EaseMyTrip is an online Indian Travel Company that began its journey in the year 2008. Founders of this acclaimed online platform are Nishant Pitti, Rikant Pitti, and Prashant Pitt. What started as a start-up in their home garage, later became a massive brand of rocketing market value. The Pitti brothers are the face behind this success. They owe it to their father for triggering a reason for the innovative business idea. A lot is going on lately. And like every other online travel portals, EaseMyTrip is also in a similar state of criticism today. Know everything you need answers for as we write this EaseMyTrip review in a completely transparent manner.

Travel companies are in for a toss in these recent months owing to the current scenarios around the pandemic. This has brought clashes between the customers and agencies on various points relating to the travel concerns. The cancellations, refunds, customer service, discounts, minimal charges, etc. are all part of the concerns raising against travel companies. Amidst this, if you are wondering why we came up with this belief that EaseMyTrip was the best choice is because it provides a reasonable service in all these fields. EaseMyTrip customer care is very prompt in answering your requests and hence offers a satisfactory review from us.

A lot of talks around EaseMyTrip discounts and EaseMyTrip coupons are coming about. This is primarily due to the viable options with which the travel company presents itself to us. Not only various offers spring up now and then, but in general, the pricing range for a travel package and flight deals are lower compared to other similar platforms. Keep reading the EaseMyTrip review to get an understanding of why we claim this conclusion.

EaseMyTrip Customer Care

EaseMyTrip Review

Observing the trajectory of how the travel company grew its success rate over the years, it reveals a clarity on where it wins the numbers. EaseMyTrip customer service is compelling in giving instant responses. Be it on the phone line or other review sites. The fashion in which it assures the customers on immediate actions is a takeaway from its services. The mail services are also pretty active in prompt replies.

During the pandemic outbreak, the company was smart enough to react to the situation. There was a quick-release of a separate team working on the needful services of the customers. They comprise a group of actively working individuals in this field wherein the customers can request different services. Like the emergency flight deals and opt-in for cheaper travel options too. The travel systems went into chaos due to the current condition. But EaseMyTrip came forward, boldly accepting the reality of the state.

They took responsibility for the delay of responding to the customers and even put forward different alternatives to how the problem could be solved. A WhatsApp service to monitor this is active now to deal with the customers much more intimately. The complaints, suggestions, and feedback are all taken continuously under consideration, which ultimately benefits both parties equally.

EaseMyTrip Offers

EasseMyTrip Review

Like I put forth a mention earlier in this article, there are apparently lots of other reviews and tweets talking fervently on the offers on this site. What is the exact scenario around this? EaseMyTrip discounts and EaseMyTrip coupons are winning pointers to the site’s success. The surprisingly low prices and many deals are significant agreements to getting more traffic to the online travel company. You can get access to different ranges of discounts depending on the service you are opting for.

For first-timers using the online site or app, the users can avail New User Offer wherein a discount on the first flight booking will be open. Airport lounge offers, hotel stay discounts, food coupons, and so on are widely available under EaseMyTrip discounts. Another reason that this site has pricing on travel fares relatively less than other websites is due to the zero convenience charge. They do not add that fee while you book for your travel expeditions resulting in the lesser ticket fare.

A lot of the travelers, which include both frequent and non-frequent ones, opt for this site for the reaping benefits of low pricing deals. Access to different coupons is another reason. While these can exist in a category of marketing strategy, it still meets up to the standards expecting from its services. EaseMyTrip initially took its increasing pace by word-of-mouth and only later got to a higher branding worth.

EaseMyTrip Review- 7lacCroreKaKarcha

EaseMyTrip Review

If you are active in social media like Twitter and Instagram, you would have definitely come across the hashtag of 7lacCroreKaKarcha. The internet was storming with this hashtag for a long time, and in some posts, it still does. While there a lot of retweets and support given to this particular notion, certain groups did not understand the ideology behind this growing hashtag. What is it about? Why are there so many tweets for this during a lockdown period?

So, 7lacCroreKaKarcha is basically the phrase told by the Prime Minister during one of his speeches. He said that apparently, seven lakh crores are being spent by Indians on an average for travel and vacation. All these expenses are going into the foreign investments behind the travel company and not to India. By pointing this out, he stresses on the upliftment of Indian brands and their significance. The Aatmanirbhar plan and the hashtag vocal for locals were all part of this speech. (Ring any bells?)

Taking this point on its plate, EaseMyTrip came forth to promote their company with this notion. They took in various celebrities and put together a video asking the Indian audience to support this notion. Their content describes that EaseMyTrip is a 100 percent Indian travel company, unlike other companies having shares of foreign investments. This statement was an indirect attack to MakeMyTrip, and Twitteratis took this forward on making trolls on MakeMyTrip as well.

In fact, there was an earlier clash between the two companies when MMT filed a case for a trademark violation in 2018 against EMT. The boycotting of MakeMyTrip was also a result of this growing trend for ‘vocal for local.’

EaseMyTrip Review

Firstly, the app and the online site is very straight forward and comfortable in terms of usage. It gives out distinct clarities on what you might be looking for and the surrounding concerns regarding the same. As they claim it to be Indian in every sense, they understand the Indian audience very well and hence deliver a satisfactory appeal to them as well.

Coming to EaseMyTrip customer service, there is a lag in the refund system and the response to it. But considering the times we are in, the fact that they reach out to you despite the embarrassment is indeed a commendable job. Not every travel company takes that responsibility in a public domain.

Adding to the EaseMyTrip review, there are still certain parts that the site needs to look into for a better approach to the customers. Rectifying the delay in refunds is one way to start. But among other portals present. EaseMyTrip offers the lowest prices in the market, and hence that takes away the prize home.

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