorough travel guide to help you decide on the most practical ways of touring. Being an honest reviewer, she talks about what goes right and wrong in certain regions that could help you in the future. 

She talks about capsule and luxury hotels, mouth-watering cuisines, and a must-do list in each country/city she visits. You can witness the realities of traveling around the world which is both scary and inspiring. 

Gone With The Wynns

Jason and Nikki Wynn are yet another sailing couples. But unlike the previous ones, the Wynns were initially on a road trip traveling in an RV (van). The shift to being a sailor for their second half of the bucket list was much later. 

But be it an RV or a sailboat, they talk about minimalistic survival with ample comfort. Hard to believe that comfort can come within the boundaries of travel? You will start believing it once you watch the vlogs for yourself. They even opt for authentic local shops when they take a halt in a country. 

Tourist 2 Townie

You must have come across the saying- ‘ When in Rome, Do as the Romans do”. This is exactly the motto of Gareth Leonard. He wishes to get a glimpse of every tradition in the country he visits with a touch of his own fun inputs. His infectious warmth can be felt through the vlogs he uploads. 

The films are innocent and raw making it all the more thrilling. He shares his way of experiencing different cultures through the frames compelling you to be a part of the whole expedition. His challenge of 25 days, 5 time zones is an enthralling watch to look out for. 

The Endless Adventure

Eric and Allison are sure to give you some couple-goals. Yes, we have officially reached the third hashtag! The fun lively journey of the couple gets you yearning for more of their videos. They too travel around the world in an RV. Their goal is to visit interesting places and eat up some unique foods on the way.

In trying out world destinations and cuisines, they put up vlogs on the comparison between the cheapest and pricey items. Even with Coronavirus conditions, they try on the take-outs for they can never stop discovering new things. 

Rick Steve’s Europe

In terms of geography, Europe has a whole range of places to be brought in the spotlight. Rick Steve is on a quest to break down the regions and explore the continent to the maximum. Each of its locales exists with abundant culture and tradition, which is what you get to see in his vlogs.

He gives travel lectures, advice, tricks, and tips for a smarter journey. A complete guide on the best bites in town and the ultimate destinations to visit in each of its regions is put up as an intriguing series. Even though his vlogs talk only about Europe, it is worth a mention in the Top 20 Travel Vloggers on YouTube.

Divert Living

Jimmy and Tah are originally from American and Thai lineage. They began their journey in the year 2017 and remain unstoppable after experiencing parts of the world. Individually speaking, Jimmy was in the military and Tah in finance fields before they kick-started the voyage. 


Their vlogs are pure fun to indulge in as they literally get into the streets to catch a new discovery. They become quick friends with the locals and hear stories from their perspective of the particular region. The childish enthusiasm and contagious smiles while witnessing new cultures are amazing to watch.

Eva zu Beck

Eva is a lone traveler who goes to the left out gems that most of the explorers foresee. She finds the exotic places that you would not believe exist in the addressing country. The stereotypical notions of each of the regions are smashed to the ground by Eva by representing it in the best of ways.

Some of the places you could look out for are Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. How often do you see these places in a YouTube Traveler’s channels? Eva stands out that way showing the best of experiences in the least expecting regions. You are sure to jump in surprise with the beautiful but often neglected countries.

Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries

Karl is a backpack lover who tells you tales through the backpacking series. He creates vlogs in the belief that he will inspire everyone out there to travel more often and admire the true beauties of creation. There are endless stories in every corner of the world and Karl seeks to unfold most of them through his journey.

He uploads a series version of his travel to specific destinations which are both thrilling and exquisite in its own way. Karl does surely motivate you to get that backpacking experience right away. 


Ayush Dinker, an Indian travel vlogger is undoubtedly one of the best Indian vloggers. He is an intense storyteller with the talent of creating fascinating art through his blogs. With each portrayal of different cultures and rituals around the country, you feel the depth of the stories in each frame.

The beautiful colors and shades of history make an amazing blend through the lens of Ayush. Ethereal makes you fall in love with the rich realities in life and appreciate them for what it really is. 

India In Motion 

India in motion is all about breathtaking sceneries. The explorations in the hills and mountains of the country are the key aspects of this vlog. India’s wilderness is brought to the forefront with mountains binding you around in every step.

The films on the channel are exhilarating in every sequence that you wish that you were at that moment. From camping in the foothills to living with locals, this Indian travel vlogger covers most of the details around hiking and mountaineering.

Hopping Bug

This Indian travel vlogger feels that to understand a place better, nothing can be more truthful than visiting it firsthand. Being a nature fanatic, he crusades through different countries and not just in India. The excitement he reveals each time when he visits a new place is a treat to watch.

His vlogs specialize in showcasing hidden treasures in the most common, popular tourist spots. The regions that most motor vloggers or adventure vloggers tend to miss out on their journeys are put on the limelight here. This is exactly one of the reasons that made it to the list of Top 20 Travel Vloggers on YouTube.

Toll Free Traveller

Rohith who was once a corporate lawyer went to give the idea of his forever passion a chance. This comprises travel, adventure, and motorcycles. Pretty much everything this channel of his talks about too. He travels around with his Royal Enfield motorcycles and reaches to literally great heights. 

The scenery of Ladakh, the camping in Kashmir, the bumpy rides in Nepal are all part of his adventure trips. He is one of the best Indian vloggers to come under the motor vloggers community in the country.

Kishore Asokan

The vlog that clearly speaks travel, food, and destinations. Committing to a professional job for almost 22 years, Kishore finally took the step out to explore the world beyond the ordinary. He walks through various streets, making friends on the way and trying the best of dishes in the region. 

A very genuine portrayal of how a tourist would explore the new culture and city is the strong point of this Indian travel vlogger. The breakthrough from 22 years of hard work did seem effective in the visions of his traveling experiences.

Top 20 Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Though there are a lot more fascinating and inspiring YouTube travelers out there, this list comprises both trending and underrated ones that stand out among others. With the coming years, there will be an evolution of traveling and vlogging mechanisms. Till then this list will come in handy for you to stay in touch with the travel expeditions. 

So go check out these YouTube channels right now before we come out with another exciting list for your seeking minds.

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